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KBPI Rock’s The Rockies with Intense Racing Action

KBPI Rocked the Rockies and CNS on a beautiful August night with special guest Willie B who was on hand for a killer round of circle drags, where a Silver Camaro ZL-1 edged out a Tuned-up White Infiniti for the win. A great crowd of race fans on hand witnessed spectacular action and tight racing from the Pro Trucks, Legends & Bandoleros. Fans were also treated to hair raising action in the X from the wild & crazy Trains & fantastic door slamming from the Demo X; where No. 28 Joe Prante took the victory in the Demo X Lites & No. 82 Ty Cowell picked up the win in the Demo X Heavy.

Circle Drags Colorado National Speedway 8-5-23 Featuring Willie KBPI

Matco Tools Pro Trucks

Fast Dash – 10 Laps

The No. 16 of Travis Roe jumped out to the early lead while the No. 7 Adam Deines & the No. 43 Kody Vanderwal battled side by side for second. Roe got a little sideways in turn 3 and allowed Deines to get by for the lead. Another great battle was shaping up behind the leaders as No. 9 Curtis Heldenbrand & No. 22 Brian Yackey battled for fourth. Vanderwal got by Roe in short order and set his sights on Deines, but didn’t have enough laps to catch him. Deines was able to hold on for the fast dash win.

Dash – 10 Laps

No. 85 of Jeff Walbaum leaped into the lead early passing the No. 28 of Brian Weinmaster. Weinmaster was able fend off a charge from the No. 88s of Brad Skufca. Meanwhile, a great four-truck battle was ensuing behind the top three between the No. 08 Krystal Faulkingham, No. 11 Steve Johnson, No. 71 Tim Duvall & No. 90 Chasen Groff. By Lap 3, Faulkingham got by Johnson to grab fourth; allowing Duvall to take advantage and get alongside Johnson. Walbaum went more or less unchallenged, and continued to stretch his lead throughout until he took the victory in the Pro Truck dash.

Feature – 30 Laps

The No. 3c of Cassidy Hinds & Adam Deines led the sixteen-truck field to green with Hinds leading lap 1. A great battle ensued behind Hinds as Deines & Roe battled side by side for second. Deines was able to clear Roe & began closing in on Hinds for the lead. Vanderwal & Yackey both battled extremely hard early in the feature with the two drivers racing side by side for several laps. Eventually Vanderwal was able to muscle ahead in turn 3 and maintain his position over Yackey. With 19 laps to go, Deines was right on the bumper of Hinds for the lead and by turn 3, Deines stuck his nose to the inside and grabbed the lead heading into turn 1. This battle allowed Roe to close in on the top two.

By the halfway mark, Deines stretched his lead, while Roe & Hinds battled side by side for second. Roe ultimately got around her a couple laps later. This battle allowed Vanderwal who was running fourth to slightly close in on Hinds for third. Deines continued to set a torrid pace extending his lead; however, lapped traffic would soon become a factor and with just 4 laps to go, Deines got held up behind traffic. This allowed Roe to close the gap between them, but Roe could not get close enough to capitalize. After Deines put the slower trucks 1 lap down, he stretched his lead once again and crossed the finish line with a flash from Joe Starr’s Camera; picking up his first victory of the 2023 season & sweeping the nights action including Quick Time, Fast Dash and the Feature.

Quick Time: No. 7, Adam Deines 17.033

Feature: No. 7, Adam Deines

Fast Dash: No. 7 Adam Deines

Dash: 85 Jeff Walbaum

AC Transmission Legends FAST

Fast Dash – 10 Laps

No. 74 Trayc Walker-Scott & No. 03 Darrell L. Stewart brought the field to green in the fast dash. Stewart jumped out to the early lead with No. 78C Colton Crocker in tow. A great battle ensued as Crocker got by Stewart to take the lead with the No. 22 Chris Eggleston joining the mix and getting by Stewart for second. Halfway through, Eggleston made a daring move to get around Crocker to take the lead. As the leaders began to pull away from the field, a great battle for 5th was underway between No. 21 Ryan Jones & No. 11s Tanner Scarberry, with Jones able to hold on to fifth. Eggleston fended off a couple of challenges from Crocker and picked up the fast dash win.

Fast Feature – 25 Laps

An all-brother front row brought the field to green with the No. 57 Jarret Scarberry & Tanner Scarberry. Jarret Scarberry jumped out to an early advantage leading lap 1; however, one lap later Stewart got around Scarberry for the lead with Jones right on Stewart’s bumper. Quick Time & Fast Dash winner Chris Eggleston was on the move early - starting 9th and making his way up to second place by Lap 6. Eggleston quickly set his sights on the new leader of Ryan Jones who got around Stewart the previous lap. A short time later, Eggleston setup Jones for a pass down the front stretch heading into turn 1 and blasted his way around Jones for the lead.

