Formal Apology Regarding SLM #12 Non-Disqualification

Jim Nordhougen of Colorado National Speedway would like to formally apologize for interfering in a decision that the Tech Department was in process of determining concerning the #12 Super Late Model during the 09-22-2018 preliminary feature event. At that time, there was discussion with the Tech Officials concerning possible illegal parts on the vehicle. The driver of the #12 Super Late Model made a case to track ownership that seemed reasonable at that time therefore no disqualification was made. However, upon further review and additional information given on 10/16/18, it was determined disqualification should have been made. Due to the length of time between the 9/22/18 race and the 10/16/18 determination meeting, no penalties will be retro-actively made. All points standings and purses will remain final and as is.

Again the track would like to apologize and assure the other drivers and teams that we will learn from this situation and strive to prevent something similar happening again.

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