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Sprint Car Update: Friday, June 23rd 2023

Attention Sprint Car Competitors - we are proud to announce that as of today, 26 cars have pre-registered for competition in the CNS Independence Day Sprint Car show! We are thrilled to welcome to the field all of the Drivers you see below!

We want to remind all of you that on Friday, June 30th CNS will host an Open Practice for Sprint Cars from 3pm to 7:30pm with a free Driver’s Appreciation BBQ starting at 6:00pm. The gate fee for practice will be $25 for car + driver, $5 for crew, and $15 for spectators.

The approved tires for competition will be the following:

o LF-11.0/24.0-15 2010

o RF-11.0/24.0-15 2030

o LR-26.0/13.0-15 M30

o RR-17.0/28.0-15 2045

You will be able to purchase up to 2 sets of tires from CNS – one for Saturday and one for Sunday. Competitors may bring their own tires so long as they are the same Hoosier models listed above, but all competitors must run the same set of tires for qualifying, 8 lap dash, and 40 lap feature race in a single night. Due to running 50 total laps per night on a single set of tires, the M20 tire will not be permitted for this event as it poses a safety concern.

We are excited to see you all in one week!

CNS Sprint Car Line Up 7/1 & 7/2, 2023


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