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CNS Delivers For Sonoco Race Fuels High Octane Action Night

May 7th, 2022
When the wind blew in, the temperature at Colorado National Speedway dropped about 20 degrees within a few short minutes, but it did little to cool off all the on-track excitement at the Sunoco Race Fuels High Octane Action on Saturday, May 7th.

Matco Tools Pro Trucks

The Pro Truck division always puts on a good show, and this last Saturday was no exception. Just three laps into the 30-lap feature event, the field was slowed to a caution by a single-truck spin in Turn 2. Once things got started, the No. 22 of Brian Yackey assumed the point, with a handful of trucks hot on his tail. While Yackey’s No. 22 truck stretched out the lead, the battle for second place heated up. The No. 50 of Tyler Wiggans and the No. 34 of Rudy Vanderwal traded position for a few laps, each vying for the second spot on the leaderboard. Rudy Vanderwal’s No. 34 eventually got around for second place as the No. 43 of Kody Vanderwal and the No. 9 of Curtis Heldenbrand made it a four-truck battle for position.

Eventually, the No. 34 and the No. 9 broke away for the second position, chasing down the No. 22 of Yackey as he maintained a healthy lead. Then, with just five laps left on the board, the No. 71 of Timothy Duvall, who showed strength in the Dash race earlier in the night, spun in Turn 2, forcing another caution flag. On the restart, Yackey’s No. 22 and Rudy Vanderwal’s No. 34 went at it for the race lead, but a minor two-truck incident involving contact between two trucks once again stalled the field. When the green flag was waved, it was a five-lap shootout to the end of the race. The No. 34 of Rudy Vanderwal looked to the outside to make the pass on Yackey’s No. 22, but at the end of the race, he just couldn’t make it stick, and Yackey ended up in Victory Lane.

Feature: 22 Brian Yackey

Fast Dash: 50 Tyler Wiggans
Dash: 5W Troy Witthar
Quick Time: 7 Adam Deines 16.765

Super Modifieds
The high-winged, blisteringly fast Super Modifieds are always a sight to behold at CNS. Trouble found the leader in the Dash race, as the No. 13 of Brian Otts showed the way, but halfway through the 10-lap race, he experienced a mechanical failure and was forced to retire, handing the win to the No. 8 of Jorden Decenick. Then, in the Fast Dash, fate once again claimed the leader, as the No. 3 of Ricky Otts lost an engine diving into Turn 1 just two laps in. After a lengthy oil cleanup, the No. 95 of Cris Muhler went on to win.

Otts’ No. 13 was able to be fixed and joined the field once more for the 20-lap feature event. He once again showed just what his race car was capable of and easily assumed the lead while the No. 34 of Randy Whitman and the No. 6G of Bryan Gossel vied for second place behind him. After a quick caution to address a slow car, the race resumed with 14 laps left, and Otts’ No. 13 rocketed to the front again while the No. 6G of Gossel and No. 34 of Whitman resumed their battle for second. However, the No. 8 of Decenick found a gap and slid past the No. 34 for third.

A late-race caution slowed the race with five laps left. Otts’ No. 13 shot to the front of the field again, but found trouble as he had to check up to avoid incident and lost momentum, handing the lead to the No. 8 of Decenick. Otts gathered it up and went after the race lead again as the laps wound down. Ultimately, Decenick’s No. 8 crossed the line in first, winning the feature event.
Feature: 8 Jorden Decenick
Fast Dash: 95 Cris Muhler
Dash: 8 Jorden Decenick
Quicktime: 6G Bryan Gossel 14.316

AC Transmission and Total Car Care Legends
The No. 29 Legend car of David Johnson shot to the lead when the green flag waved over the division’s first 20-lap feature race, but he quickly found himself under fire from JJ Sanders’ No. 18. The No. 18 machine cut into the No. 29’s lead steadily as the laps ticked by. The leaders caught up to lapped cars, putting Johnson’s No. 29 in danger of Sanders’ No. 18’s charge to the front, but once they were clear, the No. 29 easily took off once more. In the last few laps of the race, a single car spun, forcing a caution. Once the race restarted, Johnson’s No. 29 leaped out front again, but the No. 34 of Zach Mullins assumed second place and out after the race lead. On the last lap, The No. 34 of Mullins dove deep into Turn 2 and got beneath Johnson’s No. 29. The two made contact, and Johnson spun in Turn 2 as a caution was thrown. Despite the incident, Johnson in the No. 29 was credited with the win.
Fast Feature
The drama continued into the second Legend feature race – the field didn’t even make it a lap before a single car spun out in Turn 3, prompting a restart. The No. 66 of Kyle Clegg jumped out front for the race lead, with the No. 37 of Tanner Scarberry hot on his heels. However, Scarberry’s No. 37 was overtaken by the No. 22 of Chris Eggleston and Ryan Jones’ No. 21 after another restart just three laps into the event, while the No. 66 of Clegg got away with the race lead. The No. 21 went after the No. 66 for the race lead. As the laps ticked by, a four-car breakaway separated from the rest of the pack with Clegg’s No. 66 out front, followed by Jones in the No. 21 and the No. 15 of Danny Medina. After a restart, the Medina’s No. 15 really had the chance to show some muscle and shot after the leaders, eventually executing the pass for the race lead Medina’s No. 15 pulled away with the win while the pack slammed doors behind him, earning his first feature victory of the 2022 season.

