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Pro Trucks & Late Models 2023 Champions Crowned This Weekend

Last Saturday night, we saw two new champions emerge as No. 49 Chris Cox & No. 8A Austin Richards both captured their first titles in their respective divisions. Check out the full race recap from September 16th by clicking here.

This Saturday, two more champions will be decided in the Matco Tools Pro Trucks & GTI Services Late Models. The points are very close in both divisions, and that will lead to exciting competition all night long. Saturday will also feature everyone’s favorite - those Wild & Crazy Witthar Racing Trains!

Crazy Trains - Colorado National Speedway

Matco Tools Pro Trucks

Just how competitive has the Pro Truck season been? Currently, the Top 5 in points all have finished in the Top 10 in each of the races this season, and during our last race on September 9th, the Top 5 in points all finished inside the Top 5 with No.16 Travis Roe capturing his first ever Pro Truck victory! In addition to Roe, No.33 Tyler Davis (who sits third in points) also picked up his first ever Pro Truck feature win on July 15th. No. 43 Kody Vanderwal dominated early in the season picking up three wins in a row; however, the field caught up to him and heading into this weekend’s race all the top 5 in points still have a realistic shot at winning the championship. With two feature races on tap, it's still anyone's race… Who will be the 2023 Pro Truck champion?

Top 5 In Points:

  1. 43 Kody Vanderwal - 260 points (3 Wins, 6 Top 5, 7 Top 10)

  2. 7 Adam Deines - 257 points (1 Win, 6 Top 5, 7 Top 10)

  3. 33 Tyler Davis - 255 points (2 Wins, 6 Top 5, 7 Top 10)

  4. 22 Brian Yackey - 249 points (0 Wins, 7 Top 5, 7 Top 10)

  5. 16 Travis Roe - 246 points (1 Win, 4 Top 5, 7 Top 10)

Rookie Of The Year:

This year’s Rookie of The Year honors will go to the No. 88S Brad Skufca, who has previously raced in both the Late Model & Grand American Modified Divisions.

Brad Skufka - Colorado National Speedway

GTI Services Late Models

The Late Models have had outstanding car counts all season long, and with that, some fierce competition for the veterans of the division. Several of the front runners have run into bad luck, and the points leader has changed several times throughout the season leading to a tight points battle. No. 98 Lee Kemmit picked up his first victory of the season two weeks ago on September 9th & is currently sitting 2nd; 16 points behind in the championship standings. There have been 6 different winners in the 8 races in the Late Model division and only two drivers have finished inside the Top 10 all season long; including points leader No. 21G Mike Gallegos & No. 51 Eric Meisner. We've had one first time winner this season as the No. 116 Adam Kimler was able to grab a victory on July 29th Feature 1. Chad Cowan also went to victory lane on September 2nd during the 50 Lap Late Model Feature.

Top 5 In Points:

  1. 21G Mike Gallegos - 269 points (1 Win, 7 Top 5, 8 Top 10)

  2. 98 Lee Kemmit - 253 points (1 Win, 6 Top 5, 7 Top 10)

  3. 51 Eric Meisner - 235 points (0 Wins, 4 Top 5, 8 Top 10)

  4. 31 Rick Smith - 232 points (1 Win, 5 Top 5, 6 Top 10)

  5. 8 Dan Alamaa - 220 points (3 Wins, 4 Top 5, 7 Top 10)

Rookie of the Year:

This year’s rookie class has been entertaining to watch as it will come down to two drivers: No. 18 Casey Wiggans & No. 99 Tessa Marine. Wiggans & Marine are both graduates of the Legend Car Series. Wiggans currently holds a 22-point lead over Marine in the Rookie Standings.

No. 18 Casey Wiggans - 179 points (0 Wins, 1 Top 5, 6 Top 10)

No. 99 Tessa Marine - 157 points (0 Wins, 1 Top 5, 3 Top 10)

In addition to the Pro Trucks & Late Models we will also run the Wild & Crazy Trains, they will also crown their champion this weekend. Currently No. 80 SNAFU holds a four point lead over the No. 3 Anger Management who won the last train race on September 3rd.

We have also added an additional round of circle drags that will feature Trucks Only this Saturday night during Intermission!

If you love tight points racing, this is going to be a night you're not going to want to miss. Grab your tickets online by clicking here. We always have plenty of tickets at the CNS Box Office on Raceday.

Gates Open at 4:00pm

Racing Starts at 6:30pm


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