Updated Tire Impound Rules

Attention PT, LM, & GAM Drivers: The following is an update to the CNS Tire Impound Rules:

  1. Starting on Saturday, August 1st, the top 5 finishers in the PT, LM, and GAM Divisions will have their tires impounded following the finish of the last feature race of the night.
  2. A driver in any of these three Divisions may replace their tires either A) after falling out of the top 5 finishers, or B) after running 5 feature events on the same tires.
  3. If after 5 races a Driver elects to mount less than 4 new tires (i.e. 2 new right side and leave the left side tires that have already raced), those four tires will be considered a new set and must then be used for the next 5 feature races.
  4. A driver is not required to purchase or change tires after 5 races, and may choose to leave them in the CNS impound. However, once the new (or combination of new and used) tires have started their first feature race, the tires are considered a set, the five-race clock begins, and they are subject to impound for a minimum of 5 races.
  5. A Dash race does not count towards the five-race minimum.

Any questions about the rule update should be addressed to tech@coloradospeedway.com

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