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Darren Robertson Crowned 2017 Super Late Model Champion

(09-23-2017 Dacono, CO) Gillett Vet Clinic Championship night at CNS was claimed by Mother Nature but champions were still crowned in the Super Late Models, Super Stocks, Mod Coupes, and Trains. The track has a long standing policy of not rescheduling points races so that drivers, and their families can plan their vacations and family functions without affecting the outcome of the championship. Therefore no points races on championship night will be rescheduled. However, CNS has added some non-points races to the remaining schedule so that the drivers can get one last shot at grabbing a victory.

#11 Darren Robertson battled #08 Jace Hansen all season long in 2017 (Starr photo)

Gillett Vet Clinic Super Late Models Darren Robertson joined his father Jerry and his grandfather Odie by winning the Super Late Model Championship at Colorado National Speedway for the 2017 season. Darren had a season long battle with Jace Hansen who also had a fantastic season finishing just 33 points back of Darren. Robertson won 5 feature events and only three times didn’t finish in the top three. Based on Darren’s consistent top 3 finishes he claimed his first ever Super Late Model Championship. Jace Hansen finished an impressive 2nd place with Brett and Bruce Yackey grabbing 3rd and 4th. The final spot in the top 5 went to Rookie of the Year Michael Scott.

A jubilant Darren Robertson celebrates his victory in winner’s circle (Star photo)

The Super Late Models will return for the annual Challenge Cup on Saturday October 7th in a 100 lap battle for supremacy.

Great Scott’s Eatery Super Stocks Chris Cox shocked the Super Stock division by fielding the only Ford in a very large field of Super Stocks and dominating the division in 2017. Chris won 6 feature events and cruised to the championship besting his dad Michael by 23 points. This was Chris’s first Super Stock Championship joining his father who has 3 championships. Behind Chris and Michael in the points was Jax Hughes in 3rd, Nic Brinlee in 4th and James Larsen in 5th. The rookie of the year went to Jonathan Lindberg who finished 6th in points.

Chris Cox in winner’s circle (Starr photo)

While Chris Cox is the official 2017 champ CNS has added a non-points race to Challenge Cup for the Super Stocks so that the rest of the field has one last chance to beat Chris to winner’s circle.

Galitz Transportation Mod Coupes Randy Whitman won just one feature event in 2017 in the Mod Coupe division but his consistency propelled him to his second straight Mod Coupe championship. Frank Denning the 3rd grabbed second place in points followed by David Schmidt and Gary Land. The final spot in the top 5 in points went to Michael Cox.

Randy Whitman celebrates in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

CNS is excited to see what becomes of the Mod Coupe division in 2018 after the changes that were made to the rules late in the season. It is expected that the car count will grow and the Mod Coupes will once again flourish and be one of the most exciting divisions in the next few years.

Witthar Racing Trains. Jared “Wally” Wall won his 7th Trains Championship and this time with Terri Pugilese as his brakeman. Jared and Terri won 6 of the 8 feature events in 2017 and finished second in the other two. Needless to say this was one of the more dominating performances of 2017.

Jared “Wally” Wall and Terri Pugilese on route to their 2017 championship (Starr photo)

While there will be no more points races for the Trains CNS will be adding them to the Saturday September 30th race night for an X-travaganza as they will get in one final race on the same night as the Figure 8s. It’s not often that CNS runs two divisions through the X but that’s what fans will see on the 30th of September.


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