Dominic Dominates again in the CNS Super Late Models

(06-28-2014 Dacono, CO) 2014 has been a breakout season for young Dominic Ursetta who won his 2nd straight Gillet Vet Clinic Super Late Model feature event in dominating fashion. Kyle Ray powered past Harold Evans to win the Supermodified feature and Ron O’Neal and Brent Miller celebrated in winner’s circle in the Grand American Modifieds and Super Stocks.

SLM-Ursetta-FeatureGillett Vet Super Late Models.
It was a perfect Colorado summer evening and a massive crowd was on hand to witness the 7th race of the 2014 season for the Gillett Vet Clinic Super Late Models. A 40 lap Super Late Model feature event lined up with #39 Jack Nugent and #55 Jesse Runkle on the front row. When the green flag dropped Runkle grabbed the early lead from Nugent and put a 6 car length distance between himself and the field. Yet 10 laps into the race #6 Dominic Ursetta had worked his way passed #31 Rick Smith, #11 Darren Robertson, and Nugent to take 2nd place and was rapidly gaining on the leader.

Just two laps later Ursetta dove under Runkle and powered past him to take the lead and command of the race. Ursetta was in another zone and went on to build a near straightaway length lead on his nearest competitor.

#12 Bruce Yackey worked his way into 2nd place but wasn’t able to gain on Ursetta who went on to win his 4th main event of the 2014 season.

Behind Yackey who was running comfortably in 2nd spot was #22 Chris Eggleston who seemed to be getting stronger as the laps wound down yet a 3rd place finish would be the best Eggleston could do. Nugent hung on to take 4th spot, and FAST DASH winner #66 Darren Bucklen would grab 5th position.

With the win Ursetta now has a 40 point lead on Bucklen who is sitting in 2nd place.


FEATURE WINNER: #6 Dominic Ursetta
FAST DASH: #66 Darren Bucklen
DASH: #27 Roger Avants
QUICK TIME: #6 Dominic Ursetta 16.203

SUNOCO Race Fuels Grand American Modifieds.
A scary moment in the Grand American Modified feature occurred when #55 Dean Olson who was pouring out smoke from his engine was black flagged. Olson slowed dramatically on the front straight leaving #58 Kyle Ray and #66 John Seely nowhere to go. Ray and Seely plowed into Olson and all three cars crashed into the turn one wall. Seely’s car when up and over Ray’s sending a shower of sparks and debris all over the track. Kyle Ray was a bit shaken and took several minutes to exit his car but to the relief of the crowd all drivers were uninjured. Unfortunately a good deal of damage was done and especially to Seely’s car which wasn’t exactly the birthday present he was hoping for.

A bad crash in the GAMs involving Dean Olson, John Seely and Kyle Ray slowed the feature event. (Starr photo)

A bad crash in the GAMs involving Dean Olson, John Seely and Kyle Ray slowed the feature event. (Starr photo)

After the cleanup and the race went green #0 Ron O’Neal and # 44 Justin Case had a 3 or 4 lap battle for the lead before Case retired with mechanical failure. O’Neal went on to win his first ever SUNOCO Race Fuels Grand American Modified feature event. Behind O’Neal #88 Jeff Walbaum was 2nd, #22 Darren Robertson took 3rd, #24 Tim Holm was 4th and #13 Darin Clark grabbed the final spot in the top 5.

#0 Ron O'Neal battles #44 Justin Case on route to his first win at CNS (Starr photo)

#0 Ron O’Neal battles #44 Justin Case on route to his first win at CNS (Starr photo)

FAST DASH: #88 Jeff Walbaum
QUICK TIME: #58 Kyle Ray 17.347

NTC Logistics Super Stocks.
While only 10 Super Stocks took the green flag for the feature event it didn’t effect the quality of the race because these 10 cars are very evenly matched and they put on a thrilling show for the fans.

The Super Stocks take the green flag (Starr photo)

The Super Stocks take the green flag (Starr photo)

#32 Brett Yackey grabbed the lead from #23 George Gallegos on lap 6 but it wouldn’t be long until another rookie driver Brent Miller in the #19 car would be pressuring Yackey for the lead. Miller and Yackey traded the lead a couple times until Yackey finally appeared to secure the spot all alone. However, Brett got loose in turn 3 and Miller jumped on the opportunity and grabbed the lead as well as his second straight feature win in the Super Stock division. Yackey settled for a close 2nd place.

