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Coca-Cola Halloween Celebration Ends 2022 CNS Season on An Epic Note

Colorado National Speedway’s annual Halloween celebration put an electrifying cap on an electrifying season. Nearly every single one of CNS’s divisions took to the track on Saturday night, making for a packed infield during our annual Trunk or Treat event. Fans of all ages donned their best costumes and visited with our drivers and crews for a Halloween tradition like no other. (Let’s be honest, what other sport lets fans interact with the players in such a way mere minutes before the event starts?) Now, all the 2022 track champions have been crowned – and we’re already dreaming about kicking off our affordable family fun next season!

Mountain States Fire Protection Super Late Models
Feature – 40 Laps
Sixteen points separated the top two championship runners heading into the final Feature SLM race of the season, with the No. 24 of Cody Dempster leading over the No. 05 of Nicholas Cooper. Brett Yackey’s No. 32 and Chris Eggleston’s No. 22 led the field to green. Neither driver backed down as they galloped through the first handful of laps, though their battle was cut short by a lengthy caution. When the race resumed with 33 laps left, Brett’s No. 32 edged ahead of Eggleston’s No. 22. Then, the No. 84 of Matt Zwingelberg went for a spin in Turn 2 as he raced within the top 10. On the restart, Brett’s No. 32 got out front again, but the No. 89 of Zach Morris locked to his bumper and hounded him for the race lead. Meanwhile, the No. 12 of Bruce Yackey entered third place, while Eggleston’s No. 22 became relegated to fourth.

Up front, Morris’s No. 89 and Brett’s No. 32 continued to fight tooth and nail for the lead. The battle culminated in Brett’s No. 32 getting sideways in front of Morris’s No. 89, causing a caution. Both drivers were sent to the rear of the field as a result of the incident, putting Bruce’s No. 12 in command of the race. Cooper’s No. 05 attempted to track him down, while Dempster’s No. 24 charged into third with his sights set on the track championship. Bruce’s No. 12 held onto the lead as the checkers waved, crowning him the SLM Feature winner, while Dempster’s No. 24 captured the overall 2022 SLM Championship.
2022 Mountain States Fire Protection Super Late Model Champion:
No. 24, Cody Dempster
Feature: No. 12, Bruce Yackey

Pueblo Bank & Trust Super Stocks/Rock N Roll Brewery Pure Stocks
Feature – 25 Laps
Every so often, the PS and SS divisions share a racetrack, making for a field packed full of competitors. In fact, 32 race cars took the green flag for the feature race. One point stood between No. 1NE, Troy Witthar, and No. 49, Chris Cox, for the SS championship. The No. 90 of Alex Rodriguez led from the pole, while the championship hopefuls were nose-to-tail in second and third. However, the No. 9 of Brent Cave swept in to take control of the race, but Cox’s No. 49 did not let up as he tried to track him down with the No. 1NE of Witthar hot on his heels. Cox eventually executed the pass and put the No. 49 out front, while Cave’s No. 9 fended off Witthar’s No. 1NE for second. Even as Cox hit lapped traffic, he kept the No. 49 machine pointed in the right direction and showed the way to the checkered flag, securing his fifth Feature win of the 2022 season and his second consecutive SS championship.
Chris Cox 2022 Super Stock Champion CNS
2022 Pueblo Bank & Trust Super Stock Champion: No. 49, Chris Cox
Feature: No. 49, Chris Cox

Elite Diesel Service Figure 8s
Feature – 20 Laps
Talk about a tight championship race – just four points separated Jared Wall, No. 52, and Travis Sanders, No. 08 as the green flag fell on the final F8 feature of 2022. The No. 11 of Joe Gastineau lead on the drop of the green flag while the field fanned out two- and three-wide behind him in just the first turn. With one lap complete, chaos ensued – the No. 92 of Jason Wall went around in Turn 1, causing a red flag. Once track crews cleared the racing surface, racing resumed with a three-wide race for second place. Once that battle sorted out, it was Jereme Wall’s No. 15 in second, attempting to reel in the No. 11 of Gastineau. Jereme sent the No. 15 wide in an attempt to capture the lead, but the No. 08 of Sanders swept in and took control of the race while the other two drivers battled. Further back, the No. 52 of Jared Wall clung to his championship lead by passing as many cars as he could to gain the most points, dead set on getting to the front to challenge the leaders.

