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Deines, Brett Yackey, and Clegg, shine on night one of the Independence Day double header

(07-03-2015 Dacono Colorado) On a gorgeous summer evening at CNS Adam Deines won the Snap-On Tools Pro Truck division during the Firehouse Subs “Got you Hooked” night. Brett Yackey came from deep in the field to win his first ever South Philly Cheesesteaks Late Model feature and Kyle Clegg made a daring late race pass to win in a massive field of Legend cars.

Snap-On Tools Pro Trucks

At the start of the 40 lap Snap-On Tools Pro Truck feature event #17 Scott Rhodes and #82 Michael Scott paced the field. The speedy Scott quickly grabbed a small lead but just a couple laps in he got loose coming out of turn 2 and hit the back straight wall erupting in a shower of sparks. Scott did a nice job keeping his truck from spinning and the rest of the field passed avoiding what could have been a disastrous situation. Scott limped his damaged truck into the pits and his hopes for the win were over.

#17 Scott Rhoades on the inside of #82 Michael Scott (Starr photo)

#17 Scott Rhoades on the inside of #82 Michael Scott (Starr photo)

Young AJ Warren in the #2 Truck has impressed this season and took control after the race resumed. Following Warren was #7 Adam Deines, #8 Jeff Walbaum and #34 Rudy Vanderwal. After a caution for debris on the track Deines got the jump on Warren on the double file restart but Warren looked determined and continued to challenge Deines for the lead.

Adam Deines on route to capturing the feature event at CNS (Starr photo)

Adam Deines on route to capturing the feature event at CNS (Starr photo)

When Deines began to pull away Vanderwal surged to challenge Warren for 2nd and #36 Matt Burton moved into the battle as well.

By the end of the feature Deines had built a 6 truck length lead on Warren and cruised to the big win. Warren finished an impressive 2nd with Vanderwal, Burton and Rhodes in 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

Adam Deines in winner's circle (Starr photo)

Adam Deines in winner’s circle (Starr photo)

The Pro Trucks return to action at CNS August 1st.

FEATURE: #7 Adam Deines FAST DASH: #82 Michael Scott DASH: #5 Troy Witthar QUICK TIME: #34 Rudy Vanderwal 16.707

South Philly Cheese Steaks Late Models

In over a decade at CNS the name Yackey has been in winner’s circle and been etched on championship trophies countless times. Bruce Yackey is one of the most decorated drivers to ever compete at the 50 year old speedway. But a new generation is making a name for itself and on Firehouse Subs “Got You Hooked” night it was the coming out party for young Brett “the Maverick” Yackey the son of “the Moose”. While Brett has already won in Pure Stocks and Super Stocks he hadn’t yet tasted victory in the Late Model until tonight yet it would be a victory he would have to earn.

Brett Yackey cruises to his first ever Late Model feature victory (Starr photo)

Brett Yackey cruises to his first ever Late Model feature victory (Starr photo)

Yackey started the 40 lap feature all the way back in 8th position methodically working his way to the front having to pass some of the best drivers in the rocky mountain region. By the time Yackey had moved into 3rd his biggest challenge was in front of him #8 Jeff Walbaum and #7 Ethan Penrod who were running 1st and 2nd. Just past the halfway point Yackey went to the low side on Walbaum and took 2nd spot and then made the same move on Penrod who had led the entire race up until that point.

Once out front Yackey set sail and cruised to his first Late Model win of his young career. Penrod hung on for 2nd place with #42 Mark Neff and #98 Lee Kemmit in 3rd and 4th. Walbaum was the final car in the top five.

Brett Yackey celebrates in winner's circle at CNS (Starr photo)

Brett Yackey celebrates in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

The Late Models return to action on July 11th.

FEATURE: #32 Brett Yackey FAST DASH: #3 Wade Grove DASH: #28 Alan Carter QUICK TIME: #32 Brett Yackey 17.570

Legends An massive field of 31 Legend cars lineup for the feature event and #15 Danny Medina drew the lucky pill placing him on the pole along side #21 Ryan Jones. This race was a national qualifier for the legend cars so the pressure was on and the eager drivers came roaring to the green flag. Medina quickly took the lead leaving Jones to battle with #22 Chris Eggleston and #66 Kyle Clegg.

