Bergener and Humphries Crowned Kings of the Wing at CNS

A near full-house witnessed Salt Lake City’s Kyle Bergnener run the perfect race during the Galitz Transportation King of the Wing Finale on Saturday night at Colorado National Speedway leading almost all 40 laps to take the huge win. But its was California’s Eric Humphries who would secure the overall series victory by grabbing second place on Saturday and winning Friday Night’s High Country Harley Davidson Special.

NIGHT ONE 07-06-2018 High Country Harley Davidson Special

King of the Wing Sprint Cars

A blazing fast field of 19 Methanol breathing King of the Wing Sprint Cars took the green flag for a 30 lap feature event. One car that couldn’t take the green was last year’s winner Jason Conn from British Colombia Canada who was struggling with a valve issue. Driver’s from all over the western United States and Canada were on hand to battle for the win on the 2-day visit to Colorado National Speedway and unfortunately for Conn he would not get a chance to repeat.

Through the first portion of Friday Night’s race local driver Darren Crocker was running a strong 2nd place until a flat left rear tire caused him to pit.

A fearless Jeff Bergener from Salt Lake City Utah in the #21 car took over the lead from Tristen Spiers from Adrian Oregon and began to devour lapped traffic on route to what looked like a sure win.

However #15 Eric Humphries from California was slowly closing in on the leader and eventually used a restart to takeover the position as Bergener’s car seemed to become ill handling late in the race. Humphries who also won his dash race wasted no time building a lead on the field and cruised to the checkered flag as well as a nice pay day. Ryan Burdett in the #36 sprinter would get by Bergener for 2nd while the 21 car settled for 3rd.

Chris Muhler moves up through the field (Starr photo)

Clearly the most impressive run of the night was Colorado driver Chris Muhler in the #95 car. Muhler didn’t hot-lap, qualify or run a dash race. He showed up just in time to run the feature in a car he had just finished building and started 4 car lengths behind the last place car presumably just to be safe since he had no time to determine if the car was prepared properly. Every time Muhler entered turn one his car emitted a shower of sparks but that wasn’t slowing him down as he began to move up through the field. Incredibly by the time the checkered flag had flown Muhler had an impressive 4th place finish.

Eric Humphries in the #15 passes #21 Jeff Bergener for the lead (Starr photo)

The King of the Wing Sprint Cars would race again at CNS the following night Saturday July 7th.

The top 3 celebrate in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

FEATURE: #15 Eric Humphries
DASH 1: #25 Tristen Spiers
DASH 2: #15 Eric Humphries
DASH 3: #21 Jeff Bergener
QUICK TIME: #36 Ryan Burdett 14.398

Mountain States Fire Protection Mod Coupes

In the Mod Coupe feature it was pretty much the Deines and Hansen show. Jace Hansen in the gorgeous #08 easily won the fast dash and was the only car within striking distance of Adam Deines in the #3D car in the feature event. Deines dominance in the Mod Coupe division continued as he took home another win.

FEATURE: #3d Adam Deines
DASH: #08 Jace Hansen

Elite V Twin Legend Cars

Over 40 Legend Cars checked in to the pits on Friday July 6th at CNS which created a rare situation as a “Last Chance” dash was added to the schedule to trim the field a bit for the feature.

With Albequerque’s Jason Irwin on the front row it almost seemed like a foregone conclusion he would end up in winner’s circle. And while he did hold the early lead it was Kyle Clegg, Chris Eggleston and Danny Medina who would come storming to the front and battle for the lead. Each of the top 4 would take turns leading the race using every imaginable groove on the race track.

While the race was marred by a couple red flags the top 6 to 8 cars put on a heck of a show for the fans.

Eventually Clegg and Eggleston would start to distance themselves from the field but another late double file restart would give Medina and Irwin one last shot at the win. However the 66 car of Clegg was just too strong and powered to another feature win. Eggleston took home 2nd while Irwin slipped by Medina for 3rd. Behind Medina Wayne Barlock Jr. finished a strong 5th.

FEATURE: #66 Kyle Clegg
FAST DASH: #22 Chris Eggleston
DASH: #13 Jason Hulvey
LAST CHANCE DASH: #44 Alfred Matthews

Witthar Racing Trains

Jereme Wall jumped in as brakeman for the #86 Last Call Train as he and his brother Jared blazed a trail to glory in the Witthar Racing Trains feature event.

