Rule Book Updates

There have been some minor rule updates. A summary of the changes are as follows:

Super stocks:
The following has been added to the rule book: SPOILER: A rear spoiler, non-adjustable from the driver’s compartment, may be attached to the rear deck-lid, not to exceed 4 inches in height and 60 inches in length. Must be constructed of 1/8 inch metal or ¼ inch Lexan and control the flow of air over one surface only. No rudders, side traps, or forward mounting brackets allowed. Minimum angle is 55 degrees. The spoiler must maintain the same contour as the rear deck lid.

For clarification: The Stock Holly #R4412CT is considered a legal carburetor as it meets the same specifications as a #R4412.

Super Stocks and Pure Stocks:
The following has been added to each respective division’s rules: Side windows and vent windows are NOT allowed.

General Section
The following has been added to the rule book under window nets: No objects may be attached to the window net at any time. The rational is this changes the rating of the window net thus making it a safety violation. It may also impede the ability of safety workers in the event of an emergency. Examples of this include hanging stuffed animals or wire-tying Lexan to them.

Pro Trucks: For clarification purposes, there is still a nose height rule for the division and this will be checked in tech and reads as follows: Front spoiler minimum of 4 inch ground clearance.

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