CNS Tech News

Pro Truck 22

There was a protest filed on the #22 Pro Truck after the May 27th race. The engine of the #22 truck was disassembled, inspected and ruled legal.

CNS Tech News

Race Tire Analysis for SLM 22 and 9

The Super Late Model #22 and #9 tire samples from the race on May 5th 2018 conform to the manufactures benchmark sample for the Hoosier 3035. Therefore there will be no adjustments to the finishing order, points, or purse for that event.  

Bandolero Cars BD


The following procedure will be used to line-up Bandolero cars for dash races and feature events. This is based on a 20 car field. Fast Dash Draw from driver’s car numbers racing in the Fast Dash that night (all drivers put their car number into the hat) First five car numbers drawn = First Fast Dash (first group) Second five car numbers drawn = Second Fast Dash (second group) Dash Draw from driver’s car numbers racing in the Fast Dash…

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CNS Tech News

Race Tire Analysis Super Stock 99s

The Super Stock 99s tire sample conforms to the manufactures benchmark sample of the Hoosier Comanche. Tires from last week Super Late Model will be back from the lab within the next few days. The #9 and the #22 were sampled as the winner and 2nd place finisher in the feature event.

May 6th Bandolero Practice Huge Success

There was a big turnout for the May 6th Bandolero practice at CNS and by all accounts it went fantastic. The young drivers did a great job listening to the advice they were given and applied the lessons on the track showing a great deal of respect for their fellow drivers. The first race is fast approaching and the CNS is very excited to launch this new division. Reminder… A 4.90 and lower are the only allowable gears for the…

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CNS Tech News

Multiple Division Rules Alterations

There are new and or adjusted rules files for the General Rules, Pro Trucks, Super Stocks, Figure 8s and Pure Stocks. The rules can be downloaded here. A very brief summary of the rules alterations are as follows:

1. Pure Stocks – update to section 19 (tires).

2. Super Stocks – clarification in section 24.8 re: must run same tires in next scheduled race

3. F8’s – tire rule in 19.3 is new

4. Pro Trucks – driver / weight clarification in section 20

5. General rules – update to Tech Inspection (page 3) and fuel (page 7)

04-28-2018 Race Day Schedule

The event schedule for the AutoNation Drive Pink night is as follows….

Bandolero Cars BD

Bandolero practice, rules, and suggestions

PRACTICE AND PREPARATION There will be a Bandolero practice and training session Sunday May 6th from 2PM to 5PM where we will also work on pace car and starting procedures making this a very important date to attend. The Mother’s Day race is fast approaching on May 12th which the first race for the Bandoleros at CNS therefore getting in as much practice as possible is vital. Reminder the Bandolero division is a INEX sanctioned series therefore make sure to…

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Pure Stocks are welcome to run with Super Stocks

If you are registered in the Pure Stock division and would like to get some extra seat time at Colorado National Speedway you are invited to race in the Super Stock division. Pure Stock cars will need to be registered (at no cost) as a Super Stock if you plan to run in both divisions. Pure Stocks will need to add a “ps” to their number in the Super Stock division. You can choose to leave your Pure Stock as-is…

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April 14th 2018 Race Day Schedule

Welcome back everyone! Looking forward to our 2018 race season.  Free Bandolero practice at 1:30 and 3:30 this Saturday race event. Below is the race day schedule for April 14th 2018.

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