FEATURE: #86 LAST CALL Jared “Wally” Wall and Jereme Wall


FAST FEATURE: #55 Greg Rayl
FEATURE: #51 Hutson Milligan
FAST DASH A: #55 Greg Rayl
FAST DASH B: #18 Jim Chello Milligan
DASH A: #07 Aubrei Hilton
DASH B: #99 Isaiah Scott

NIGHT TWO 07-07-2018 Galitz Transportation Sprint Car Finale

King of the Wing Sprint Cars

It was the second and final night of the two-day King of the Wing Sprint Car race at CNS and #26 Justin Segura from Caldwell Idaho and Colorado’s own Bryan Gossel in the #78 occupied the front row. Neither Gossel nor Segura would be able to take advantage of their front row starting positions as both drivers struggled early with mechanical issues.

From that point on it was the Kyle Bergener show leading the rest of the way and taking home the huge victory. Kyle reigning out of Salt Lake City Utah ran a smooth line that was both fast and steady conserving his tires for the entire 40 lap run.

Behind Bergener it was Chris Muhler in the #95 car which he had just finished building on Friday afternoon the day before. Muhler demonstrated his ability to get the most out of his car as he pulled up just behind the leader late in the race. Catching Bergener was one thing but passing him proved to be much more difficult.

#95 Chris Muhler moves up into 2nd place (Starr photo)

While Muhler was catching the leader California’s Eric Humphries was catching Muhler. Humphries coming off Friday night’s win showed the packed house at CNS that you can still broadside at the 3/8ths mile oval even on the pavement. Humphries was literally giving it everything he had and the crowd could see his right rear tire burning up coming out of turn 4.

Humphries overtakes Muhler late in the race for 2nd place (Starr photo)

A late restart would give Humphries and Muhler a final shot at the leader, but Bergener was just too fast and secured the win. Humphries was able to get under Muhler for 2nd but Muhler powered right back by him on the outside to the cheer of the fans.

Kyle Bergener on his way to victory lane (Starr photo)

Ultimately Humphries would take second place and Muhler would settle for third.

While Bergener was the winner it was Humphries who would take the overall series win with his 1st and 2nd place finishes on Friday and Saturday.

From left to right Eric Humphries, Jyle Bergener and Chris Muhler in winner’s circle (Starr photo)

FEATURE: #43 Kyle Bergener
DASH 1: #23 Aiden Spiers
DASH 2: #43 Kyle Bergener
DASH 3: #25j Tristen Spiers
QUICK TIME: #15 Eric Humphries

Galitz Transportation Late Models

Late Model results are not official

21 Galitz Transportation Late Models would take the green flag for their feature event and #3 Wade Grove and #53g Nathan Gasser would pace the field to start the race. It’s tough to say if it was the heat, the large field of cars or possibly the packed CNS stands that had the drivers on edge but the race was filled with incidents and it seemed like just about every car on the track had scars to prove it.

Even eventual race winner #76 Chad Cowen would cross the finish line with a mangled right front quarter panel.

Following Cowen across the line was Brett Yackey in the #7y and #3 Wade Grove who led the early portion of the race. Rookie driver #24 Eric Bowers ran an impressive race taking home 4th position and #31 Derek Smith was the final car in the top 5.

FEATURE: #76 Chad Cowen
DASH: #76 Chad Cowen
DASH: #16 Steve Mills

Elite V Twin Legend Cars

The Legend Car feature was essentially a race for the runner-up position. Kyle Clegg in the white and florescent orange #66 was in another zone and controlled the entire race to the checkered flag.

But behind Clegg the action was intense. #22 Chris Eggleston, #15 Danny Medina and #9x Jason Irwin were putting on an amazing battle for the fans. All 3 of the drivers took turns making hair-raising passes for 2nd place while also dealing with slower lapped cars in the huge field.

When the checkered flag flew it was Clegg well out front with Jason Irwin just sneaking by Eggleston for 2nd place. Medina would take 4th and a late charge from #98 Brent Sheidemantle placed him the top 5.