Action throughout the field thrilled large CNS crowd. (Starr photo)

Action throughout the field thrilled large CNS crowd. (Starr photo)

Behind the leaders all sorts of action was taking place including spins, bumps, and flaring tempers. #88 David Rothrock finished a hard fought 3rd place, his teammate #05 Troy Witthar was 4th, and #3 Michael Cox was 5th.

Brent Miller celebrates in winner's circle at CNS (Starr photo)

Brent Miller celebrates in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

Rothrock now leads Michael Cox by a single point in the championship standings.

FEATURE WINNER: #19 Brent Miller
FAST DASH: #88 David Rothrock
QUICK TIME: #88 David Rothrock 19.779

ERA Supermodofieds.
In the past couple of seasons the ERA Supermodifieds have struggled to bring a full field of cars to the track but clearly the 2014 season has brought a resurgence to the division. With new cars and new faces the Supermods are once again are a sight to behold. 14 Cars timed in a 13 ground-pounding supermods took the green flag to start the feature event.

#58 Kyle Ray powers past #3 Harold Evans to take the win (Starr photo)

#58 Kyle Ray powers past #3 Harold Evans to take the win (Starr photo)

One of the highlights of this resurgence in the division is rookie driver Kyle Ray is his fluorescent orange #58 car who is leading the 2014 points standings. Kyle not only set quick time with an incredible 14.100 but went on to win the feature event in dramatic fashion passing #3 Harold Evans late in the race on the outside of turn one.

The feature event was marred by a couple of scary crashes and long delays while track officials cleaned up the mess left behind. One of those crashes was #2 Richie Castor Jr. who destroyed his gorgeous purple #2 supermod by stuffing it into the turn 3 wall. Thankfully Richie was uninjured. His teammate Harold Evans also crashed heading into turn one just a lap after being past by Kyle Ray for the lead and while Harold walked away, his chances of a top 5 finish were done.

#58 Kyle Ray is a rookie to the Supermodifieds but is now leading the point standings (Starr photo)

#58 Kyle Ray is a rookie to the Supermodifieds but is now leading the point standings (Starr photo)

Kyle Ray’s dominate performance sent a message that he is the car to beat in 2014. #14 Joe Gallegos took home 2nd spot,#27 Roger Avants was 3rd, #7s Stevie Gallegos finished 4th and #1 Jason Castor was the final finisher in the top 5.

FAST DASH: #3 Harold Evans
DASH: #15 Josh Lewis
QUICK TIME: #58 Kyle Ray 14.100

Witthar Racing TRAINS.

The LAST CALL Train on route to victory at CNS (Starr photo)

#86 The LAST CALL Train on route to victory at CNS (Starr photo)

Mayors Race.
FEATURE WINNER: #17 Tina Harris the mayor of Erie


Super Late Models
1. 6 Dominic Ursetta
2. 12 Bruce Yackey
3. 22 Chris Eggleston
4. 39 Jack Nugent
5. 66 Darren Bucklan
6. 31 Rick Smith
7. 27 Roger Avants
8. 55 Jesse Runkle
9. 11 Darren Robertson
10. 91 Chris Atkinson
11. 84 Matt Zwingleberg
12. 50 Dave Hunt (R)
13. 25 Monty Skinner
14. 76 Gary Coate (R)
15. 21 Odie Robertson

Grand American Modifieds
1. 0 Ron O’Neil
2. 88 Jeff Walbaum
3. 22 Darren Robertson
4. 24 Tim Holm
5. 13 Darin Clark
6. 44 Justin Case
7. 55 Dean-O Olson
8. 58 Kyle Ray (R)
9. 66 John Seely

1. 58 Kyle Ray(R)
2. 14 Joe Gallegos
3. 27 Roger Avants
4. 7s Stevie Gallegos
5. 1 Jason Castor
6. 12 Cody Castor(R)
7. 77 Bob Myer
8. 3 Harold Evans
9. 17 Ian Tolen
10. 15 Josh Lewis
11. 51 Joe Priselac
12. 2 Richard Castor
13. 13 Ricky Otts

Super Stocks
1. 19 Brent Miller(R)
2. 32 Brett Yackey(R)
3. 88 David Rothrock
4. 05 Troy Witthar
5. 3 Michael Cox
6. 23 George Gallegos
7. 02 Darrell Smith
8. 1 John Clark (R)
9. 57 Bubba Willox
10. 9 Curtis Heldenbrand

1. 86 Last Call
2. 36 Bad Idea
3. 13 Crazy Train
4. 1776 Dirty Mert Cole/Austin
5. 69 Twisted Sister

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