The O’Meara Proud American race goes to Deines

(07-04-2014 Dacono, CO) A large 4th of July crowd was on-hand at CNS to witness the O’Meara Proud American Race and to be treated to a world-class fireworks display to end the night. Adam Deines held off Justin Simonson and Rudy Vanderwal to win the 50 lap Pro Truck feature event. Chris Eggleston topped the massive field of Legend cars, Ed Vecchiarelli Jr took home the Grand American Modified trophy, and Big Al Duran captured his 3rd straight Figure 8 feature event.


Snap-On Tools Pro Trucks.
It would take 50 laps to settle the dramatic Snap-On Tools Pro Trucks feature event. #55 Dave Hunt and #5 Troy Witthar led the large field of 17 Pro Trucks to the green flag but it was Witthar on the outside that took the early lead. Whittar gave up the lead on lap 8 to #11 Steve Johnson but as #31 Justin Simonson applied pressure to Johnson for the lead Johnson got loose coming out of turn 2 and lost several positions.

#7 Adam Deines moved into 2nd place and started to press Simonson for the lead and for the next 35 laps these two drivers put on a dramatic show for the fans. Deines was working the low side of the track while Simonson appeared to be comfortable up high. As the trucks would enter the corners Deines would have the advantage but exiting the turn Simonson would roar past up top. The drama reached a fevered pitch when the two cars spun coming out of turn two. NASCAR officials determined nether driver was at fault declaring it was a “racing incident” therefore both cars received their spots back. With just 7 laps to go on the restart #34 Rudy Vanderwal made his presence felt by joining the battle for the lead and eventually powering past Simonson for 2nd place.


Yet it was Adam Deines who ran the perfect groove to keep Vanderwal at bay and take his first win of the 2014 season. Vanderwal would settle for 2nd but increase his season points lead over Simonson to 35. Simonson would go on to finish 3rd, #36 Matt Burton was 4th and #45 Dalton Hewitt took home the 5th spot.


FEATURE WINNER: #7 Adam Deines
FAST DASH: #7 Adam Deines
DASH: #1ot Taylor Bellomy
QUICK TIME: #31 Justin Simonson 16.732

SUNOCO Race Fuels Grand American Modifieds.
At the start of SUNOCO Race Fuels Grand American Modified feature event it appeared the car to beat was the #22 of Darren Robertson who jumped out to a large lead on the field. #48 Ed Vecchiarelli Jr was slowly reeling in Robertson and #44 Justin Case had come from the back of the field to the 3rd spot. On a double file restart for #18 Ed Vecchiarelli Sr. breaking in turn 4, Robertson lagged a bit allowing Ed Vecchiarelli Jr. to take the lead and Justin Case to move into 2nd place.


The race then became a 2 horse battle with Case giving it his all trying to get by Vecchiarelli. The two leaders put on a great show for the fans battling side by side lap after lap. Near the end of the race Case appeared to get a little loose which allowed Vecchiarelli to build a small lead and go on to take his 2nd win of the 2014 season. Case settled for 2nd place, #22 Darren Robertson was 3rd, #24 Tim Holm finished 4th, and a strong 5th place finish for #55 Dean-O Olson.

FEATURE WINNER: #48 Ed Vecchiarelli Jr
FAST DASH: #44 Justin Case
QUICK TIME: #48 Ed Vecchiarelli Jr. 17.14

#22 Chris Eggleston swept the Legend portion of the 4th of July race at CNS by setting quicktime with a 18.722, winning the fast dash, and coming from the the 3rd row in the feature to take the checkered. It was by no means an easy win for Eggleston as #06 Mike Gallegos who led early never let Chris run away with the race sticking to his bumper for the entire race. By the end of the event #66 Kyle Clegg also joined the leaders working his way up from his 9th starting spot.


The big story of this race was the massive field of 28 legends cars that went green flag from start to finish without a single caution. With 28 cars in one race there is literally action all over the track and it’s a testament to the skill of these drivers that they could provide this much action without a single incident on the track.


With the win Chris Eggleston is now just a single point behind Mike Gallegos in the championship hunt and #34 Chris Cooper is only 2 point back of Eggleston for 2nd. Clearly the legends division is providing some of the most competitive action of the 2014 season.

FEATURE WINNER: #22 Chris Eggleston
FAST DASH: #22 Chris Eggleston
DASH: #04 Dillon Foster
QUICK TIME: #22 Chris Eggleston 18.722

Art’s Septic Figure 8s.
While #23 Big Al Duran was cruising out front on his way to his 3rd straight Figure 8 feature win the battle behind him was fierce. #10 Frank Gastineau, and #17 Harry Livermore Jr. were leaning on each other hard fighting for position. Behind them #81 Hot Rod Dave Smith, #9 Brent Cave and #52 Jared Wall were all trying to move up in the order. While there were a few close calls in the X most the action on track was the positional battles behind Duran. Big Al sailed to the win followed by #17 Harry Livermore Jr., #52 Jared Wall, #10 Frank Gastineau, and #40 Mike Mercer.


FEATURE WINNER: #23 Big Al Duran
FAST DASH: #52 Jared “Wally” Wall

Official Finishing Order

Pro Trucks
1. 7 Adam Deines
2. 34 Rudy Vanderwal
3. 31 Justin Simonson
4. 36 Matt Burton
5. 45 Dalton Hewitt
6. 5 Troy Witthar
7. 11 Steve Johnson
8. 55 Dave Hunt
9. 2 AJ Warren
10. 10T Taylor Bellomy
11. 65 George Green
12. 52 Jereme Wall
13. 82 Michael Scott
14. 51 David Johnson
15. 29 Matthew Brunker

1. 22 Chris Eggleston
2. 06 Mike Gallegos
3. 66 Kyle Clegg
4. 34 Chris Cooper
5. 3 Wayne Barlock JR
6. 13 Peter Dellarco
7. 21 Ryan Jones
8. 25 Adam Pechman
9. 6 Scotty Scott
10. 03 Darrell Stewart
11. 04 Dillon Foster
12. 30 Darrell Stewart Jr
13. 20 Kynzer Riddell
14. 19 Larry Pachello
15. 46 Zach Witherwax
16. 25x Jaive Avila
17. 4 Brad Tilton
18. 14 Chappy Adkins
19. 07 Bill Seip
20. 9 Glenn Tilton
21. 97 Billy Blevins
22. 09 Terry McBride
23. 11 Jessica Savage
24. 23 Austyn Radosta
25. 26 Christopher Brunker
26. 17 BreAnn Adkison
27. 12 Cody Castor
28. 64 Randy Rooker

Grand American Modified
1. 48 Ed Vecchiarelli Jr
2. 44 Justin Case
3. 22 Darren Robertson
4. 24 Tim Holm
5. 55 Dean-O Olson
6. 0 Ron O’Neil
7. 5 Nathan Gasser
8. 61 Scott Slama (R)
9. 13 Darin Clark (R)
10. 59 Charlie Wilson
11. 88 Jeff Walbaum
12. 18 Ed Vecchiarelli Sr

Figure 8s
1. 23 Al Duran
2. 17 Harry Livermore Jr
3. 52 Jared Wall
4. 10 Frank Gastineau
5. 40 Mike Mercer
6. 97 Adam Gastineau (R)
7. 50 Justin McKeachie
8. 00 James Naranjo
9. 9 Brent Cave (R
10. 81 Dave Smith
11. 91 Bruce Wall
12. 03 Luke Zike

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