Kyle Patee wins his first ever Super Stock feature in thrilling fashion at CNS


(08-10-2013 Dacono, CO) In one of the best races in recent memory in the Super Stock Division Kyle Patee made a daring move under 3 cars late in the race to win his first ever feature event. In the Super Late Models Chris Eggleston held off Roger Avants and Bruce Yackey on route to winner’s circle. Richie Castor Jr. was victorious in the Supermods and Justin Mackeachie took the win (and the season points lead) in the Figure 8s.

Gillett Vet Super Late Models
#27 Roger Avants led the first portion of the race with eventual winner #22 Chris Eggleston on the outside. (Starr photo)

It’s been awhile since the #27 of Roger “the ice-man” Avants has been in winner’s circle in the Super Late Model division but on this night Roger was showing he still has gas in the tank as he jumped out to an early lead. Avants led the first portion of the race with #22 Chris Eggleston challenging him for the lead. Eventually Eggleton worked his way around Avants and secured the top spot. Behind Eggleston and Avants, #6 Dominic Urestta and #12 Bruce Yackey were making their presence felt in 3rd and 4th spots.

For nearly 40 laps Eggleston and Avants battled for the win thrilling the large crowd at CNS. With 3 laps to go Roger made his move to get his spot back and there was  contact with Eggleston in the apex of turns 3 and 4. Eggleston spun causing a chain reaction sending the entire field spinning and crashing behind the leaders. Eggleston suffered no damage but Avant’s car was in bad shape and had to leave the track. #84 Matt Zwingleberg was also collected in the melee and had to retire with heavy damage.

On the restart Eggleston elected the outside lane with Bruce “the Moose” Yackey along side. When the green flag dropped Yackey appeared to have a shot at the lead but Chris could exit turn 2 as if shot out of a cannon and was able to maintain the position and go on to take the win, his second of the 2013 season. Yackey finished 2nd, a patient #66 Darren Bucklen was 3rd, #31 Rick Smith was 4th, and the final spot in the top five went to Arvada’s Dominic Ursetta. Yackey now has a commanding 45 point lead in the standings on second place Darren Bucklen.

A late race restart gave #12 Bruce Yackey a shot at the win but #22 Chris Eggleston was too ast coming out of turn 2 and went on to take the win. (Starr photo)

FAST DASH: #22 Chris Eggleston
DASH: #84 Matt Zwingleburg
QUICK TIME: #6 Dominic Ursetta 16.152

SS-Patee-celebratesNTC Logistics Super Stocks
Fast Dash winner #3 Michael Cox took the early lead in the NTC Logistics Super Stock feature event but he had his hands full with Broomfield’s Josh Parker in the 6X car. However it was the #33 car of Bear Lynch that Cox was trying to keep in his rear view mirror as he and Lynch are battling for the season championship. As Lynch moved into second place and began to battle Cox for the lead it was shaping up to be a great race between the top two in points. Cox had Parker on the outside and Lynch directly behind and it appeared it would be a 3 car race to the finish yet they forgot to tell #90 Kyle Patee that this was their race as Patee dove under all three leaders in turn one and emerged in the top spot. The hair-raising pass for the lead had the fans buzzing with excitement and to the shock of the crowd Patee even put distance between himself and the other cars. Kyle went on to take his first ever feature event win which proved to be very popular as the entire CNS crowd cheered in appreciation of a great race and a fresh face in winner’s circle. Cox settled for 2nd, Lynch was 3rd, Parker came one 4th, and #55 Troy Whittar had an impressive top 5 finish.

FEATURE EVENT: #90 Kyle Patee
FAST DASH: #3 Michael Cox
DASH: #10T Taylor Bellomy
QUICK TIME: #33 Bear Lynch 19.496

ERA Super Modifieds
A great field of ERA Supermodifieds showed up for their second appearance of the year at Colorado National Speedway. Nick Haygood, Chris Sheil, Johnny Pickard, and Larry LaPointe, showed up to give the dominate team of Harold Evans and Richie Castor Jr. a run for their money. At the start of the feature #33 Chris Sheil made short work of the cars in front of him and grabbed the lead. With #2 Richie Castor Jr., #3 Harold Evans, and #40 Nick Haygood battling slower cars to get to the front, Sheil amassed a half lap lead on second place. With just 6 laps to go #29 Craig Moore brought out the caution when he spun in turn 4 which would erase the massive lead that Sheil had on the field. On the restart Castor blew by Sheil to take the lead and he never looked back. Castor took home another trophy and Chris Sheil had to settle for second place. Harold Evans was 3rd, Haygood was 4th and #14 Joe Gallegos was 5th.

#33 Chris Sheil had a massive lead on the field but a late race caution allowed #2 Richie Castor Jr. to slip by for the win. (Starr photo)

FEATURE EVENT: #2 Richie Castor Jr.
FAST DASH: #3 Harold Evans
QUICK TIME: #2 Richie Castor Jr. 14.314

Art’s Septic Service Figure 8s
Justin Mackeachie in the stars and stripes #50 Figure 8 started dead last in the feature event but quickly moved his way up through the field. Yet when Justin got the front he found #10 Frank Gastineau leading and not willing to relinquish the spot. Lap after lap Mackeachie tried low, then high, but could not get around Gastineau. With just a lap and a half to go Gastineau slowed just slightly as he approached a lapped car and that was just enough to allow the #50 to slip by and take the lead. Mackaeache took the win followed by Gastineau, #81 Dave Smith, #52 Jared Wall, and #23 Al Duran. With the win Mackeachie takes over the points lead from #26 Nick Martinez who suffered race ending damage in a altercation at the start of the race.

