Super Stocks & Pure Stocks added to Challenge Cup

The Super Stocks and Pure Stock divisions have been added to the October 3rd Challenge Cup schedule. The Super Stocks and Pure Stocks will be racing on Challenge Cup XLI along with the Super Late Models, Legends, and DEMOX. It is also possible that the Pro Trucks and or the Late Models could be added to the Challenge Cup schedule in the event of a rain-out on their championship night in September.

Pro Truck Transmission Amendment Reversal

In an earlier announcement seen here there was a rule amendment regarding 2 and 4 speed transmissions in the Pro Truck division. After gathering a large amount of feedback from the drivers and teams the amendment has been reversed. Therefore the rule will revert to as it was prior to the recent amendment.

Attention all ProTruck Drivers

It has come to our attention that a decision was made regarding the Jerico 4 Speed Transmission without the input of all concerned parties. Because every opinion counts, we would like to receive input from all ProTruck Drivers currently registered with CNS on their opinion regarding the Jerico Transmission. Therefore, no later than this Friday at 3:00pm, all Registered ProTruck Drivers should email with their opinion on adding the Jerico 4 Speed to the approved list of transmissions for ProTrucks at CNS. After reviewing…

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All CNS Drivers who raced on June 27, 2015

To: All CNS Drivers who raced on June 27, 2015 Re: Purse Checks Any racer that competed at CNS on June 27th, 2015 who did not receive their purse check should email with their name, car number and division, and their correct mailing address as soon as possible. The original checks were mailed from out of state, and while some drivers have received their checks, others have not. We would like to rectify this as quickly as possible, and…

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Rule Amendments July 6, 2015

No pretense is made for having designed a foolproof set of rules and regulations. The spirit and intent of the rules is the standard by which Series events will be governed. The Series Race Director is authorized to decide if an equipment change or modification is an attempt to circumvent these rules. The Series Race Director can and will disqualify a race car in violation of the spirit and intent of these rules. If this rulebook does not specifically state that you can alter, change, or otherwise modify something on your car, you should consider it a violation of these rules. No part is deemed to have been approved by Series by passing through prior technical inspections. READ MORE

Pro Truck #11

The #11 Pro Truck failed post race tech inspection for an illegal 4-speed transmission during the July 3rd feature and was disqualified.

Super Late Model #48

The #48 Super Late Model failed post race tech inspection for an illegal engine during the July 4th feature and was disqualified.

Super Late Model #9

The #9 Super Late Model failed post race tech inspection for illegal tires (3035) on the right side of the car during the July 4th feature and was disqualified.

Test and Tune on Thursday July 2nd

Normally the Test and Tune practice night at CNS is ion the first Friday of the month. However this month we will be racing on that night as part of the Independence Day weekend. Therefore this month only the Test and Tine will be on Thursday July 2nd at the normal time at price. 3PM until dark and it’s $25 per car & driver and $5 for everyone else.

Figure 8 #10

The #10 Figure 8 was awarded last place points and last place purse for rough driving in the June 13th feature event.

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