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On Saturday, July 10th Late Model 08 was Disqualified after failing to appear in tech following a 3rd place finish in the Feature Race. Late Model 08 subsequently filed a timely appeal. The resulting investigation revealed significant confusion in the finishing order due to a late-race black flag, a second / separate disqualification in Tech, and the 08’s number not appearing on the white board in turn 2 at the completion of the Feature.

Pursuant to the Post Race Policy in the General Rules (see page 11), the Top 3 finishers must always report to tech post-race. After discussion, the 08 has conceded that the Rule supersedes the numbers listed on the Turn 2 white board, and has subsequently withdrawn his appeal and will accept the disqualification as issued. The Late Model points will be adjusted accordingly as soon as possible. The General Rules will be modified to reflect that the top 5 will be required to visit tech beginning on Saturday, July 24th, 2021.


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