Racing Divisions at CNS

Mountain States Fire Protection Super Late Models
Cars in the Late Model division have a highly sophisticated racing chassis and a powerful V-8 engine. Their fiberglass and aluminum bodies closely resemble a Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Dodge Charger, or a short list of other American-made cars. These are the fastest machines that compete regularly at the speedway, with all Late Model drivers eligible for points in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series, both in the Northwest Region as well as nationally.


MATCO Tools Pro Trucks
The ProTrucks feature aftermarket-bodied replicas of full-size modern pick-ups. They have a pure racing chassis similar to a Late Model, but with a longer wheelbase. V-8 engines are used, with more limitations than in a Late Model.


Galitz Transportation Late Models
Sportsman cars have a factory chassis – often from a mid 1970’s through mid ‘80’s Camaro or Firebird – and only a slightly modified engine. Aftermarket bodies are allowed, and many of these cars are nearly as detailed as a Late Model. The “S” alongside their number allows fans to quickly identify them as a Sportsman car.


SUNOCO Race Fuels Grand American Modifieds
The Grand American Modifieds run an engine similar to those in the ProTrucks, but they weigh considerably less. Even with their narrower tires, they are thus capable of nearly the same lap speeds. All chassis have a factory original front stub, and car bodies are handmade of aluminum or fiberglass to loosely represent a 1970 or newer American made compact cars.


Elite Diesel Service Figure Eight Stock Cars
A Figure-Eight car runs under nearly all the same rules as a Sportsman, but the chassis are set up to turn both right and left on the Figure-Eight track. Figure-Eight racing is a crowd pleaser that provides daring thrills as the cars narrowly miss each other in the “X”.


TBK Bank Super Stocks
Super Stocks run under a strict set of rules that allow for only very few performance modifications, but with all safety devices added. These division are generally intended for novice and low-budget competitors.


Rock ‘N’ Roll Brewery Pure Stocks
The Pure Stock division is very similar to a Super Stock division except this class is reserved for beginner drivers.


AC Transmission Legends Car Series
Powered by 1200 cc motorcycle engines, Legends Series cars are 5/8 scale replicas of the famous NASCAR Modifieds that were driven by the early heroes of the sport.


A division for young drivers. The Bandoleros are an INEX sanctioned division that is designed for drivers 8 to 16 years old. These cars use a 26HP Briggs and Stratton engine and will race on the CNS “ROVAL” which is a combination oval and road course configuration.


Witthar Racing Trains
Trains consist of three cars chained together, and two drivers. The front car is the only one with an engine; the middle car is completely empty, and the third car is the only one with brakes. The Trains display their wild action on the Figure-8 track.


The DEMOX (Demo-cross) is a division that is a combination of a demolition derby and a motocross. The cars race in a circle through the infield dirt jumps and are allowed to make contact with each other during the race. This wild and wacky division is a crowd favorite.

Supermoto bikes race on a course design to challenge the rider on both the dirt in the infield and the blazing fast paved oval at CNS.



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