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Scott & Heldenbrand Score Truck Wins While Livermore Jr. Ends Wall’s Win Streak

Ride 911

The annual Ride 911 preceded a great night of racing on Chick-fil-A Don’t Count Yer Chickens Night at CNS (Starr photo)

(Dacono CO 08-26-2017) The Chick-Fil-A Don’t Count Yer Chickens night at Colorado National Speedway was a night packed full of close racing and exciting passing. The Snap On Tools Pro Trucks and Figure 8’s both had two main events. Michael Scott took the first action packed Pro Truck A Main. Curtis Heldenbrand led the second A Main and ran away from the field to take his first Pro Truck main event win. In the Figure 8’s Harry Livermore Jr. dethroned Jereme Wall for the first time this season but Jereme Wall battled his way to the front to take the second A Main event win. Nick Brinlee lead an action packed super stock race wire to wire and Bear Lynch dominated the Late Model field to win.

Pro Truck Main #1 The First of two A Main events was a very exciting one. Adam Deines lead the first third of race but Michael Scott made a pass on the high side and pulled away from the field. After a late race caution Scott held off a hard charging Curtis Heldenbrand and Adam Deines to win the main event.

Michael Scott in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

Pro Truck Main #2 The Second A Main for the Snap On Tools Pro Trucks was a caution free sprint to the finish line. Curtis Heldenbrand made a daring move on the green flag taking it three wide to move into the top five and slowly started picking off the trucks in front him. Adam Hilton put up a bit of fight but couldn’t hold off Heldenbrand as Heldenbrand ran away from the field to win his first Pro Truck Main Event.

#9 Curtis Heldenbrand on his way to his first Pro Truck feature win (Starr photo)

Late Model Main In the Late Models Bear Lynch was the man to beat. He won the Fast Dash and Quick time for the night. The race started off with great side by side racing but the Lynch lead every lap of the 30 lap A Main event Wade Grove, Lee Kemmit, and Paul Deinse got together going down the front stretch sending Kemmit spinning into the infield and Paul Deinse spinning into turn 1 bring out the only caught in the event.

When the green flag came back out Lynch pulled out front to a massive lead as Brett Yackey battled his way through the field to second place finish.

Bear Lynch celebrates his Late Model feature win (Starr photo)

Dash Winner: Windy Lewis Fast Dash Winner: Bear Lynch Quick Time: Bear Lynch 17.837

Super Stocks As always the super stocks put on an amazing show. Adam Hilton and Nick Beinlee battled hard the first 5 caution filled laps. The first caution was brought out when Brian Yackey and Jonathan Lindberg got together in turn 4 and spun into front of the whole field. The second caution came the next lap as Damian Lockhart stopped on the backstretch.

The Next restart set the pace for the rest of the race as Hilton pushed Brinlee to the front of the field and to a huge lead which is where he stayed the rest of the race. Brinlee couldn’t be touched the rest of the race as he held a huge lead over Hilton two take the main event win.

Nick Brinlee at speed and headed for victory (Starr photo)

Dash Winner: Scott Trantham Fast Dash Winner: Nick Brinlee Quick Time: Brett Yackey 19.917

Figure 8 Feature #1 The First A Main for the Figure 8’s was led most in part by Adam Gastineau as the field was inverted. The Jared Wall, Livermore Jr, Jereme Wall and McKeachie had to fight their way through a very hard charging field.

The Livermore Jr and Jared Wall navigated through the field and started pulling away form the field as the Jereme Wall and McKeachie got caught in traffic that slowed their progress to the front.

A late race caution brought the top runners together and made for a very entertaining last couple of laps. When the green flag flew Livermore, Jared Wall, and Jereme Wall battled hard for the win but ultimately Livermore Jr. took the nights first Main Event win.

Harry Livermore Jr. celebrates his Figure 8 feature victory (Starr photo)

Figure 8 Main #2

The second Figure 8 Main Event was even more action packed than the first. Yet again the field was totally inverted so when the green flag dropped Joe Gastineau took off with the lead as the Jereme Wall, Jared Wall, Livermore Jr and McKeachie raced their way to the front.

A caution flag brought the pack back to Adam Gastineau, who had pulled out to big lead. When the green flag flew the Jared Wall and Jereme Wall took full advantage and rocketed to take the top two spots and pulled away from the field.

The two brothers battled hard but in the end Jereme Wall took the lead and never looked back to win the second main event for Figure 8s.

