Rick Smith wins Coca-Cola Labor Day Special

(08-31-2013 Dacono, CO) A huge crowd was on-hand at CNS to witness a massive Labor Day FIREWORKS display as well as see Gering Nebraska’s Rick Smith navigate his way to winning both segments of the 80 lap Super Late Model Coca-Cola Special.

Gillet Vet Super Late Models
SLM-Smith-seg-2-WCThe Coca-Cola SPECIAL Labor Day race at CNS features a unique 80 lap Super Late Model main event that is broken into two segments. The first segment is a 30 lap race which sets the lineup for the final 50 lap segment and also allows the race teams to make adjustments in-between the two segments.

The first segment was dominated by Gering Nebraska’s Rick Smith in the #31 Super Late Model as he led from flag to flag taking the win. Segment 1 had all the makings of an uneventful race until the very end when 2nd place car #84 Matt Zwingelberg spun in turn 3 in front of the field sending cars in all directions. Several cars could not avoid Zwingelberg and in the large pileup #22 Chris Eggleston (who was running 3rd), #12 Bruce Yackey, #6 Dominic Ursetta, #55 Jesse Runkle, and #51 of Eric Meisner all suffered damage. Only the car of Meisner was damaged so badly that it could not leave the track under it’s own power.

The break between the segments came at the perfect moment allowing crews to make repairs and adjustments to the cars.

The second segment was set to run after the Super Stock and Grand American Modified main events and Rick Smith would have the pole position with Eggleston along side. #27 Roger Avants and #66 Darren Bucklan occupied row 2.

Just as segment one ended Smith once again asserted himself out front at the drop of the green flag. The hard charger of the race was clearly the #11 of Darren Robertson who came from 14th starting spot to 7th in less than 10 laps.

Darren Bucklan, Adam Deines, Darren Robertson, and Jace Hansen battle for position (Starr Photo)

The top 4 cars began to spread out a bit with Smith leading, Eggleston in 2nd, Yackey in 3rd, and Ursetta in 4th. Yet behind these cars was the best battle on the track between Bucklan, #7 Adam Deines, #08 Jace Hansen, and Robertson. Unfortunately for Darren his night ended with mechanical problems and was unable to continue to move up through the field.

Ursetta was reeling in Eggleston for 3rd and Yackey was reeling in Smith for the lead. Yet Rick Smith demonstrated he is a crafty veteran and was navigating lapped traffic to perfection not allowing Yackey to mount a serious challenge for the lead. Smith went on to win and therefore lead all 80 laps of the two segments. Yackey who now has a dominating 56 point lead on Smith in the season standings finished in 2nd place. Ursetta grabbed 3rd spot, Eggleston settled for 4th place, and an impressive finish for the #08 of Jace Hansen as he took home the final spot in the top 5.

SEG #1 (30 laps) FEATURE WINNER: #31 Rick Smith
SEG #2 (50 laps) FEATURE WINNER: #31 Rick Smith
FAST DASH: #11 Darren Robertson
DASH: #12 Bruce Yackey
QUICK TIME: #55 Jesse Runkle 16.259

SUNOCO Fuels Grand American Modifieds
The first several laps of the Grand American Modified portion of the Coca-Cola Labor Day special featured a great 3 car battle for the lead between #21 Jeff Hunter, #77 Jeff Hansen, and #11r Darren Robertson. However, when the silver #95h of Jace Hansen began to pressure Jeff and Darren for position it allowed Hunter to build a large lead. With Hunter checking out up front all eyes were on the great battle for 2nd between the two Hansens and Darren Robertson. On the final lap Jeff and Jace Hansen made contact on the back straight sending the #77 of Jeff Hansen spinning into the infield. Hunter went on to take the win, Robertson was 2nd, #8 Dan Alamaa inherited 3rd, #18 Ed Veccharelli Jr. was 4th and #66 John Seely took the final spot in the top 5. Hunter now has a comfortable 37 point lead over Jeff Hansen in the season standings.

Jeff Hunter waves to the massive crowd at CNS after wining the GAM Feature. (Starr photo)

FEATURE WINNER: #21 Jeff Hunter
FAST DASH: #21 Jeff Hunter
DASH: #8 Dan Alamaa
QUICK TIME: #95 Jace Hansen 17.047

NTC Logistics Super Stocks
Just a couple of weeks ago #90 Kyle Patee had never won a single Super Stock feature event but now he looks like an unbeatable juggernaut taking home two consecutive features. Not only has Kyle won the last two main events but he has had to earn them passing some of the best Super Stocks drivers around.

The night started rough for the Super Stocks with several caution flags in the first few laps. Things went from bad to worse when Josh Parker in the #6x car dove under the #33 of Bear Lynch to make a pass and contact sent Bear spinning sideways in front of the entire field of cars. Like a pinball Bear’s car was batted around by at least a half dozen different vehicles. While there were no injuries in the crash Bear’s chances of winning the race had vanished in a heap of twisted metal.

Bear Lynch suffered major damage in a early race crash. (Starr photo)

On the restart #13 “racin” Jason Morris maintained his lead but was now being hounded by #46 “Lightning” Rick Lothert. Lothert found his way around Morris for the lead but now Patee was pestering Lothert for the position. It seemed that Lothert had the car to win the race and hold off Patee but as the laps wound down Lothert was drifting higher and higher coming out of turn 4. Patee used this to his advantage as he stuck his nose under Lothert. “Lightning” Rick was doing all he could to hold off the charging Patee yet on the very last corner of the last lap the #90 of Patee was able to sneak by Lothert and win the race by just a half of a car length.

