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Tire Test Results

We want to take a quick moment to address the 2021 Rule changes that were announced a couple weeks ago, and then explain some of the changes in detail. You will recall that back on October 30th, 2020 we posted a request for Rules suggestions, questions, and comments on our Facebook page. More than 6,000 of you viewed that post, and we received a record number of emails with positive and constructive feedback.

One of the key issues raised was that Drivers appreciated the Tire Rule in the PT, LM, and GAM Divisions, but that five nights was too long to race on the same tires, and that three nights would be better. After meeting and discussing the Tire Rule and many other proposed Rule changes, the decision was made to update the Tire Rule so that the Top Five drivers would continue to have their tires impounded every night, and that they could purchase 4 new tires (2 right and 2 left) after three nights of racing.

On January 6, we posted a request for input on the Hoosier 970 tire on the facebook page. This time, the post was seen more than 5,000 times and we again received a large volume of feedback. Although the majority of GAM drivers preferred to stay with the 970, most all feedback from PT and LM drivers expressed a preference to return to a slick. At that time, CNS contacted Hoosier directly, and requested information on a potential replacement tire – a true racing slick with a lifespan of three race nights. Experts at Hoosier identified the F70 series as the best option. When viewed in light of what Drivers had requested, Hoosier’s vote of confidence, and considering what tire could best improve competition without a major sticker price increase, the F70 was selected as the new tire for the PT and LM divisions.

Hoosier has since sent a demo set of tires to CNS for testing, and four different Pro Trucks have taken them for a spin. Pro Truck 5W driven by Troy Witthar was the first truck to test them, and he reported that he picked up time over last year, but had too much traction for his setup. The same day, PT #43 driven by Kody Vanderwal and PT #34 driven by Rudy Vanderwal each drove 16 laps on the tires (32 total) and ran 2/10ths faster than last year, and liked the feel and traction of the tire. A few days later, PT 3c driven by Cassidy Hinds ran 75 laps on the tires in three 25 lap sessions (for a total of 125 laps on the tires). She was also 2/10ths faster and ran both the bottom and second grooves. Although Cassidy wasn’t sure how she felt about the tire, the 3c crew was impressed by what they saw and the potential gains with proper setup and better track conditions.

CNS has also reached out to driver #24 Tyler Roahrig, who tests for Hoosier and now runs on the Hoosier F70 in the Outlaw Super Late Model class at Kalamazoo and South Bend Speedways. Roahrig said great things about the tire, and stated that after previously running on the 970s for years, then progressing to the D800s, before finally running the F70s he believed that the F70 is the tire of choice. He stated that it is a very racy and good handling tire overall, and a great tire to be on. Ultimately, time will tell just how much of an improvement the F70 tires will make in the PT and LM divisions. We appreciate everyone’s feedback and look forward to seeing you all out here soon.


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