Supermodified Division at CNS

The following release concerns the Super Modified Division which has raced at CNS for many years. Recently, the SM Division was removed from the 2016 CNS racing schedule. This statement will address the rumors and misinformation being circulated on the web and throughout various racing circles.

On Sunday, May 29th, the SM Division was scheduled to race at CNS. During the Tech Inspection process, a SM driver was discovered to have an incorrect muffler system installed (as determined by the ERA SM Club Rules). After discussion, it was determined by CNS Officials that the system fell within the allowable db parameters of the CNS Rulebook, and that no competitive advantage was derived from the exhaust system. Therefore, CNS Officials ruled that the car should be allowed to compete on the 29th only; provided that a confirming system be installed before the car would be allowed to compete again.

Representatives from the ERA SM club disagreed with the CNS decision, and stated in an ultimatum that if the non-conforming car was allowed to compete, the club would pack up and leave for the evening. Based upon these hostilities, CNS Officials responded that if the club chose not to compete on the 29th, it would not be welcome back at the track for the remainder of the 2016 racing season. After a number of the ERA SM club members loaded and left the track in protest, CNS determined that such behavior was detrimental to the sport and spirit of competition, and therefore decided to remove the SM Divison from the 2016 racing schedule.

Any further information or updates regarding this matter will be communicated via the CNS Tech News.

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