Lots of action on the track in the 2nd of two Figure 8 feature events (Starr photo)


Pro Truck Feature 1 Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 82 Michael Scott Cheyenne 2. 9 Curtis Heldenbrand Arvada 3. 7 Adam Deines Longmont 4. 36 Matt Burton Englewood 5. 34 Rudy Vanderwal La Salle 6. 8 Jeff Walbaum Brighton 7. 33 Tyler Davis (R) Thornton 8. 07 Adam Hilton 9. 5W Troy Witthar Eastlake 10. 43K Brett Yackey 11. 65 George Green Firestone 12. 77 Reggie Brown Sr Arvada 13. 6D Rick Duckworth 14. 04 Bobby Durand Thornton DNS 11J Steve Johnson Loveland

Pro Truck Feature 2 Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 9 Curtis Heldenbrand Arvada 2. 7 Adam Deines Longmont 3. 07 Adam Hilton 4. 82 Michael Scott Cheyenne 5. 34 Rudy Vanderwal La Salle 6. 8 Jeff Walbaum Brighton 7. 43K Brett Yackey 8. 36 Matt Burton Englewood 9. 5W Troy Witthar Eastlake 10. 6D Rick Duckworth 11. 33 Tyler Davis (R) Thornton 12. 04 Bobby Durand Thornton 13. 77 Reggie Brown Sr Arvada 14. 65 George Green Firestone DNS 11J Steve Johnson Loveland

Late Models Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 33 Bear Lynch Arvada 2. 22 Brian Yackey (R) Greeley 3. 53G Nathan Gasser Westminster 4. 9 Brent Cave (R) Thornton 5. 3 Wade Grove Thronton 6. 98 Lee Kemmit Brighton 7. 91 George Burke Colo Springs 8. 17d Dave Deines Frederick 9. 44 Tom Powers Castle Rock 10. 72 Gary Cagle Ft Collins 11. 6 Jason Sharp Fountain 12. 29 Rayshawn Carter Commerce City 13. 27 Wendi Lewis Johnstown 14. 16 Steve Mills 15. 30b Dave Brown 16. 28 Alan Carter Commerce City

Super Stocks Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 99 Nicholas Brinlee Broomfield 2. 06H Adam Hilton Brighton 3. 3 Michael Cox Englewood 4. 51 Jax Hughes Lakewood 5. 60 Jonathan Lindberg (R) 6. 1 Scott Trantham Colo Springs 7. 22T Brett Yackey Greeley 8. 82E James Larsen Pueblo 9. 32 Cody Milan (R) Ft. Collins 10. 21R Robert Hoard (R) Cheyenne 11. 24x Aaron Masters (R) 12. 19 Shelby Cortese Thornton 13. 45 Rebecca Simpson Colo Springs 14. 21 Christopher Nelson Arvada 15. 02 Darrell Smith Littleton 16. 06 Brian DeBauche (R) Denver 17. 04 William Simmons II Pueblo 18. 66 Tyler Van Den Elzen Greeley 19. 22K Jay Hill 20. 55 Damian Lockhart Arvada 21. 49 Chris Cox Lochbuie 22. 99S Sam Messerli Thornton 23. 13 Issac Slinker Greeley

Figure 8 Feature 1 Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 17 Harry Livermore Jr. Denver 2. 15 Jereme Wall Commerce City 3. 52 Jared Wall Commerce City 4. 50 Justin McKeachie Aurora 5. 2 Jeremy Jackson (R) Lakewood 6. 4 Sean Smith Greeley 7. 5 Curtis Chavez Loveland 8. 12 Harvey Webb Jr Longmont 9. 97 Adam Gastineau Aurora 10. 11 Joe Gastineau Centennial 11. 3 Mike Wolfe Jr 12. 00 James Naranjo Denver

Figure 8 Feature 2 Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 15 Jereme Wall Commerce City 2. 52 Jared Wall Commerce City 3. 4 Sean Smith Greeley 4. 50 Justin McKeachie Aurora 5. 17 Harry Livermore Jr. Denver 6. 97 Adam Gastineau Aurora 7. 12 Harvey Webb Jr Longmont 8. 3 Mike Wolfe Jr 9. 11 Joe Gastineau Centennial 10. 00 James Naranjo Denver 11. 2 Jeremy Jackson (R) Lakewood 12. 5 Curtis Chavez Loveland

Race Rental Modifieds Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 10 Jake Nutall 2. 12 John Knee 3. 11 David Reed 4. 4 Trent Dedic 5. 5 Carl Schmidt 6. 92 Jason Harwell 7. 1 John Kindsfather 8. 34 Spencer Bradman 9. 21 Todd Weddell 10. 88 Dave Schmidt


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