About halfway through the race, things started getting dicey in The X, forcing drivers to decide whether to stand the accelerator or kick the brakes and wait for safe passage through the track’s crossroads. Jared Wall’s No. 52 attempted to overtake two cars for position, but he was held up by lapped traffic and unable to complete the pass. Sanders’ No. 08 dove through The X, hanging onto the lead and dodging slower cars. Things heated up between Jared Wall’s No. 52 and Harry Livermore Jr.’s No. 17, as the two race cars touched at speed but held it together. Interestingly, the hood of the No. 52 began to peel back, but Jared Wall continued his mission to gain as many spots as possible while holding off Livermore in the No. 17. The heated battle between the two for third place ended when the two made serious contact and sent the No. 52 of Jared Wall careening off-course and ending up in the dirt, effectively dashing his championship hopes. In fact, this incident ended the race early due to the time limit, and Sanders’ No. 08 ended up with the victory, the Feature trophy, and the 2022 F8 championship trophy. Sanders was docked 2 positions for failing post-race inspection, as a result, No. 15 Jereme Wall is the Figure 8 feature winner.
2022 Elite Diesel Service Figure 8 Champion: No. 08, Travis Sanders
Feature: No. 15, Jereme Wall

AC Transmissions Legends
Feature – 20 Laps
The No. 18 of JJ Sanders got out front in a hurry, pulling the No. 27 of Brian Harlow along behind him. The No. 14 of Jake Nutall stalked them in third. Just two laps in, a multicar incident unfolded in Turn 4, which saw the No. 12 of Bryanna Bruce flip several times before coming to rest on her roof. A red flag was called while all involved drivers and damaged race cars were attended to. On the restart, Sanders’ No. 18 reclaimed the lead, with the No. 14 of Nutall hot on his tail. After a lengthy battle, Nutall’s No. 14 took the lead, with the No. 1 of Ryan Land putting pressure on him from second place, and Sanders’ No. 18 fell back to third. With five laps to go, Land sent the No. 1 machine past the No. 14 of Nutall. A heated battle ensued, and the two cars made contact, both getting loose and losing speed. Sanders’ No. 18 took advantage of the incident and charged into second, but Land’s No. 1 held onto the top spot. However, Sanders’ luck ran out as his No. 18 was turned in Turn 2, prompting a yellow-checkered flag to end the race, granting Land in the No. 1 the victory.
Ryan Land & JJ Sanders battle for Legend win 10-8-22

Fast Feature – 25 Laps
Chris Eggleston, driver of the No. 22, held a comfortable points lead over second place No. 66, Kyle Clegg, heading into the final Legend feature of the 2022 season. However, the Feature race was all about the No. 16 of Travis Roe, as he took the green flag from the pole position and held off the No. 22 of Eggleston as he put on a clinic. As the laps wound down, Eggleston’s No. 22 and the No. 21 of Ryan Jones fought hard for second place while Roe’s No. 16 took off with the lead. It was Roe’s No. 16 with the victory at the line, marking his first Feature win. Meanwhile Eggleston’s No. 22 nosed just ahead of Jones’ No. 21, securing the 2022 Legend Championship.
2022 AC Transmission Legend Champion: No. 22, Chris Eggleston
Feature: No. 1, Ryan Land
Fast Feature: No. 16, Travis Roe

Puzzle Effect Bandoleros
Bandit Class
Wyatt Dent put on a clinic in his green No. 68 machine, leading a clean race on his way to the checkered flag. Not only did he secure the Bandit Class feature win, but also the 2022 season championship as a whole.
2022 Puzzle Effect Bandolero Bandit Champion: No. 68, Wyatt Dent
Feature: No. 68, Wyatt Dent

