Gering Nebraska’s Chad Cowan Victorious in Ride 911 Night at CNS

#76 Chad Cowan swept the night’s events in the Late Model division (Starr photo)

(08-14-2013 Dacono, CO) A massive group on motorcyclists took part in the Ride 911 memorial ride that started and ended at Colorado National Speedway kicking off a big night of racing at the track. Chad Cowan surprised the Late Model field and swept the night’s events winning both the FAST DASH and the feature event.

Rain cancelled qualifying on Ride 911 Night and also threatened to make a soggy memorial ceremony but just as the Ride 911 bikes began to lineup in the infield the rain stopped and a  gorgeous rainbow appeared (Starr photo)

Gillett Vet Super Late Models
The second rain storm of the evening forced CNS officials to end the night early before the Super Late Models could run their feature event. #12 Bruce Yacky continued his dominance winning the FAST DASH while #84 Matt Zwingelberg brought home the win in the DASH.

FAST DASH: #12 Bruce Yackey
DASH: #84 Matt Zwingelberg

Pair A Dice Interior Finishes
LM-Cowan#41 Dale Reeder led the first portion of the Pair A Dice Interior Finishes Late Model Main event but it was FAST DASH winner #76 Chad Cowan from Gering Nebraska who was pressuring for the lead. In third place running fast was former Figure 8 ace Joe Martinez in the #24 car. A After 10 laps Cowan was able to get by Reeder for the lead and #98 Lee Kemmit had worked his was around Martinez and Reeder for 2nd place. Cowan had a 10 car length lead on Kemmit so the only question was would Kemmit have enough time to reel in Cowan before the checkered flag flew. Yet on this night Cowan was smooth, fast, and navigated lapped traffic brilliantly, never allowing Kemmit to make up much ground. When the race ended Cowan’s black and green #76 late model landed squarely in winner’s circle while Kemmit had to settle for 2nd place. Another Gering Nebraska resident Paul Deines in the #17 car took home 3rd spot and early race leader Dale Reeder came home a respectable 4th position. Rounding out the top 5 was #8 Jeff Walbaum in impressive fashion as Jeff had mechanical failure in his dash forcing him start well back in the field. Desines holds a very slim 3 point lead over Kemmit in the season standings.

A happy Chad Cowan celebrates in winner’s circle after dominating the night’s events. (Starr photo)

FEATURE WINNER: #76 Chad Cowan
FAST DASH: #76 Chad Cowan
DASH: #46 Eric Blackard

Race Central Media Legend Cars
It was a tough night for the Race Central Media Legend cars when just after the start of the feature event there was a big crash in turn 3. #37 Josh Richard got into the back of #85 Cole MacEwen sending Cole into the turn 3 wall. Wheels and parts littered the track and in the melee#46 Zach Witherwax (who had won his DASH) was also collected in the crash and suffered race ending damage. During the cleanup it was discovered that one of the cars had put down 3 distinct lines of oil all the way around the speedway. Needless to say there was a lengthy delay and ultimately the race went well over it’s time allotment. A green, white, checker, was in order and #22 Chris Eggleston held off a charging #15 Danny Medina and #66 Kyle Clegg to take the win.
A rainbow appears to end right at the beginning of the Legend car FAST DASH (Starr photo)

FEATURE WINNER: #22 Chris Eggleston
FAST DASH: #66 Kyle Clegg
DASH: #46 Zach Witherwax

CARC Mod Coupes
Cris Muhler in the #95 Oskar Blues Brewery MOPAR powered Mod Coupe was the class of the field and won the feature event by a large margin over #34 Randy Whitman. It didn’t appear as if it would be an easy win for Muhler early on as #3 Kyle Ray was all over the back of Muhler and seemed to be the fastest car on the track.  Yet as the two leaders entered turn 1 Ray got lose and spun into the wall also collecting #90 Frank Denning and #33 of Scott Rhoades. With Ray out of the race Muhler went unchallenged to the finish line.

#95 Cris Muhler recently outfitted his yellow #95 Mod Coupe with a new MOPAR engine and he ran a very low line in route to dominating he Mod Coupe feature event (Starr photo)

FAST DASH: #95 Cris Muhler
DASH: #3 Kyle Ray

Whittar Racing Trains
Mother nature forced the cancellation of the Train race.


