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Peltier Uses The High Groove to Win on Law Enforcement Appreciation Night

(06-24-2017 – Dacono CO) Preston Peltier picked up his first Colorado National Speedway Super Late Model feature win of the season on Law Enforcement Appreciation Night in commanding fashion taking the checkered flag a few car lengths ahead of points leader Darren Robertson. In the Grand American Modifieds Eddie Vecchiarelli Jr. won the race by coming from the rear of the field to make a late race pass on Aaron Paulsen from Pueblo. Chris Cox took his fourth Super Stock feature of the season and Jared “Wally” Wall and Terri Pugilese grabbed another Trains feature.

Gillett Vet Clinic Super Late Models

North Carolina’s Preston Peltier started on the pole for the 40 lap Gillett Vet Clinic Super Late Model feature event with #08 Jace Hansen along side. Hansen was able to hang with Preston on the top side and the two cars were putting on a great show for the fans racing side-by-side. After a caution flag for the spinning car of #14 Ortiz the field lined up for the double-file restart and Peltier chose the outside lane. This move proved to be wise as Hansen’s car didn’t work as well down low and Peltier was able to takeover the top spot all alone.

#48 Preston Peltier battles #08 Jace Hansen early in the race (Starr photo)

Jace had done a great job pressuring for the lead but used up his tires and #11 Darren Robertson was able to sneak by for the 2nd spot. Darren did make up some ground on the leader yet was never able to make a move for the lead as Peltier took home the well-earned win.

Turn two seemed to be the place for action during the entire evening and in the Super Lates it was #84 Matt Zwingleberg launching up and over Tucson Arizona’s Brandon Farrington in the #25f car in a shower of sparks when the field bunched up in the apex of the corner. Both driver’s were able to continue in the race after suffering only minor damage in the incident.

#84 Matt Zwingleberg launches up and over 25f Brandon Farrington (Starr photo)

As the race wore on the field began to spread out a bit with Peltier in complete command out front. Robertson came within a couple car lengths of the leader but it was too little too late for the #11 car as he settled for second place. With Preston’s win there have now been five different winners in just seven Super Late Model feature events this season. Jace Hansen cruised to a 3rd place finish with #58 Kyle Ray in 4th and #12 Bruce Yackey in 5th.

Preston Peltier celebrates his Super Late Model win (Starr photo)

The Super Late Models return to action on Sunday July 2nd.

FEATURE: #48 Preston Peltier FAST DASH: #11 Darren Robertson DASH: #12 Bruce Yackey QUICK TIME: #9 Justin Simonson 16.425

SUNOCO Race Fuels Grand American Modifieds

There was an ominous start to the SUNOCO Fuels Grand American Modified portion of the evening when in the fast dash #66 John Seely went up and over #13 Darin Clark in turn 2. Seely’s car slammed the pit entrance wall extremely hard directly on the driver’s side of the vehicle. There was a long delay as emergency workers tended to Seely who was knocked unconscious in the car. John suffered a broken leg in the crash but thankfully the safer-barrier did it’s job and John wasn’t seriously hurt. However his night was done.

#66 John Seely goes up and over the #13 car of Darin Clark (Starr photo)

Seely’s car as it heads toward the safer-barrier in turn two (Starr photo)

In the feature event both Eddie Vecchiarelli and Ed Vecchiarelli Sr. started in the back of the field which added to the excitement as the two driver’s were trying to work their way through the field. Up front #84 Aaron Paulsen from Pueblo was in complete control of the race with 57b Brady Balderston and #44 Justin Case several car lengths back.

Aaron Paulsen commaded the early part of the race (Starr photo)

The race went green from start to finish and it appeared that Paulsen might grab his first CNS GAM win but in the closing stages of the race Eddie Vecchiarelli reeled in the leader and was able to make the pass for the win, his 3rd of the season. Paulsen hung on for an impressive 2nd place finish with Case in 3rd. Balderston finished 4th and 44s Clint Schubert was the final car in the top five.

Eddie Vecchiarelli celebrates another feature win (Starr photo)

The Grand American Modifieds return to action on Saturday July 15th.

FEATURE: #48 Eddie Vecchiarelli FAST DASH: #​48 Eddie Vecchiarelli DASH: #8 Dan Alamaa QUICK TIME: #18 Ed Vecchiarelli 17.170

Great Scott’s Eatery Super Stocks

There have been four Great Scott’s Eatery Super Stock feature events run in 2017 and Chris Cox in the #49 Ford has won them all. This last win required Chris to come from his 5th place starting spot and track down #99 Nic Brinlee who had a large lead on the field. Once Chris caught Brinlee he motored right on past yet Brinlee fought back and regained the lead. The two cars traded spots yet again in the closing stages of the race. Cox led when it mattered most at the drop of the checkered flag. Brinlee finished second but was subsequently disqualified in tech. Behind Brinlee were #3 Michael Cox, #06 Jeff Dempewolf, 82e James Larsen and the #02 of Darrel Smith.

