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Eggleston Sweeps 100 Lap Short Track Sizzler

(08-10-2019 Dacono, CO) Colorado National Speedway fans were treated to a gorgeous Colorado summer evening of racing during the Mountain States Fire Protection Short Track Sizzler. This special race featured a 100 lap main event with a 7 minute pit stop at the halfway mark. Chris Eggleston from Erie took the win and swept the night after an intense battle with Arvada’s Dominic Ursetta.

Mountain States Fire Protection Super Late Models

With the format of the Short Track Sizzler qualifying would play an important factor in the outcome of the race as the cars would lineup in order for the big race. Both #22 Chris Eggleston and #6 Dominic Ursetta took advantage of this and timed in 1st and 2nd respectively. Yet with a 100 lap event, pit stop at the halfway mark, and 25 lap sprint to the finish it would take much more than a qualifying time to grab the trophy in the end.

Eggleston jumped out to an early lead but Ursetta was keeping him within striking distance. Behind the leaders #84 Matt Zwingleberg was running strong as was #11 Darren Robertson, #42 Mark Neff and #18 Ed Vecchiarelli.

As the race neared the halfway pit stop Ursetta poked his nose on the inside and outside of Eggleston testing to see if he could snag the bonus money at the mid point. Eggleston held him off and was the leader when the cars pulled into the infield to pit. Every single car opted to pit and the teams had 7 minutes to change tires and make minor adjustments.

Teams make adjustments during the 7 minute halfway pitstop (Starr photo)

When the cars returned to action the 22 and the 6 resumed their battle for the lead and it appeared that Ursetta’s team made the right adjustments as he was running very strong. Not to be outdone Zwingleberg also looked rejuvenated after the pitstop and even briefly passed Ursetta for 2nd place.

Eggleston and Ursetta battle for the lead (Starr photo)

Deep in the field Vecchiarelli and the #12 of Bruce Yackey were banging hard on each other eventually leading to the 18 being spun in turn two. Yackey would suffer a 4 position penalty for rough driving along with the 32 car of Brett Yackey who also received a post race penalty for the same offense.

At the 75 lap mark a controlled caution was displayed to setup a 25 lap sprint to the finish. This time around Ursetta got the jump on Eggleston and bolted into the lead. With just 10 laps to go a caution flag allowed the 22 car another shot via the double file restart. This time around Eggleston used the inside lane to perfection and retook the lead from Dominic. But Eggleston wasn’t out of the woods yet as another caution flag for #21 Conner Snow spinning in turn 4 was displayed shortly after.

On the restart Eggleston once again powered to the front while Zwingleberg took his shot at Ursetta for second place. The crowd was on the edge of their seat as it was anyone’s race with just a couple laps remaining.

#22 Chris Eggleston uses the inside lane to retake the lead from #6 Dominic Ursetta (Starr photo)

When the checkered flag flew it was Eggleston taking home the huge win with Ursetta and Zwingleberg hot on his tail. Finishing 4th and 5th were a pair of youngsters: #43 Kody Vanderwal and #24 Cody Dempster.

With the win Chris Eggleston completed the sweep of the night setting quick time, leading at the halfway mark and taking the final checkered flag at the 100 lap finish.

Chris Eggleston in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

The Super Late Models return to action in the big Labor Day race on Saturday August 31st.

100 LAP FEATURE: #22 Chris Eggleston 50 LAP HALFWAY LEADER: #22 Chris Eggleston QUICK TIME: #22 Chris Eggleston 15.348

Galitz Transportation Late Models

It has been several weeks since the Galitz Transportation Late Models had been in action at CNS and a fantastic field of 19 cars took the green flag. #32 Brett Yackey had nabbed quick time and the fast dash so he was the favorite to win but struggled in the feature finishing a disappointing 16th.

Up front it was #07 David Hondel battling #3 Wade Grove for the top spot with #24 Eric Bowers poking his nose into the thick of things. #31 Derek Smith started way back in 8th place but worked his way into the struggle for the lead as well.

Smith used the outside groove to catapult himself into the lead and then he was off to the races taking home his 2nd feature win of the 2019 season.

Bowers grabbed an impressive 2nd place finish, #8 Dan Alamaa had a great run near the end of the race to take 3rd place while Hondel and Grove finished 4th and 5th.

Derek Smith celebrates in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

The Late Models will be back in action on Saturday August 31st.

FEATURE: #31 Derek Smith FAST DASH: #32 Brett Yackey DASH: #10 Rick Fierro QUICK TIME: #32 Brett Yackey 16.720

TBK Super Stocks

A full field of TBK Super Stocks rumbled to the green flag for a 25 lap feature event. #03 Tyler Mander and #98 Natalie Phelps occupied the front front. Mander was able to lead lap one but it was the #32 of Cody Milan who cruised right on past to lead lap two and every other lap after that.

