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Rain Shortens Elite Diesel Service Figure 8 Freak Out

July 23rd, 2022
A torrential downpour put a premature halt to what was otherwise a fantastic night of racing at Colorado National Speedway on Saturday, July 23rd. Racers across all divisions put on a show for the Dash and Fast Dash races, but unfortunately, only the Pueblo Bank & Trust Super Stock division was able to start their feature race. The Super Modifieds, Elite Diesel Service Figure 8s, and Mountain States Fire Protection Super Late Models got out on track for their dash races, but their feature events were rained out.

Pueblo Bank & Trust Super Stocks
Feature – 25 Laps
The No. 4 of Chris Jordan and the No. 60 of Jonathan Lindberg led the field of 25 Super Stocks to green. Jordan guided the No. 4 race car out in front early and checked out with the race lead, while Lindberg’s No. 60 did his best to cut the distance. The No. 49 of Chris Cox began to work his way through the field, and halfway through the race, Cox got around Lindberg to take second place. Jordan’s lead vanished when a caution waved for the No. 7 of David Robinson spewed fluid on the front stretch. Once it was cleaned off, Jordan’s No. 4 and Cox’s No. 49 showed the way on the restart. Jordan fought valiantly to keep Cox in his rearview mirror, never lifting. However, Cox found a way around Jordan and assumed the race lead with nine laps left on the board.
A large pileup involving four cars unfolded in Turns 1 and 2 with eight laps left, prompting a red flag with Cox’s No. 49 scored as the leader. By this point, the skies had opened, drenching the speedway with rainwater. The Super Stock race was rained out and deemed complete, granting the win to Cox in the No. 49 machine.

Feature: No. 49, Chris Cox

Dash: No. 11W, Scott Long
Fast Dash: No. 49, Chris Cox
Quick Time: No. 49, Chris Cox 19.411

Mountain States Fire Protection Super Late Models
Feature: N/A - RAINED OUT
Fast Dash: No. 75, Darren Robertson
Dash: No. 32, Brett Yackey
Quick Time: No. 22, Chris Eggleston 15.767

Super Modifieds
Feature: N/A - RAINED OUT
Dash: No. 2, Richard Caster
Quick Time: No. 6G, Bryan Gossel 13.939

Elite Diesel Service Figure 8s
Feature: N/A - RAINED OUT
Fast Dash: No. 17, Harry Livermore Jr
Dash: No. 51, Chad Sutherland


Super Stocks - 25 Laps

  1. 49 Chris Cox - Keenesburg

  2. 4 Chris Jordan - Mead

  3. 90 Alex Rodriguez - Phoenix, AZ

  4. 9 Brent Cave - Brighton

  5. 99 Sam Messerli - Thornton

  6. 11W Scott Long - Lymon, NE

  7. 1NE Troy Witthar - Arvada

  8. 86 Tim Coate - Highlands Ranch

  9. 4G Brian Galvin Jr (R) - Byers

  10. OH6 Mahkrysta Hilton - Brighton

  11. 21 Chris Nelson - Arvada

  12. 6 Ben Hendricks (R) - Cheyenne

  13. 88 Jacob Poole (R) - Evans

  14. 41G Christopher Galvin - Byers

  15. 53 David Noah - Lakewood

  16. 55 Damian Lockhart - Hudson

  17. 60 Jonathan Lindberg - Fort Lupton

  18. 97 Kyle Stidham (R) - Brighton

  19. 15 Brendon Knowles

  20. 21R Robert Hoard - Cheyenne

  21. 7 David Robinson - Johnstown

  22. 99JR Ryan Raley Jr

  23. 23 Jordan Abeyta - Denver

  24. 13B Brandon Claiborn


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