Eggleston then showed his muscle and started setting a torrid pace around the speedway. Colton Crocker who started 6th was also on the move and got to third place; setting his sights on Jones who was several car lengths ahead. As the top 3 cars began to get spread out, a great battle was underway between Tanner Scarberry, Stewart, & No. 15 Danny Medina who were all fighting for the 5th position. Another driver who was having a great run was rookie Trayc Walker-Scott who was running in fourth place for most of the feature. With just a few laps to go Eggleston had reached the back of the field and began navigating through lapped traffic, with Jones & Crocker both losing ground to Eggleston in the final stages of the feature. Eggleston would go on to pick up his 6th victory of the 2023 season with Jones in second & Crocker in third.

AC Transmission Legends

Dash – 10 Laps

No. 29 David Johnson jumped out to the lead in a hurry while the No. 73 Mike Markison & No. 27 Brian Harlow battled for second & No. 33 Dillyn Kellogg & No. 18 JJ Sanders battled for 4th. Sanders was able to get by Kellogg in short order and set his sights on Markison who slipped back to 3rd after battling with Harlow. With just a couple laps left, Harlow chased down Johnson but ran out of time as Johnson was able to capture the dash win.

Feature – 25 Laps

With so many legends competing at Colorado National Speedway, the field is often split into two features. Dash winner David Johnson & Brian Harlow brought the field to green. Johnson jumped out to an early lead; however, his lead would be relinquished when No. 17 Jeremy Krueger spun down the front stretch and No. 95 Jessilyn Dike, No. 28 Elijah Anadon & No. 19 Dominic Moss tangled trying to avoid the spinning Krueger. The race was subsequently stopped to clean up the incident scene. When the green flag flew on the restart, Johnson was flanked by Dillyn Kellogg and Johnson once again got out to a big lead while Kellogg was in a fierce battle with Mike Markison & Harlow. JJ Sanders was on the move from the back and up to 5th by the halfway mark.

The field was once again slowed when the No. 34 Patty Sylvester spun in Turn 4. On the restart, Johnson got away once again and allowed Markison to get side by side with Kellogg and ultimately get by him in turn 3 to take second place. However, a couple laps later, Markison began getting loose coming out of Turn 4 and that allowed Kellogg to dive to the inside and take back second place; bringing Harlow & Sanders with him on the inside and dropping Markison back to fourth. With just a handful of laps remaining, Johnson - who had a sizable lead - got loose in turn 4 and ultimately allowed both Kellogg & Sanders to close in. On Lap 20, Kellogg was able to take the lead from Johnson which earned him a huge cheer from the crowd. Johnson & Sanders began battling for second and contact was made down the backstretch; sending Johnson around and the yellow flag was thrown setting up a two-lap shootout. Looking like a veteran racer, Kellogg was able to fend off Harlow on the final restart and grab his first ever Legend Car feature win.

Quick Time: No. 22, Chris Eggleston 18.401

FAST Feature: No. 22, Chris Eggleston

Fast Dash: No. 22, Chris Eggleston

Feature: No. 33, Dillyn Kellogg

Dash: No. 29, David Johnson

Puzzle Effect Denver Bandoleros

Bandolero Outlaw

Dash – 10 Laps

No. 68 Wyatt Dent flew around No. 21 Madilyn Lange to take the lead on lap 1 with No. 38 Javon Barnard able to get alongside Lange for second and began chasing down Dent for the lead but ran out of laps, as Dent picked up the Dash win.

Feature – 15 Laps

No. 68 Dent once again muscled his way to the lead early over No. 08 Tanner McKim. Javon Barnard battled with McKim for second and took the position by lap 3. The field then began to spread out and with a couple laps remaining McKim spun down the front stretch and No. 89 Justin Barnard spun to avoid. Both cars were able to get back going and Dent flew under the checkered flag to capture the feature win.

Feature: No. 68 Wyatt Dent

Dash: No. 68 Wyatt Dent

Puzzle Effect Denver

Bandolero Bandit

Dash – 10 Laps

No. 12 Aspyn Lange & No. 5 Reagan Fruge battled for the lead after an early yellow came out for No. 07 Madison Stanley. Fruge ultimately got around Lange for the lead while both cars dodged slower cars in front of them. Fruge held down the top spot to win the dash.

Feature – 15 Laps

No. 5 Fruge led the charge with No. 44 Emersyn Weitzel who started on the front row dropped back and allowed Lange to get to second. Lange and Fruge made slight contact for the lead and were side by side when both drivers had to take evasive action and split slower running cars. Fruge was able to prevail and lead the way to his 2nd victory this season.