Cody Milan on route to victory (Starr photo)

The race went green from flag to flag and Milan was on a torrid pace. Even the speedy #3 Michael Cox, #60 Jonathan Lindberg, and 99s Sam Messerli had nothing for the 32 car.

By the mid way portion of the race Cody had built a straightaway lead on Cox. It was as if Milan was racing a car from a different division than the other drivers as he eventually took the checkered by a half lap over Michael Cox.

The win completed the sweep of the night’s event for Cody who also won the fast dash and set quick time.

FEATURE: #32 Cody Milan FAST DASH: #32 Cody Milan DASH: #60 Jonathan Lindberg QUICK TIME: #32 Cody Milan 19.414

Witthar Racing Trains

The Trump Train takes the win (Starr photo)

FEATURE: #45 Trump Train


Super Late Models 100 Lap Short Track Sizzler (final segment) Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 22 Chris Eggleston Thornton 2. 6 Dominic Ursetta Arvada 3. 84 Matt Zwingelberg Parker 4. 43 Kody Vanderwal LaSalle 5. 24 Cody Dempster 6. 42 Mark Neff 7. 11 Darren Robertson Westminster 8. 32 Brett Yackey Greeley 9. 12 Bruce Yackey Greeley 10. 1 Jay Fields 11. 34 Rudy Vanderwal LaSalle 12. 27 Roger Avants 13. 91 Chris Atkinson Cheyenne 14. 21 Conner Snow Morison 15. 18 Ed Vecchiarelli 16. 88 Jonathan Knee (R) Fort Collins 17. 16 Steve Mills Colorado Springs 18. 29 Matt Brunker Lakewood 19. 79 Brad Jenkins Castle Rock 20. 08 Jace Hanson 21. 8 Jeff Walbaum (R) Brighton 22. 47 PJ Mattorano Jr 23. 57 Brady Balderson (R) Aurora

Super Late Models Short Track Sizzler (1st 50 lap segment) Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 22 Chris Eggleston Thornton 2. 6 Dominic Ursetta Arvada 3. 84 Matt Zwingelberg Parker 4. 11 Darren Robertson Westminster 5. 42 Mark Neff 6. 18 Ed Vecchiarelli 7. 32 Brett Yackey Greeley 8. 12 Bruce Yackey Greeley 9. 43 Kody Vanderwal LaSalle 10. 24 Cody Dempster 11. 21 Conner Snow Morison 12. 34 Rudy Vanderwal LaSalle 13. 79 Brad Jenkins Castle Rock 14. 1 Jay Fields 15. 27 Roger Avants 16. 29 Matt Brunker Lakewood 17. 91 Chris Atkinson Cheyenne 18. 88 Jonathan Knee (R) Fort Collins 19. 16 Steve Mills Colorado Springs 20. 08 Jace Hanson 21. 8 Jeff Walbaum (R) Brighton 22. 57 Brady Balderson (R) Aurora 23. 47 PJ Mattorano Jr

Late Models Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 31 Derek Smith Mead 2. 24 Eric Bowers Colorado Springs 3. 8 Dan Alamaa Colorado Springs 4. 07 David Hondel Cheyenne 5. 3 Wade Grove Thornton 6. 10 Rick Fierro (R) Cheyenne 7. 75 Emilio Abeyta Denver 8. 44 Thomas Powers Pine 9. 9 Brent Cave Brighton 10. 94 Kyle Morse Peyton 11. 1 Dale Geist Colorado Springs 12. 16 Steve Mills Colorado Springs 13. 28W Brian Weinmaster 14. 50 Justin McKeachie 15. 27J Jan Oxley Ft. Lupton 16. 32 Brett Yackey Greeley 17. 98 Lee Kemmit Brighton 18. 85 Donald Cole Dacono DNS 99 Sam Messerli (R) Thornton

Super Stocks Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 32 Cody Milan Fort Collins 2. 3 Mike Cox 3. 60 Jonathan Lindberg 4. 99S Sam Messerli 5. 03 Tyler Mander (R) Evans 6. 49 Chris Cox 7. 3.2 Robert Davey Erie 8. 98 Natalie Phelps 9. 21R Robert Hoard 10. 55 Damian Lockhart 11. 02 Sean Smith (R) 12. 21 Chris Nelson 13. 31 Ronnie Duran Jr 14. 90 Alexander Rodriguez (R) 15. 19 Shelby Cortese 16. 28S McCaslin Cain 17. 86 Tim Coate (R) 18. 45E Rebecca Simpson Colorado Springs 19. 81 Kyle Shanahan Peyton 20. 4 Chris Jordan Lafayette

Trains Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 45 The Trump Train Kelly & Vinny 2. 86 Last Call 3. 17 Salute to Serve Robert & Lonnie 4. 311 Bipolar Express Cassandra Gonzales 5. 151 Crazy Train Jeremy & Chad


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