With the win Kyle Patee also inherited the season points lead by a single point of 2nd place #3 Michael Cox. Bear’s bad luck dropped him to 3rd place in the season standings.

#90 Kyle Patee makes the last corner pass on #46 Rick Lothert to take the win (Starr photo)

FEATURE WINNER: #90 Kyle Patee
FAST DASH: #3 Michael Cox
DASH: #0 Andrew Muse
QUICK TIME: #33 Bear Lynch 19.660

XTreme Trucks
A late race pass over the dirt bumps and jumps sent Damion Layor to winner’s circle in his rock crawler in the Xtreme trucks.
FEATURE WINNER: #111 Damion Layor

Damion Layor on route to winning the Xtreme Truck Feature. (Starr photo)


Super Late Models

SEGMENT 1 (30 laps)
1. 31 Rick Smith
2. 22 Chris Eggleston
3. 27 Roger Avants
4. 66 Darren Bucklan
5. 12 Bruce Yackey
6. 55 Jesse Runkle
7. 6 Dominic Ursetta
8. 08 Jace Hansen
9. 7 Adam Deines
10. 23 Davin Fisbeck
11. 51 Eric Meisner
12. 84 Matt Zwingelberg
13. 39 Jack Nugent
14. 11 Darren Robertson
15. 91 Chris Atkinson
16. 21 Odie Robertson

SEGMENT 2 (50 laps)
Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info Best Tm
1. 31 Rick Smith Gering  NE 13 Chevy SS 16.701
2. 12 Bruce Yackey Greeley  CO 12 Port City Impala 16.821
3. 6 Dominic Ursetta Arvada  CO 2013 Port City Impala SS 16.872
4. 22 Chris Eggleston Thornton CO 13 Lefthander Chevy 16.775
5. 08 Jace Hansen Evans  CO  17.051
6. 66 Darren Bucklan Greeley  CO 13 Lefthander Chevy 17.107
7. 7 Adam Deines Longmont  CO 97 Cutlass 17.004
8. 91 Chris Atkinson Cheyenne  WY 11 Lefthander Monte Carlo 17.060
9. 84 Matt Zwingelberg Aurora  CO  SS Fusion 17.063
10. 23 Davin Fisbeck Thornton  CO 07 Pathfinder 17.189
11. 27 Roger Avants Littleton  CO 2010 Monte Carlo 17.148
12. 55 Jesse Runkle Lakewood  CO 11 Howe 17.131
13. 21 Odie Robertson   17.217
14. 51 Eric Meisner Brighton  CO 13 Howe Toyota Camry 17.430
15. 11 Darren Robertson Westminster  CO 13 Victory Circle Chevy Impala 16.948
DNS 39 Jack Nugent Lafayette  CO Lefthander

Grand American Modifieds
Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info Best Tm
1. 21 Jeff Hunter Brighton  CO 13 Dave Garmin Corvette 17.208
2. 11R Darren Robertson   17.336
3. 8 Dan Alamaa Colorado Springs  CO 95 Modified 17.508
4. 18 Ed Veccharelli Jr   17.496
5. 66 John Seely Parker  CO 12 Impala 17.607
6. 95H Jace Hansen   17.363
7. 4 Mark Sopr Cheyenne  WY  17.707
8. 0 Ron O’Neil (R) Colorado Springs  CO 13 Moon Stealth 17.671
9. 55 Dean-O Olson Canon City  CO 57 Bel Air 17.797
10. 88 Jeff Walbaum (R) Brighton  CO 2012 Dodge 17.693
11. 16 Shawn Trackwell Greeley  CO  17.951
12. 77 Jeff Hansen Berthoud  CO 08  FSR/5 17.358
13. 52 Jared Wall (R) Commerce City  CO 86 Chevy 18.100

Super Stocks
Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info Best Tm
1. 90 Kyle Patee Thornton  CO 86 Grand Prix 19.869
2. 46 Richard Lothert Loveland CO 78 Nova 19.843
3. 3 Michael Cox Englewood  CO 84 Grand Nat’l 19.816
4. 13 Jason Morris Lakewood CO 77 Nova 19.963
5. 0 Andrew Mues Arvada  CO 78 Seville 20.048
6. 10T Taylor Bellomy (R) Brighton  CO 90 Caprice 20.099
7. 61 John Humphrey Cheyenne  WY 79 GAM 20.117
8. 6X Josh Parker Broomfield  CO 79 Malibu 20.066
9. 98 Tony Dugan (R) Commerce City  CO Monte Cutlass 20.168
10. 23 George Gallegos   20.441
11. 24 David Coblentz Wellington CO 78 Pontiac 20.735
12. 02 Darrell Smith Littleton  CO 85 Caprice 20.366
13. 77 Kevin Keller Englewood  CO 79 Nova 21.626
14. 8 David Gee (R) Loveland CO 76 Nova 20.133
15. 11 Nick Tabor (R) Cheyenne  WY 81 Monte Carlo 20.881
16. 72 Hans Brewster Henderson  CO  20.471
17. 33 Bear Lynch Denver  CO 80 Malibu M-80 19.979
18. 88 David Rothrock Jr Golden  CO 82 Caprice 20.482
19. 18 Josheph Prante (R) Denver  CO 83 Regal 20.527
20. 97 Chris Muhler   20.462
21. 99 Michael Navarro (R)   20.507

XTreme Trucks
FEATURE WINNER: #111 Damion Layor

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