New FLEX Transponder Option

MyLaps has come up with a new option for buying/renting your transponder that might be a better solution for many drivers that rent their transponder weekly. The new FLEX Transponder comes with everything you need to run the MyLaps system (transponder, chargers, clips, power adapters, etc.) but it will need to be renewed each season (or two depending on what you choose). This new option makes it dramatically cheaper than renting weekly over the course of an entire season.

Here is how it works, you can buy a new FLEX Transponder for $150 that will be good for one year only. Then you renew the transponder next season for just $90, or choose a 2 year renewal option for $155.

If you are interested in buying one of these new FLEX transponders please contact and let her know you are interested in buying one. The track will be placing a order by Friday the 12th and we would like to know how many we should order therefore your quick response would be appreciated.

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