FEATURE: #66 Kyle Clegg
FAST DASH: #66 Kyle Clegg
DASH: #1 Dana Smith
LAST CHANCE RACE: #13 Jason Hulvey

Chick-Fil-A Figure 8s

Justin McKeachie won a somewhat strange Chick-fil-A Figure 8 feature after tracking down race leader #2 Jeremy Jackson with just 6 laps to go. The event felt a bit odd due to the fact that both Jared Wall and Jereme Wall left the track after making contact with each other in turn 3. Without the Wall’s the race was wide open and Jackson was making the most of it until he started to fade late in the race and gave up the lead to McKeachie.

McKeachie’s victory was a popular win with the near sell-out crowd as Justin received a huge roar from the crowd in winner’s circle.

Justin McKeachie soaks in the roar of the crowd in winner’s circle (Starr photo)

An impressive run for Mike Wolfe Jr. in the blue #3 car garnered him a 2nd place finish. Jackson would settle for 3rd and #35 Chris Voorhis and #4 Sean Smith rounded out the top 5.

FEATURE: #50 Justin McKeachie
FAST DASH: #15 Jereme Wall
DASH: #40 Mike Mercer


Heavy: #01 Sean Orth
Lite: #13 Cole Birch


King of the Wing Sprint Cars
Pos No. Name Hometown
1. 15 Eric Humphries
2. 36 Ryan Burdett
3. 21 Jeff Bergener
4. 95 Chris Mueller
5. 23 Aiden Spiers
6. 25J Tristen Spiers
7. 43 Kyle Bergener
8. 12 Monty Bergener
9. 71 Aaron McPeak
10. 4 Alan Beck
11. 68 Mike Anderson
12. 5 Ken Hamilton
13. 6G Austyn Gossel
14. 46 Bob Beck
15. 26 Justin Segura
16. 11 Tom Patterson
17. 9 Mike Smith
18. 78 Darren Crocker
19. 36A Austin Luttmer

Legend Cars
Pos No. Name Lic Points
1. 66 Kyle Clegg
2. 22 Chris Eggleston
3. 9x Jason Irwin
4. 15 Danny Medina
5. 3 Wayne Barlock Jr
6. 30 Darrell J Stewart
7. 6 Scotty Scott
8. 34 Chris Cooper
9. 32 Blair Cooper
10. 05 Nick Cooper
11. 21 Ryan Jones
12. 96 Ryan Rudolph (R)
13. 44 Alfred Matthews
14. 86 Travis Rudolph
15. 1 Dana Smith
16. 20 Kynzer Riddell
17. 19 Larry Pachello
18. 33 Dean Kallas
19. 00 Christopher Saykally(R)
20. 16 Travis Roe 17-0628
21. 46 Zachary Witherwax
22. 43 Nick Knudsen
23. 08 Krystal Faulkingham
24. 9 Terry McBride 17-0599
25. 5 Gary Wegener
26. 06 Mike Gallegos
27. 98 Brent Scheidemantle
28. 62 Roy Dunlap
29. 13 Jason Hulvey
30. 48 Cody Dempster

Mod Coupes
Pos No. Name Hometown
1. 3d Adam Deines Longmont
2. 08 Jace Hansen Greeley
3. 98 Frank Denning Jr Arvada
4. 48 Michael Cox Englewood
5. 43 Matt Pierce* Platteville
6. 90D Frank Denning III Golden

Pos No. Name Hometown
1. 86 Last Call Jared and Terri
2. 8 Anger Management Kelly and Nic
3. 13 Crazy Train Taylor and Stephanie
4. 26 Slam Trak Fri and RyRy
5. 5 Hearse Train Alex and Alegra
6. 1 Robert Davey Dave Schmidt
7. 311 Bipolar Express Cassie and Glenna

Bandolero FAST
Pos No. Name Hometown
1. 3 Nandini Breggin
2. 16 Cullen Lewis Aurora
3. 55 Greg Rayl Watkins
4. 03 isaac Almaswari Lochbuie
5. 06 Mahkrysta Hilton Brighton
6. 10 Lilli McAfee Thornton
7. 7X Kate Morse
8. 22 Andy Jones Littleton
9. 78 Brody Moore Dillon
10. 18 Chello Milligan