UPDATE: Brinlee’s DQ was appealed and overturned. He therefore did finish in 2nd place.

Chris Cox celebrates his feature win (Starr photo)

The Super Stocks return to action on Sunday July 2nd.

FEATURE: #49 Chris Cox FAST DASH: #3 Michael Cox DASH: 24x Aaron Masters QUICK TIME: #99 Nic Brinlee 19.868

Witthar Racing Trains

Nine Witthar Racing Trains started the feature event which is the most Trains at CNS in many, many years. Obviously with that many Trains on the track at the same time it makes for a highly entertaining event. Jared Wall and brakeman Terri Pugilese started the race nearly a half lap down. Whether on purpose or by accident it made for a fun race as the “Last Call” Train blazed a path through the sparks, smoke, and destruction on their way to the front of the field. Wally and Terri have now captured three of the four Train features this year.

Brakeman Terri Pugilese and Jared “Wally” Wall in winner’s circle (Starr photo)

FEATURE: #86 Last Call Train

Race Rental Modifieds

FEATURE: #34 Gary Fedie QUICK TIME: #34 Gary Fedie 22.190


Super Late Models Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 48 Preston Peltier 2. 11 Darren Robertson Westminster 3. 08 Jace Hansen Broomfield 4. 58 Kyle Ray Littleton 5. 12 Bruce Yackey Greeley 6. 2W AJ Warren (R) Mead 7. 42 Mark Neff Westminster 8. 84 Matt Zwingleberg Parker 9. 82 Michael Scott (R) Cheyenne 10. 25 Brandon Farrington Tuscon 11. 22X Mark Jones Denver 12. 32 Brett Yackey Greeley 13. 14A Alejandro Ortiz (R) Denver 14. 6 Dominic Ursetta Arvada 15. 9 Justin Simonson Wheatridge 16. 2 Royal Scott (R) Platteville

Super Stocks Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 49 Chris Cox Lochbuie 2. 3 Michael Cox Englewood 3. 06 Jeffrey Dempewolf Hudson 4. 82E James Larsen Pueblo 5. 02 Darrell Smith Littleton 6. 19 Shelby Cortese Thornton 7. 21R Robert Hoard (R) Cheyenne 8. 24x Aaron Masters 9. 5 Glen Poston Thornton 10. 21 Christopher Nelson Arvada 11. 31 Michael Mathiesen Dacono 12. 60 Jonathan Lindberg 13. 45 Rebecca Simpson Colo Springs 14. 77 Bryan McKeever* Penrose 15. 32 Cody Milan (R) Ft. Collins 16. 55 Damian Lockhart Arvada 17. 1 Makayla Grote Greeley 18. 51 Jax Hughes Lakewood 19. 86 Tim Coate Littleton DNS 99S Sam Messerli Thornton DQ 99 Nicholas Brinlee Broomfield

Grand American Modifieds Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 48 Eddie Vecchiarelli Brighton 2. 84 Aaron Paulsen Pueblo West 3. 44 Justin Case Brighton 4. 57B Brady Balderston Parker 5. 44s Clint Schubert Calhan 6. 18 Ed Vecchiarelli Brighton 7. 8 Dan Alamaa* CO Springs 8. 59 Charlie Wilson Primrose 9. 51 Joe Mares Jr Henderson 10. 99 Kyle Rayburn* Pueblo West 11. 13 Darin Clark Cheyenne 12. 25 Dan Jagoditsh Cheyenne 13. 85 Donald Cole (R) Dacono

Trains Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 86 Last Call Jared and Terri 2. 13 Crazy Train Taylor and Stephanie 3. 1 Robert Davey Dave S 4. 26 Slam Trak Fri and RyRy 5. 7 Cole Train Nate Cole and Brent Cave 6. 5 Hearse Train Alex and Alegra 7. 311 Bipolar Express Cassie and Glenna 8. 8 Anger Management Kelly and Nic 9. 01 Lonnie Watkins Richard Villers

Race Rental Modifieds Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 34 Gary Fedie 2. 5 Rich Barwinski 3. 21 Scott Nuttall 4. 4 Jake Nuttall 5. 92 Pat Sabo 6. 1 Mike Sabo 7. 88 Trent Dedic 8. 12 Loren Behm 9. 11 Dale Scoles DNS 10 Chad Willett


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