Info and Registration for the Battle of the Fenders 300 II

Coming up this Saturday, November 24th Colorado National Speedway presents the second Battle of the Fenders 300 Enduro Race! The weather looks to be pretty decent in today’s extended forecast – Fifties and mostly sunny – so get ready for some short track action! Here are the details:

Gates will open at 8am, and the race will begin at 12:00pm sharp! Pits are open to everyone for $10 per person (including Drivers, Spectators, Crew, and Children 5+). Registration will be $75 per car (includes the driver’s entry), and you can download the Registration form HERE. Early registrations (with payment) will be rewarded with a pull from the first pill draw; those registering on the day of the race will draw from the second pill draw.

You may pre-register by sending your registration and payment:

  • Snail-Mail to CNS at 4281 Speedway Blvd. Dacono, Colorado 80514
  • Fax to CNS at 303-828-2403
  • Email to CNS at
  • Bring by the track (drop it off in the locked mailbox at the main gate if the office is closed!)

We will have the ticket booth open beginning at 8am on Saturday, and you may register your car at that time as well. Please pre-print and complete the Registration Form for Saturday registrations! CNS will also open the pits on Friday, November 16th from 3:00pm to 6:00pm for parking and tires. Anyone wishing to turn a few hot laps may do so for a $15 track fee (crew and spectator admission is free). Concessions and restrooms will be available on race day.

1st place $2,500 sponsored by Advanced Oil Field Services
2nd place $800 sponsored by GTI Golf Cars and Colorado National Speedway
3rd place $700 sponsored by Exhaust Pros and Matco Tools
4th place $500 sponsored by K.C. Drywall
5th place $400 sponsored by Team Hilton and The Law Office of Brian DeBauche
6th place $250 sponsored by Mike Pratt
7th place $200 sponsored by Park-It-Right
8th place $200 sponsored by Tommy Lee
9th place $200 Sponsored by Arvada Rent-Alls
10th place $200 Sponsored by Jackson Automotive

4-cylinder Class Cars – Bonus (in addition to Driver’s Purse) sponsored by Howe Mortuary

  • Highest place finisher: $350
  • Second highest finisher: $250
  • Third highest finisher: $150

Once again, we want to give a huge shout-out to Mike and Julie over at Bellomy Transfer for generously donating the event trophies – including one that will be awarded to the individual or team that travels the most miles to participate in this race! The longest hauler will also be the winner in the event of a tie – the best finishing car will be the tiebreaker. In addition to the purse detailed above, we will again be randomly awarding gift certificates, new race car parts, and other prizes throughout the event to drivers based on the lap and position at the time of the award. Additional prizes have been donated by Schaeffer Oil, KH Suspension, Paradise Interior Finishes, and Leary Racing.



Three hundred laps will become The Equalizer regardless of how many pistons, or horse power you may or may not have. RULE #1 is safety, and all cars must comply with the safety regulations. Safety equipment must include Snell rated 2005 helmet, fire suit, gloves, neck brace or restraint; these are all mandatory. For more information, you can download Sunday’s Tech Sheet HERE.

The Rules applied to the division or series you run – or in which your vehicle ran last – is the set of rules that will be applied to your vehicle. If the rules for your division are not readily available and updated online, it will be your responsibility to bring a current set with you. You can send any non-CNS and/or your existing out of state rule sets to in advance to speed up the tech process. All vehicles will go through safety inspection prior to being allowed onto the Speedway. Colorado National Speedway Tech officials will determine at the end of the race what inspections will be performed on the top finishing vehicles.

Concerning tires: you can run any DOT street tire 60 series or smaller, or the Hoosier Comanche. A pile of used tires as well as tire changing services are available at the Speedway, and used tires are $10 a piece while supplies last. Again, tire mounting and a $15 test & tune will be available at CNS on Friday, January 16th from 3:00pm to 6:00pm (spectators and crew are free). There will be Sunoco Standard 110 Octane Race Fuel and Clear 91 Octane fuel available at the Speedway both Friday and Race Day.

Scoring will be handled by way of Transponder unless a driver is unable to secure one for use. A limited number of Transponders will be available for rent from the Speedway; participants are encouraged to bring their own or borrow one from a fellow racer. All racers who are without a Transponder on the day of the event must provide their own person to keep score for their vehicle. The event will be scored on a Time Board like the common Enduro. Further instructions and details will be provided at the pre-race pit meeting. At the end of the race, the top 10 positions will be unofficial until all scoreboards are reviewed.

There will be a Jammer car to help keep Speedway clear and safe. During those times it will be a competition yellow where you continue scoring: we will share specific details of this procedure at the event pit meeting. When the leader reaches the 150 lap mark, there will be a 30 minute break and all cars will exit the track to the pits for repairs and refueling. NOTE: all tire changes must be made under the green flag.

Remember: the track opens at 8 a.m. sharp! All vehicles will go through safety inspection prior to being allowed onto the Speedway.

If you don’t know ask! Call — Adam 720-298-7183 for more information!

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