Late Models
Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info Best Tm
1. 76 Chad Cowan Gering  NE 08 Monte Carlo 18.001
2. 98 Lee Kemmit Thornton  CO 08 Charger 18.109
3. 17 Paul Deines Gering  NE ’08 Impala 18.113
4. 41 Dale Reeder Westminster  CO 08 Charger 18.007
5. 8 Jeff Walbaum Brighton  CO 08 Impala 18.354
6. 24 Joe Martinez (R) Centennial  CO Monte Carlo 18.089
7. 99 Nick Brinlee Broomfield  CO 78 Cutlass 18.246
8. 5 Trent Phillips Hemingford  NE ’11 Monte Carlo 18.287
9. 7 Ethan Penrod (R) Thornton  CO ’03 Grand Prix 18.262
10. 84 Bruce Borchardt Lafayette  CO 03 Grand Prix 18.380
11. 19 Scott Miller (R) Brighton  CO 11 Camaro 18.464
12. 46 Eric Blackard Lakewood  CO 03 Monte Carlo 18.399
13. 3 Wade Grove Thornton  CO ’04 Impala 18.436
14. 67 Stephanie Brown Littleton  CO 07 Impala 18.477
15. 75 Emilio Abeyta (R)   18.541
16. 31 Derek Smith (R) Longmont  CO ’08 Impala 18.867
17. 28 Alan Carter Commerce City  CO ’10 Monte Carlo 18.881
18. 30 Jan Oxley Ft. Lupton  CO 03 Monte Carlo 18.859
19. 27 Wendi Lewis Johnstown  CO 02 Grand Prix 19.157
20. 29 Rayshawn Carter Commerce City  CO 10 Monte Carlo 19.096
21. 66 Pete Maas Ault  CO 2004 Monte Carlo 18.629

Legend Cars
Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info Best Tm
1. 22 Chris Eggleston Erie  CO  18.822
2. 15 Danny Medina Colorado Springs  CO 37 Sedan 18.673
3. 66 Kyle Clegg Westminster  CO  18.714
4. 34 Chris Cooper Frederick  CO 34 Coupe 18.876
5. 06 Mike Gallegos Wheatridge  CO Chevy 18.792
6. 03 Darrell Stewart Arvada  CO 37 Chevy Sedan 18.912
7. 3 Wayne Barlock JR Evans  CO 37 Ford 18.850
8. 6 Scotty Scott Arvada CO 34 Ford Coupe 18.881
9. 25 Adam Pechman Morrison  CO 37 Sedan 19.111
10. 84 Mike Webber Erie  CO 37 Chevy 19.441
11. 14 Chappy Adkins Kersey  CO 37 Ford Sedan 19.404
12. 07 Bill Seip Parker  CO  19.314
13. 1 Jereme Wall (R) Commerce City  CO  19.055
14. 20 Kynzer Riddell (R) Westminster  CO 37 Ford 19.646
15. 19 Larry Pachello Wheatridge  CO  19.434
16. 61 Sidney Ross (R)   19.470
17. 09 Terry McBride (R) Edgewater  CO 37 Ford Sedan 20.316
18. 11 Jessica Savage Aurora  CO 37 Sedan 20.094
19. 31 Tim Mein (R) Frederick  CO 34 Sedan 20.752
20. 64 Randy Rooker (R) Peyton  CO 37 Chevy Sedan 21.042
21. 17 BreAnn Adkison  (R) Cheyenne  WY 37 Chevy 21.014
22. 12 Cody Castor Bennett  Co ’37 Dodge Sedan 21.423
23. 30 Darrell Stewart Jr (R) Arvada 37 Chord Coupe 19.620
24. 85 Cole MacEwen Fort Collins  CO 37 Chevy Sedan 19.322
25. 37 Josh Richard Peyton  CO  19.221
26. 46 Zach Witherwax Lakewood CO 34 Ford 19.382

Mod Coupes
Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info Best Tm
1. 95 Cris Muhler Brighton  CO 33 Ply 15.924
2. 34 Randy Whitman Fort Lupton CO  16.297
3. 44x Ray Daniels (R)   16.580
4. 24 Chad Guilford Highlands Ranch CO  16.597
5. 12 Jaime Bubak Arvada  CO 31 Wilson Ford 16.735
6. 55 Gary Land Littleton  CO 32 Chevy Coupe 16.654
7. 43 Matthew Pierce   16.997
8. 80X Jason Bunt Littleton  CO 12 Wilson Ford 16.780
9. 3 Kyle Ray (R) Littleton  CO 33 Pierce Vickie 15.824
10. 43M Wayne Muhler   16.999
11. 33R Scott Rhoades   17.354
12. 90 Franklin Denning Golden  CO 13 Wilson Ford 16.685

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