#50 Justin Mackeachie takes the lead and the win when #10 Frank Gastineau is slowed by laped traffic. (Starr photo)

FEATURE EVENT: #50 Justin Mackeachie
FAST DASH: #50 Justin Mackeachie
DASH: #40 Mike Mercer


Super Late Models
Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info Best Tm
1. 22 Chris Eggleston Thornton CO 13 Lefthander Chevy 16.502
2. 12 Bruce Yackey Greeley  CO 12 Port City Impala 16.600
3. 66 Darren Bucklan Greeley  CO 13 Lefthander Chevy 16.544
4. 31 Rick Smith Gering  NE 13 Chevy SS 16.552
5. 6 Dominic Ursetta Arvada  CO 2013 Port City Impala SS 16.589
6. 78 Darren Crocker Brighton  CO 09 Lefthander Chevy 16.650
7. 7 Adam Deines Longmont  CO 04 Dodge 16.811
8. 55 Jesse Runkle Lakewood  CO 11 Howe 16.611
9. 95H Jace Hansen   16.967
10. 91 Chris Atkinson Cheyenne  WY 11 Lefthander Monte Carlo 16.641
11. 11 Darren Robertson Westminster  CO 13 Victory Circle Chevy Impala 16.563
12. 25 Monty Skinner Morrison CO 07 Port City Chevy 17.298
13. 14 Mark Bybee Littleton  CO 12 Howe Impala 17.051
14. 27 Roger Avants Littleton  CO 2010 Monte Carlo 16.556
15. 84 Matt Zwingelberg Aurora  CO  SS Fusion 16.537
16. 33 Emett Grazier Wheatridge  CO Port City Chevy 16.645
17. 39 Jack Nugent Lafayette  CO Lefthander 16.672
18. 74 Dan Savage Aurora  CO Ford 16.804
DNS 08F Todd Finley

Super Stocks
Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info Best Tm
1. 90 Kyle Patee Thornton  CO 86 Grand Prix 19.613
2. 3 Michael Cox Englewood  CO 84 Grand Nat’l 19.710
3. 33 Bear Lynch Denver  CO 80 Malibu M-80 19.742
4. 6X Josh Parker Broomfield  CO 79 Malibu 19.829
5. 55 Troy Whittar   19.884
6. 8 David Gee (R) Loveland CO 76 Nova 19.810
7. 10T Taylor Bellomy (R) Brighton  CO 90 Caprice 20.056
8. 13 Jason Morris Lakewood CO 77 Nova 19.987
9. 0 Andrew Mues Arvada  CO 78 Seville 20.044
10. 02 Darrell Smith Littleton  CO 85 Caprice 20.109
11. 98 Tony Dugan (R) Commerce City  CO Monte Cutlass 20.257
12. 99 Michael Navarro (R)   20.196
13. 9 Curtis Heldenbrand (R) Arvada  CO 87 Caprice 20.351
14. 77 Kevin Keller Englewood  CO 79 Nova 20.679
15. 18 Josheph Prante (R) Denver  CO 83 Regal 20.700
16. 1 John Clark (R) Commerce City  CO 77 Nova 21.037
17. 23 George Gallegos   20.424
DNS 11 Nick Tabor (R) Cheyenne  WY 81 Monte Carlo

Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info Best Tm
1. 2 Richard Castor Jr Bennett  Co  14.917
2. 33 Chris Sheil   15.093
3. 3 Harold Evans Littleton  CO  15.606
4. 40 Nick Haygood Denver  CO 85 Masterman 15.567
5. 14 Joe Gallegos Castle Rock  CO 400 Chevy Malloyman 15.840
6. 7s Stevie Gallegos Castle Rock  CO Malloy 15.968
7. 15 Josh Lewis Aurora  CO  15.573
8. 1 Jason Castor Brighton  CO  16.497
9. 51 Joe Priselac Commerce City  CO Hyder 15.563
10. 29 Craig Moore   17.469
11. 77 Bob Myer Calhan  CO  17.663
12. 4 Harry Stone Broomfield  CO 90 Hyder Silver Crown 18.648
13. 8 Larry Lapoint Jr

Figure 8s
Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info Best Tm
1. 50 Justin McKeachie Aurora CO 03 Monte Carlo
2. 10 Frank Gastineau Denver  CO 03 Monte Carlo
3. 81 Dave Smith Englewood  CO 78 Camaro
4. 52 Jared Wall Commerce City  CO 77 Camaro
5. 23 Al Duran Lakewood CO 03 Monte Carlo
6. 15 Jereme Wall Commerce City  CO 72 Chevy
7. 66 John Martello Denver  CO 79 Camaro
8. 76 Brent Cave
9. 2 Lance Proctor Arvada CO 03 Monte Carlo
10. 17 Harry  Livermore Jr Englewood  CO 77 Nova
11. 03 Luke Zike Morrison  CO 03 Chevy Monte Carlo
12. 40 Michael Mercer Thornton  CO 75 Nova
13. 00 James Naranjo(R) Denver  CO 75 Chevy Nora
14. 44 Buddy Hohn Jr. Denver  CO 78 Camero (03 Monte body)
DNS 33 Bobby Hutchings (R) Denver  CO 78 Camaro
DNS 25 Phil Taylor
DNS 12 Harvey Webb Jr Northglenn 74 Camaro
DNS 26 Nick Martinez Denver  CO 03 Howe Monte Carlo

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