Feature: No. 5 Reagan Fruge

Dash: No. 5 Reagan Fruge


The No. 01 Dukes of Hazard & No. 151 Crazy Train started on the front row; however it didn’t take long for No. 80HD SNAFU to get to second place. No. 86 Last Call made a daring 3-wide move heading into turn 1 which pushed the Dukes of Hazard wide into the wall. Crazy Train continued to lead as the X action started to heat up with a couple of near misses in the intersection. SNAFU was unable to close in on Crazy Train as they took the train victory.

Crazy Trains Colorado National Speedway

Feature: 151 Crazy Train

Demo X Action

Demo X Lite - 28 Joe Prante

Demo X Heavy - 82 Ty Cowell


Pro Trucks - 30 Laps

  1. 7 Adam Deines - Longmont

  2. 16 Travis Roe - Thornton

  3. 3C Cassidy Hinds - Arvada

  4. 43 Kody Vanderwal - LaSalle

  5. 22 Brian Yackey - Greeley

  6. 33 Tyler Davis - Thornton

  7. 50 Tyler Wiggans - CO Springs

  8. 85 Jeff Walbaum - Brighton

  9. 9 Curtis Heldenbrand - Firestone

  10. 28 Brian Weinmaster - Brighton

  11. 88S Brad Skufca (R) - Greeley

  12. 71 Tim Duvall - Denver

  13. 11 Steve Johnson - Loveland

  14. 90 Chasen Groff - Denver

  15. 4 Chris Jordan (R) - Mead

  16. 08 Krystal Faulkingham - Westminster

Legend FAST - 25 Laps

  1. 22 Chris Eggleston - Erie

  2. 21 Ryan Jones - Arvada

  3. 78C Colton Crocker - Brighton

  4. 74 Trayc Walker-Scott (R) - Parker

  5. 11s Tanner Scarberry - Denver

  6. 15 Danny Medina - CO Springs

  7. 03 Darrell L. Stewart - Arvada

  8. 57 Jarret Scarberry (R) - Denver

  9. 4 Dillon Foster - Arvada

  10. 45 Cole Tuttle

  11. 88F Cade Fox (R) - Wellington

  12. 98H Samuel Haugen (R) - Centennial

  13. 68 Wyatt Dent (R) - Brighton

  14. 38 Garrett Wilson - Platteville

  15. 12 Bryanna Bruce - Wheatland, WY

  16. 56 Nick Gunther - CO Springs

Legend - 25 Laps

  1. 33 Dillyn Kellogg (R) - Denver

  2. 27 Brian Harlow - CO Springs

  3. 48 Preston Nakayama - Loveland

  4. 17 Jeremy Krueger (R) - Arvada

  5. 73 Mike Markison (R) - Fort Collins

  6. 9 Terry McBride - Edgewater

  7. 97 Bill Blevins - Arvada

  8. 95 Jessilyn Dike - Westminster

  9. 8 Jason Schmerse

  10. 78 Ashlyn Himler - Erie

  11. 29 David Johnson - Denver

  12. 34 Patty Sylvester (R) - Greeley

  13. 18 JJ Sanders - Aurora

  14. 35 Andrew Lee (R) - Fountain

  15. 19 Dominic Moss (R) - Arvada

  16. 28 Elijah Anadon (R) - CO Springs DNS 26 David Anadon - CO Springs

Bandolero Outlaw - 15 Laps

  1. 68 Wyatt Dent - Brighton

  2. 38 Javon Barnard - Northglenn

  3. 21 Madilyn Lange - Wheatland, WY

  4. 61 Lilly Tuttle - Denver

  5. 08 Tanner McKim - Berthoud

  6. 89 Justin Barnard - Northglenn

Bandolero Bandit - 15 Laps

  1. 5 Reagan Fruge

  2. 12 Aspyn Lange - Wheatland, WY

  3. 23 Peyton Opperman - Littleton

  4. 95J Jaxson Muhler - Brighton

  5. 88 Austin Steinke - Severance

  6. 44 Emersyn Weitzel

  7. 98 Kyleigh Novak - Brighton

  8. 29 Nora Smith - Littleton

  9. 07 Madison Stanley - Thornton

Trains - 8 Laps

  1. 151 Crazy Train - Commerce City

  2. 80HD SNAFU - Hudson

  3. 41G J&H Livestock's Funny Farm

  4. 3 Anger Management - Henderson

  5. 86 Last Call - Commerce City

  6. 01 Dukes of Hazard - Hudson


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