Outlaw Class
Dillyn Kellogg’s No. 33 has become a familiar visitor to Victory Lane – he swept every single Outlaw race in 2022, and he laid down some blistering laps on his way to the feature win and the 2022 season championship.
2022 Puzzle Effect Bandolero Outlaw Champion: No. 33, Dillyn Kellogg
Feature: No. 33, Dillyn Kellogg

Witthar Racing Trains
Always a wild show with the Trains – never know what you’re going to see when they take to the track. However, it was the No. 151 Crazy Train that rocketed through the field to take the final Train feature of the year, guided by brothers Brian Galvin on the gas, and Topher Galvin in the rear car despite losing a tire. Meanwhile, Jared Wall and Shawna Doty guided the No. 86 Last Call train to the track championship, marking Wall’s tenth overall championship trophy and Shawna’s second in a row.
2022 Witthar Racing Trains Champion: No. 86, Last Call
Feature: No. 151, Crazy Train

Demo X
Chaos is the name of the game for the Demo X cars – but at the end of the night, it was the No. 48 of Joe Prante who took home the feature race trophy, while the No. 28 of Jace Prante survived to win the championship.

A truck rolled over on a jump and a second burst into flames during the Heavy class race. The No. 31 machine of Dave Johnson made it through to win the championship, and the feature race.
2022 Demo X Lite Champion: No. 28, Jace Prante
Lite Feature: No. 48, Joe Prante
2022 Demo X Heavies Champion: No. 31, Dave Johnson
Heavies Feature: No. 31 Dave Johnson