The huge field of legend cars head towards the green flag (Starr photo)

The huge field of legend cars head towards the green flag (Starr photo)

Disaster nearly struck for Medina when a lapped car spun directly in front of him and he and Eggleston made contact trying to avoid the hazard in turn 3. Medina’s car suffered some minor cosmetic damage but he would get his top spot back on the restart along with the other cars in the lead pack.

Medina built a large lead on the field but as he approached a group of slower traffic he had to back off coming down the front straight and Eggleston and Clegg quickly pulled up on his bumper.

Kyle Clegg sped to his second victory of the 2015 season at CNS (Starr photo)

Kyle Clegg sped to his second victory of the 2015 season at CNS (Starr photo)

In the closing moments of the race it was Clegg in 3rd place who made fearless moves to get by both Eggleston and Medina as the fans moved to the edges of their seats. Clegg looked determined in the final laps and blazed to his second feature win at CNS this season. Medina settled for 2nd with Eggleston in 3rd. #06 Scotty Scott took 4th and Ryan Jones was 5th.

Kyle Clegg celebrates in winner's circle at CNS (Starr photo)

Kyle Clegg celebrates in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

The Legend cars return to CNS on July 25th.

FEATURE: #66 Kyle Clegg FAST DASH: #66 Kyle Clegg DASH: #25 Adam Pechman QUICK TIME: #15 Danny Medina 18.753

AMA Supermoto Amateur National: #28x Dawson Schieffer Pro-Lites: #41 Nicky Reimer, Rossmoor, CA Open Pro Division: #1 Gage McCallister

Gage Macallister dominated the AMA Supermoto Pro division.

Gage Macallister dominated the AMA Supermoto Pro division.


Pro Trucks Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 7 Adam Deines Longmont 2. 34 Rudy Vanderwal La Salle 3. 36 Matt Burton Englewood 4. 17 Scott Rhoades Wheatridge 5. 85 Cole MacEwen(R) Ft Collins 6. 5 Troy Witthar Eastlake 7. 28 Sterling Martinz (R) Cheyenne 8. 65 George Green (R) Firestone 9. 8 Jeff Walbaum (R) Brighton 10. 47 Jesse Seigel (R) Castle Rock 11. 0 Billy Harkins Lakewood 12. 82 Michael Scott Cheyenne 13. 2 AJ Warren Berthoud DQ 11 Steve Johnson Loveland

Late Models Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 32 Brett Yackey (R) Greeley 2. 7 Ethan Penrod Thornton 3. 42 Mark Neff Westiminster 4. 98 Lee Kemmit Thronton 5. 8 Jeff Walbaum Brighton 6. 8 Jace Hansen Broomfield 7. 3 Wade Grove Thronton 8. 1 Tommy Powers Castle Rock 9. 5w Troy Witthar Eastlake 10. 30 Jan Oxley Ft Lupton 11. 29 Rayshawn Carter Commerce City 12. 11 Monte Paulsen Pueblo West 13. 16 Ryan McFadden Divide 14. 18 Robert Davey 15. 27 Wendi Lewis Johnstown 16. 23 Tea Lynn McComb (R) Avondale 17. 28 Alan Carter Commerce City

Legends Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 66 Kyle Clegg Westminster 2. 15 Danny Medina Colorado Springs 3. 22 Christopher Eggleston Thornton 4. 6 Mike Gallegos Aurora 5. 6 Scotty Scott Arvada 6. 21 Ryan Jones Arvada 7. 34 Chris Cooper Frederick 8. 1w Jereme Wall Commerce City 9. 7 Corey Seip Littleton 10. 30 Darrell J Stewart Arvada 11. 25 Adam Pechman Morrison 12. 3 Wayne Barlock Jr Evans 13. 46 Zachary Witherwax Arvada 14. 23 Austyn Radosta (R) Pueblo 15. 14 Chappy Adkins Kersey 16. 98 Eric Hipkins Woodland Park 17. 19 Larry Pachello Arvada 18. 97 Bill Blevins Arvada 19. 53 Luke Johnson (R) Ft Lupton 20. 26 Christopher Brunker Lakewood 21. 17 BreAnn Adkison Cheyenne 22. 11 Jessica Savage Aurora 23. 5 Randy Haynes (R) Cheyenne 24. 61 Sidney Ross Broomfield 25. 16 Travis Roe (R) Thronton 26. 9 Terry McBride Edgewater 27. 77 Josiah King (R) Brighton 28. 28 Donald Brunker (R) Lakewood 29. 20 Kynzer Riddell Westminster 30. 83 Donald Bedore Denver


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