Battle of the Fenders 300 Enduro adds fun to the long off-season

Colorado Speedway ran a $1,500 to win enduro race this past Sunday and a great time was had by all. Spectators lined-up to watch the special Sunday race that invited stock cars of all shapes and sizes to compete against one another for 300 laps. 36 cars started the race but just 15 or so made it to the finsih which lasted about 3 hours including a hour hour break at the halfway mark of the race.

Top 5 finishers from left to right 5th place Chris Cox, 3rd Place Jake Fitzgerald, Winner Brian Yackey, 2nd place Sam Messerlli, and 5th place Bret Cave.

James Larsen was the leader to start the second half of the race but a spin down the back straight gave Brian Yackey the top spot, one that he would never relinquish. The race was filled with just about everything you might imagine: daring passes, exploding tires, crashes, spins, expiring motors, oil slicks, and even a car engulfed in flames! But the best part of the event was just having some fun on what turned out to be a beautiful winter day.


1st. Brian Yackey 22y
2nd. Sam Messerli 99s
3rd. Jake Fitzgerald 00
4th. Brent Cave 9
5th. Chris Cox 25
6th. Ryan McFadden 8
7th. Mac Cain 28
8th. Darrell Smith 02
9th. Ronald Burnett 3
10th. Mitch Boesel 177
11th. Eric Johnson 11x
12th. Mason Fitzgerald 17
13th. James Larson 82
14th. Ryan Raley Jr. 99r
15th. Jim Bushnell 69
16th. Jared Wall 52
17th. Jeremy Jackson 23
18th. Danny Sutherland 33
19th. DJ Banks 222
20th. Ryan Moser 18c
21st. Clint Johnson 22x
22nd. Terri Pugliese 43x
23rd. Jimmy Donaldson 14dd
24th. Joey Hilton 07
25th. Sean Smith 02ss
26th. Damek Masfin 18m
27th. Isaac Slinker 13
28th. Brian DeBauche 06
29th. Dave Robinson 7
30th. Doug Beaman 91
31st. Bob Durand 85
32nd. Lloyd Stover 7P

The first ever Battle of the Fenders 300 would not have been possible without the support of these amazing sponsors:

  • Buckeye Welding
  • Exhaust Pros of Commerce City
  • Mike Basil Race Cars
  • Cage Suspensions
  • Schaeffer Oil
  • Mr. Bad Wrench
  • Jackson’s Auto
  • Matco Tools
  • Bold Brokers
  • Park-It-Right
  • KC Drywall
  • Big Dog Diesel
  • The Law Firm of Brian Debauche
  • Witthar Racing
  • Mike Pratt
  • Mike Stewart


Special Thanks to Bellomy Transfer for providing all of the incredible trophies!

A Huge thanks to Adam and everyone at Team Hilton for all of their hard work to make this very special event happen!

Images from the Battle of the Fenders Enduro (Joe Starr photos)

The day was not without a few incidents, this one everyone drove away and continued the race.

Chris Cox finished fifth in this car that last ran on the dirt at Rocky Mountain National Speedway.

Yackey Wins. Brian takes the checkered flag winning the Battle of the “Bent” Fenders.

7P was the winner of the long haul trophy.

#69 This guy has not raced at CNS since the dirt days. He also dug this car out of the weeds for this race.

Sean Smith #02 takes the high side early in the 300 lapper at CNS.

Second place finisher Sam Messerilli heads for the green.

Brian Yackey battles 76 year old, Mr. Badwrench, Darrell Smith. Mr. Bad Wrench finished in the top 10. No substitute for a little seat time. Experience counts.

Big Country Speedway Warrior Champion racing with a CNS Demo-X Station Wagon. The Warrior was running in the top five until he lost a tire with 2 laps to go. He still finished in the top 7.

CNS Demo-X Station Wagon, He’s up on the wheel ready for 300 laps, Go Man Go.

Jared Wall used up multiply right front tires. Hope he had a tire sponsor.

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