Fast Feature: 15 Danny Medina

Feature: 29 David Johnson
Fast Dash: 66 Kyle Clegg
Dash: 75 Austin Hackenberg
Quicktime: 66 Kyle Clegg 18.517

Puzzle Effects Denver Bandoleros
The Bandoleros division at CNS is a great way for young racers to gain experience on a real asphalt oval, and fans were treated to a series of short races in the track’s youngest division, featuring 8 – 14-year-old drivers. The No. 5 of Reagan Fruge held off a charge from the second-place car on the last lap to take home the Bandit feature victory of the night. The Outlaw feature saw the No. 33 of Dillyn Kellogg lead flag-to-flag, getting his first win of 2022 and proving to the racing community that he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Bandit Feature: 5 Reagen Fruge

Outlaw Feature: 33 Dillyn Kellogg
Bandit Fast Dash: 68 Wyatt Dent
Bandit Dash: 89 Justin Barnard
Outlaw Dash: 33 Dillyn Kellogg


Pro Trucks
  1. 22 Brian Yackey - Greeley

  2. 34 Rudy Vanderwal - LaSalle

  3. 43 Kody Vanderwal - LaSalle

  4. 9 Curtis Heldenbrand - Westminster

  5. 7 Adam Deines - Longmont

  6. 33 Tyler Davis - Thornton

  7. 85 Jeff Walbaum - Brighton

  8. 66G Nathan Gasser - Fort Lupton

  9. 11 Steve Johnson - Loveland

  10. 90 Chasen Groff (R) - Denver

  11. 65 George Green - Firestone

  12. 88 Paul Himler (R) - Erie

  13. 50 Tyler Wiggans - Peyton

  14. 71 Timothy Duvall - Denver

  15. 28 Brian Weinmaster - Brighton

  16. 5W Troy Witthar - Arvada

Legend Feature
  1. 29 David Johnson - Denver

  2. 34 Zach Mullins (R) - Greeley

  3. 18 JJ Sanders - Aurora

  4. 27 Brian Harlow (R) - CO Springs

  5. 56 Nicholas Gunther (R) - CO Springs

  6. 95 Jessilyn Dike - Westminster

  7. 97 Bill Blevins - Arvada

  8. 3H Brandon Hall (R) - Denver

  9. 26 David Anadon (R) - CO Springs

  10. 9M Terry McBride - Edgewater

  11. 78 Ashlyn Himler - Erie DNS 2 Adam Romero - Denver DNS 33 Dillyn Kellogg (R) - Denver DNS 23 Javon Barnard (R) - Wheat Ridge DNS 6 Scotty Scott - Arvada

Legend FAST Feature
  1. 15 Danny Medina - CO Springs

  2. 21 Ryan Jones - Arvada

  3. 22 Chris Eggleston - Thornton

  4. 50 Tyler Wiggans - CO Springs

  5. 66 Kyle Clegg - Westminster

  6. 37 Tanner Scarberry - Denver

  7. 03 Darrell L Stewart - Arvada

  8. 44 Alfred Matthews - Arvada

  9. 78C Colton Crocker - Brighton

  10. 14 Jake Nutall - Parker

  11. 89 Zach Morris - Greenwood Village

  12. 45 Cole Tuttle - Denver

  13. 99 Tessa Marine - Littleton

  14. 32 Cody Milan - Fort Collins

  15. 75 Austin Hackenberg - Thornton

  16. 38 Garrett Wilson - Platteville

  17. 04 Natalie Foster - Westminster

  18. 51 Casey Wiggans - CO Springs

Super Modified
  1. 8 Jorden Decenick - Milliken

  2. 6G Bryan Gossel - Fort Collins

  3. 2 Richard Castor

  4. 13 Brian Otts

  5. 34 Randy Whitman - Fort Collins

  6. 16 Austyn Gossel - Fort Collins

  7. 52 Justin Decenick - Loveland

  8. 03 Ron O'Neil - CO Springs

  9. 27 Mike Hathaway - Falcon

  10. 95 Cris Muhler - Brighton DNS 51 Joe Priselac - Commerce City DNS 4 Cody Castor DNS 3 Ricky Otts

Bandolero Bandits
  1. 5 Reagan Fruge

  2. 68 Wyatt Dent

  3. 61 Lillian Tuttle

  4. 08 Tanner McKim

  5. 12 Aspyn Lange

  6. 44E Emersyn Weitzel

  7. 89 Justin Barnard

Bandolero Outlaws
  1. 33 Dillyn Kellogg

  2. 21 Madilyn Lange

  3. 00 Jacob Johnson

  4. 16


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