Pos No. Name Hometown
1. 51 Hutson Milligan
2. 82 Teagan Scott Cheyenne
3. 2 Cale Smith
4. 17 Cooper Lewis Aurora
5. 07 Aubrel Hilton Brighton
6. 92 Riley Smith
7. 8 Danielle Walbaum Brighton
8. 99 Isaiah Scott Cheyenne
9. 29 Ashlee Richard Henderson
10. 05 Salamon DeBauche Denver
11. 52 Nic Wall Commerce City


King of the Wing Sprint Cars
Pos No. Name Hometown
1. 43 Kyle Bergener
2. 15 Eric Humphries
3. 95 Chris Mueller
4. 21 Jeff Bergener
5. 25J Tristen Spiers
6. 12 Monty Bergener
7. 5 Ken Hamilton
8. 71 Aaron McPeak
9. 4 Alan Beck
10. 9 Mike Smith
11. 23 Aiden Spiers
12. 6G Austyn Gossel
13. 26 Justin Segura
14. 46 Bob Beck
15. 68 Mike Anderson
16. 78 Bryan Gossel
17. 11 Tom Patterson

Late Models
Pos No. Name Hometown
1. 76 Chad Cowan Gering
2. 7Y Brett Yackey Greeley
3. 3 Wade Grove Thronton
4. 24 Eric Bowers (R) Colorado Springs
5. 31 Derek Smith Mead
6. 07 Dave Hondel (R) Cheyenne
7. 16 Steve Mills Colorado Springs
8. 17 Paul Deines Frederick
9. 98N Natalie Phelps (R) Cheyenne
10. 11 Monte Paulsen Pueblo West
11. 50 Justin McKeachie (R)
12. 72 Gary Cagle Ft Collins
13. 29 Rayshawn Carter Denver
14. 27 Wendi Lewis Johnstown
15. 9 Brent Cave Brighton
16. 53G Nathan Gasser Westminster
17. 31x Chris Simpson
18. 94 Kyle Morse Peyton
19. 85 Don Cole (R) Dacono
20. 43 Christopher Donnelson
21. 30 Jan Oxley Ft Lupton

Figure 8s
Pos No. Name Hometown
1. 50 Justin McKeachie Aurora
2. 3 Mike Wolfe Jr Westminster
3. 2 Jeremy Jackson Lakewood
4. 35 Chris Voorhis Thornton
5. 4 Sean Smith Greeley
6. 7 Daniel Wood (R) Greeley
7. 11 Joe Gastineau Centennial
8. 17 Harry Livermore Jr. Denver
9. 40 Mike Mercer Byers
10. 25 Phil Taylor Henderson
11. 18 Amanda Stepanich (R) Arvada
12. 12 Harvey Webb Jr Thornton
13. 8 Brian McCartney (R) Colorado Springs
14. 52 Jared Wall Commerce City
15. 15 Jereme Wall Commerce City
16. 80 Dean Hohn (R) Denver

Legend Cars
Pos No. Name Hometown
1. 66 Kyle Clegg Westminster
2. 9x Jason Irwin Albuquerque
3. 22 Chris Eggleston Thornton
4. 15 Danny Medina Colorado Springs
5. 98 Brent Scheidemantle Broomfield
6. 48 Cody Dempster Parker
7. 05 Nick Cooper Loveland
8. 3 Wayne Barlock Jr Peyton
9. 32 Blair Cooper Arvada
10. 21 Ryan Jones Arvada
11. 6 Scotty Scott Arvada
12. 96 Ryan Rudolph (R) Denver
13. 34 Chris Cooper
14. 03 Darrell L Stewart
15. 46 Zachary Witherwax Arvada
16. 16 Travis Roe Thornton
17. 13 Jason Hulvey Thornton
18. 44 Alfred Matthews Arvada
19. 19 Larry Pachello Arvada
20. 86 Travis Rudolph Denver
21. 25A Michael Anderson
22. 5 Gary Wegener
23. 1 Dana Smith (R) Laramie
24. 28 Adam Powers(R) Silverthorne
25. 08 Krystal Faulkingham Westminster
26. 95 Jessilyn Dike(R) Westminster
27. 53 Ryan Scott(R) Colorado Springs
28. 9 Terry McBride Edgewater
29. 20 Kynzer Riddell Westminster
30. 33 Dean Kallas Golden
DNS 8 Eric Hipkins* Woodland


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