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Supermodifieds Thrill Fans & Robertson Takes his 2nd Super Late Model Win of 2017

The Supermodifieds returned to action at CNS (Starr photo)

(05-06-2017 Dacono, CO) After a week off due to a spring snowstorm Colorado National Speedway returned to action for the Mountain View Fire Rescue Night. Also returning was the blazing fast Supermodifieds where Kyle Ray held off a charging Ricky Otts to take the thrilling win. The Super Late Models ran an extended 50 lap feature event which was won by Darren Robertson who held off a strong charge from Jace Hansen and Preston Peltier from North Carolina. Randy Whitman took home the win in the Mod Coupe division and Wally Wall and Terry Pugliese won a wild Train main event to close out the night.

Gillet Vet Clinic Super Late Models You would be hard-pressed to find a stronger group of drivers and cars than the Gillet Vet Super Late Models that thrill fans at CNS week in and week out. The Mountain View Fire Rescue Night was no exception as 19 cars lined up for the feature event which was extended to 50 laps from the 40 lap standard.

Super Late Models prepare for a 50 lap feature event (Starr photo)

#11 Darren Robertson and #82 Michael Scott started on the front row with Robertson gaining the advantage at the drop of the green. Matt Zwingleberg in the #84, #08 Jace Hansen and #6 Dominic Ursetta slipped passed Scott and started to battle for the lead through lap 5.

Robertson, Zwingleberg, Ursetta, and Hansen battle for the lead in the Super Late Model feature (Starr photo)

At the 10 lap mark #12 Bruce Yackey got into the rear of #58 Kyle Ray sending him spinning in turn 4 and causing a huge melee as cars tried to avoid making contact. Both Yackey and Ray would be sent to the rear for the restart.

North Carolina’s Preston Peltier was in the Vecchearelli #48 car and had charged up to 3rd place. Preston appeared to be the fastest car on the track but was not able to get around Hansen in 2nd. Earlier in the night Peltier had set quick time and won the fast dash so he was looking for for the clean sweep. In the final 10 laps both Hansen and Peltier leaned hard on Robertson but Darren remained calm, never once bobbling or getting stuck behind lapped traffic. Robertson’s smooth driving style paid big dividends as he went on to take the checkered flag, his second of the season. Hansen held off Peltier for 2nd and #9 Justin Simonson was 4th, Ursetta settled for 5th place.

The Super Late Models return to action Saturday May 13th for the Candlewood Suites Mother’s Day Madness event at Colorado National Speedway.

FEATURE: #11 Darren Robertson FAST DASH: #48 Preston Peltier DASH: 34k Kody Vanderwal QUICK TIME: #48 Preston Peltier 16.377

CNS Supermodifieds It had been almost an entire year since the Supermodifieds had made an appearance at CNS so the excitement was in the air as the alcohol breathing, ultra high horse power, open wheel machines were back! The Supermodifieds are the fastest division that run at CNS and they never fail to to thrill the fans with their raw speed and power. Not only were the fans excited to have the Supermods back but the drivers were chomping at the bit to once again tackle the 3/8ths paved oval of CNS. Nine Supermods lined up for their 25 lap feature event with #40 Harry Stone and #34 Randy Whitman pacing the field to the wave of the green flag.

#58 Kyle Ray passes #34 Randy Whitman to take the lead in the feature event (Starr photo)

Whitman led lap one but the bright orange #58 of Kyle Ray who started all the way back in 7th position blasted through the field and took the lead on lap two. Ray who set quick time with a wicked fast 14.864 set sail and built a large lead on the field. It looked as if Ray would would go unchallenged to the finsih but fast dash winner Ricky Otts in the #13 car was slowly reeling in the leader.

With the laps winding down quickly Otts pulled up on on Ray’s nerf bar and started looking for a way to make the pass. Ray was really fast coming out of the corners and Otts was really fast going into the corners which made for an exciting battle for position. Otts did all he could to win the race but began to get loose coming out of turn two which allowed Ray to stretch his lead by a few car lengths at the finish. #15 Josh Lewis ran strong and finished a solid 3rd place behind Ray and Otts.

