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Messerli Takes Battle of the Fenders III

Dacono, Colorado (Nov. 16, 2019) – The much-anticipated Fenders 300 was a gathering of racers from all aspects of the sport. Drivers, crew members and fans traveled from Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and parts unknown to Colorado National Speedway for the now annual event.

The third annual event got underway under on a Chamber of Commerce perfect sunny November day. Bright blue skies with mild temperatures as the field lined up on the track three wide. Super Stocks, Pure Stocks, Hornets, IMCA Dirt Stock Cars, IMCA Dirt Hobby Stocks, Farm Trucks, and a couple of who knows what cars, 51 in total, all took the green for 300 laps. Three wide racing was the rule most of the day rather than an exception. A couple of crashes stopped the action, but fortunately no one was injured. A few bent cars (Repairable) and a couple of bruised egos.

Lee Kemmit’s Number 90 moved to the lead, with Tommy Roe subbing for an ailing Kemmit. Sam Messerli was running in second, 3 laps down, when the Gremlins struck forcing the 90 car to retire from the event. Messerli completed the 300-lap event including a mid-race break in 2 hours 22 minutes. After the 300 laps five seconds behind in second place was the pure stock of Michael Gallo, one second later Bobby Durand came across the line in third place driving an IMCA Dirt Stock Car.

The now, annual event, was a success with everyone happy and having fun, it took quite a while to clear the pits as the partying was on going for most of the participants. A few had a damaged race car to load but over all nothing that could not be fixed.

A Hugh thanks to all the sponsors that contributed to the purse and products that helped make this a fun event for all. Not to be forgotten would be the CNS staff and Team Hilton for putting the event together. Plans are underway for making the event bigger and better for next November. Save the Date.

Story and images by Joe Starr


Battle of the Fenders 300:

1) #99s Sam Messerli

2) #23G Michael Gallo

3) #222 Bobby Durand

4) #3.2 Robert Davey

5) #22 James Hill

6) #E39 Chad Mann

7) #90D Curtis Heldenbrand

8) #00 Jake Fitzgerald

9) #11 Timothy Bland

10) #X4 Jeff Meeker

11) #05 Nick Cooper

12) #62 Gary Cagle

13) #2 Nicholas Hodson

14) #99Jr Ryan Raley

15) #7 Dave Robinson

16) #06 Jeff Dempewolf

17) #02 Mike Steward

18) #01 Jesse Fornstrom

19) #7H Mahkrysta Hilton

20) #6 Terrence Gass

21) #8 Ryan McFadden

22) #15 Sean Frank

23) #13x ??

24) #90 Lee Kemmit

25) #69 James Bushnell

26) #13X Sean Drieth

27) #32 Brett Yackey

28) #8J Joseph Alverado

29) #17 ??

30) #15R ??

31) #41 Monte Hein

32) #4 Brian Galvin Jr

33) #21 Brook Jackson

35) #18c Ryan Moser

36) #13 Brandon White

37) #707 Amanda Markowitz

38) #24 Lanny Bolton

39) #23 Brent Cave

40) #3 Will Alvarado

42) #94 Trent Phillips

44) #41G Chris Galvin

45) #33 Alex Krivocheev

46) #111 Mike Mathiesen

47) #58 Chris Davis

48) #5 Mitch Bolton

49) #12 ??

51) #51E Dustin Camp


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