Super Late Model - 40 Laps

  1. 12 Bruce Yackey - Greeley

  2. 05 Nick Cooper - Loveland

  3. 24 Cody Dempster - Parker

  4. 3C Cassidy Hinds (R) - Arvada

  5. 14 Brody Moore - Keystone

  6. 32 Brett Yackey - Greeley

  7. 89 Zach Morris (R) - Greenwood Village

  8. 07 Daniel Mares (R) - Aurora

  9. 27 Roger Avants - Littleton

  10. 7 Adam Deines - Longmont

  11. 47 PJ Mattorano - Commerce City

  12. 3 John Negri III (R) - Byers

  13. 84 Matt Zwingelberg - Aurora

  14. 2S Steven Thompson - Fort Collins

  15. 22 Chris Eggleston - Thornton

  16. 82 Michael Scott - Hillsdale, WY

Super Stock/Pure Stock - 25 Laps

  1. 49 Chris Cox - Keenesburg

  2. 9 Brent Cave - Brighton

  3. 1NE Troy Witthar - Arvada

  4. 97 Kyle Stidham (R) - Brighton

  5. 23 Jordan Abeyta - Denver

  6. 4 Chris Jordan - Mead

  7. 90 Alex Rodriguez - Phoenix, AZ

  8. 11W Scott Long - Lyman, NE

  9. 21 Chris Nelson - Arvada

  10. 86 Tim Coate - Highlands Ranch

  11. 15 Brendon Knowles - Highlands Ranch

  12. M60 Morris Christner - Elizabeth

  13. 22 AJ Hill - Brighton

  14. 41G Christopher Galvin - Byers

  15. 8A Austin Richards - Arvada

  16. 5MB Mark Bremkamp - Brighton

  17. 8 Isaac Almaswari - Brighton

  18. 24S Kyle Schoessow (R) - Thornton

  19. 9 Gaylen Baker - Fort Collins

  20. 1 Derek Spalding - Lochbuie

  21. 67 Stephanie Brown - Lochbuie

  22. 98P - Joel Perri - Arvada

  23. 23 Alyssa Salazar - Arvada

  24. 62 Amber Giles (R) - Fort Collins

  25. 14G Niki Gladkowski - Byers

  26. 19 Shelby Cortese - Thornton

  27. 24 Matthew Knowles - Littleton

  28. 7 David Robinson - Johnstown

  29. 82 Ian Clark - Wheat Ridge

  30. 4G Brian Galvin Jr (R) - Byers

  31. 76 Russell Darnell - Dacono

Figure 8 - 20 Laps

  1. 15 Jereme Wall - Commerce City

  2. D67 Keith Swenson - Strasburg

  3. 08 Travis Sanders - Aurora

  4. 97 Adam Gastineau - Aurora

  5. 11 Joe Gastineau - Centennial

  6. 12 Harvey Webb Jr - Fort Morgan

  7. 38 Cassidy Creekmore - Littleton

  8. 64 Michael Kephart - Commerce City

  9. 13 Frank Gastineau - Denver

  10. 3 Joe Prante (R) - Denver

  11. 78 Kayla Martinez (R) - Denver

  12. 74 Sam Faus (R) - Lakewood

  13. 17 Harry Livermore Jr - Denver

  14. 52 Jared Wall - Commerce City

  15. 92 Jason Wall - Brighton

  16. 67 Kaleigh Swenson - Strasburg DQ - 13M Isaac Martinez - Denver

Legend FAST - 25 Laps

  1. 16 Travis Roe - Thornton

  2. 22 Chris Eggleston - Thornton

  3. 21 Ryan Jones - Arvada

  4. 6 Scotty Scott - Arvada

  5. 78C Colton Crocker - Brighton

  6. 66 Kyle Clegg - Westminster

  7. 50 Tyler Wiggans - CO Springs

  8. 03 Darrell L Stewart - Arvada

  9. 37 Tanner Scarberry - Denver

  10. 99 Tessa Marine - Littleton

  11. 51 Casey Wiggans - CO Springs

  12. 75 Austin Hackenberg - Greeley

  13. 45 Cole Tuttle - Denver

  14. 39 Zeke Hanger - Fort Lupton

  15. 38 Garrett Wilson - Platteville

  16. 32 Cody Milan - Fort Collins

  17. 04 Natalie Foster - Westminster

  18. 4 Dillon Foster - Arvada

Legends - 20 Laps

  1. 1 Ryan Land (R) - Littleton

  2. 14 Jake Nutall - Parker

  3. 34 Zach Mullins (R) - Greeley

  4. 33 Dillyn Kellogg (R) - Denver

  5. 27 Brian Harlow (R) - CO Springs

  6. 62 David Bain - Cheyenne, WY

  7. 9 Terry McBride - Edgewater

  8. 01 Gary Land - Littleton

  9. 26 David Anadon (R) - CO Springs

  10. 18 JJ Sanders - Aurora

  11. 8 Jason Schmerse

  12. 23 Javon Barnard (R) - Wheat Ridge

  13. 95 Jessilyn Dike - Westminster

  14. 12 Bryanna Bruce - Wheatland, WY

  15. 56 NIcholas Gunther (R) - CO Springs

  16. 48 Preston Nakayama (R) - Loveland

  17. 78 Ashlyn Himler - Erie

Bandolero BANDIT - 10 Laps

  1. 68 Wyatt Dent

  2. 61 Lillian Tuttle

  3. 89 Justin Barnard

  4. 08 Tanner McKim

  5. 23O Peyton Opperman

  6. 5 Reagan Fruge

  7. 12 Aspyn Lange

  8. 10 Zoey Capps-Whitfield

  9. 95 Jaxon Muhler

Bandolero OUTLAW - 10 Laps

  1. 33 Dillyn Kellogg

  2. 88 Cade Fox

  3. 21 Madilyn Lange

Trains - 7 Laps

  1. 151 Crazy Train

  2. 01 Dukes of Hazard

  3. 3 Anger Management

  4. 86 Last Call

  5. 80 SNAFU

  6. 311 Bipolar Express

  7. 5 Ninja Turtles Cowabunga Train


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