Kyle Ray in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

Morale seemed to be high the pits as the drivers and team stated they hadn’t had so much fun racing in a long time. The Supermodifieds return to action Saturday July 15th.

FEATURE: #58 Kyle Ray FAST DASH: #13 Ricky Otts DASH: #40 Harry Stone QUICK TIME: #58 Kyle Ray 14.864

Galitz Transportation Mod Coupes Just seven Galitz Transportation Mod Coupes took the green flag for their 25 lap feature event but the that didn’t mean it would be a dull race. Last year’s champion #34 Randy Whitman and #5 Jason Bunt raced side by side for the first 5 laps each taking turns poking their nose out front. Whitman was running up top and Bunt was down low neither driver was giving an inch. At the 10 lap mark #0 Ron O’Neil pulled up behind the leaders making a 3 car battle for the win.

#5 Jason Bunt #34 Randy Whitman and #3 Ron O’Neil battle in the Mod Coupe main event (Starr photo)

Bunt and O’Neil gave Whitman a run for his money but in doing so heated their tires and began to fall off the pace. When the checkered flag flew Whitman had one the race by a full straightaway over Bunt and O’Neil who finished in 2nd and 3rd. Former champ Gary Land in the #55 returned to the Coupe division and finished 4th with #48 Michael Cox rounding out the top 5.

Randy Whitman celebrates in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

The Mod Coupes return to action Saturday May 20th.

FEATURE: #34 Randy Whitman DASH: #90 Frank Denning III QUICK TIME: #3 Ron O’Neil 16.566

Witthar Racing Trains The Trains division is growing! 8 Witthar Racing Trains checked into the pits for the Mountain View Fire Rescue Night and more will be ready soon. The added Trains made for a highly entertaining feature event that was dominated by the “LAST CALL” Train piloted by Wally Wall and Terry Pugliese who navigated through the carnage to take the win. The Trains will be back in action Saturday May 20th.

Action from the Trains race at CNS (Starr photo)

FEATURE: #86 Last Call Train (Wally Wall and Terry Pugliese)

The LAST CALL Train in winner’s circle (Starr photo)


Super Late Models Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 11 Darren Robertson Westminster 2. 08 Jace Hansen Broomfield 3. 48 Preston Peltier 4. 9 Justin Simonson Wheatridge 5. 6 Dominic Ursetta Arvada 6. 32 Brett Yackey Greeley 7. 12 Bruce Yackey Greeley 8. 91 Chris Atkinson Cheyenne 9. 27 Roger Avants Littleton 10. 82 Michael Scott (R) Cheyenne 11. 28 Dan Alamaa Colorado Springs 12. 22X Mark Jones Denver 13. 19D Robert Davey Erie 14. 25 Monty Skinner Black Hawk 15. 34K Kody Vanderwal (R) LaSalle 16. 14A Alejandro Ortiz (R) Denver 17. 80 Ray Daniels Monument 18. 84 Matt Zwingleberg Parker 19. 58 Kyle Ray Littleton

Supermodifieds Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 58 Kyle Ray* Littleton 2. 13 Ricky Otts* New Caney TX 3. 15 Josh Lewis* Aurora 4. 1j Luke Johnson Bennett 5. 34 Randy Whitman* Ft. Collins 6. 33 Chris Sheil 7. 78 Darren Crocker Brighton 8. 40 Harry Stone 9. 4 Rick Losh

Mod Coupes Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 34 Randy Whitman Ft Collins 2. 5 Jason Bunt* Littleton 3. 3 Ron O’Neil Colorado Springs 4. 55 Gary Land 5. 48 Michael Cox Englewood 6. 20 David Schmidt Westminster 7. 90 Frank Denning III Golden

Trains Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 86 Last Call 2. 13 Crazy Train 3. 7 Cole Train * 4. 69 Wicked Twisted 5. 8 Anger Management Kelly and Nic 6. 311 Bipolar Express 7. 5 Hearse Train * DNS. 26 Slam Trak


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