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Ursetta Rocks Independence Day Race

It was a great night for the Colorado Lottery Independence Day Spectacular 4th of July in June. The day started off hot as did the races. The TBK Super Stocks had one of the craziest races CNS fans have seen in some time as the 49 of Chris Cox battled hard to win the main event. The SUNOCO Race Fuels Grand American Modifieds had a race where the cars that finished 1-2 started at the back of the pack but ultimately the 59 of Charles Wilson drove one heck of a main event. The Whittar racing trains, always a crowd favorite, didn’t disappoint as the Slam Train won the last race of the night. The Mountain States Fire Protection Super Late Models had a very interesting main event that saw a late race caution that really shook up the running order. Dominic Ursetta ultimately ended up winning the 50 lap feature.

Mountain States Fire Protection Super Late Models

The Mountain States Fire Protection Super Late Models saw amazing speed during qualifying as Chris Eggleston took quick time with a 15.599. These guys started off the night a bit slow with two uneventful Dash that saw the 8 of Dominic Ursetta and first time winner Jonathan Knee in the 88.

Jonathan Knee wins the DASH (Starr photo)

The main event started off really well as the top six raced side by side, but once the drivers settled in they ran almost half the race caution free with the 24 of Cody Dempster leading. On lap 22 the 88 and 21 tangled in turn and brought the field back together. The top four consisted of the 24, 6,11 and 22. When the green flag flew the 11,6 and 22 left the 24 in the dust and had a amazing race between them until all of a sudden the 22 lost speed and the next lap saw the 6 spin. The yellow flag flew and track officials looked over the track on found oil with ten laps to go. After a long clean up and a lot of radio chatter the track officials made the decision to go back a few laps a give both the 22 and 6 back because go the oil. Once the green flew for the last time the 6 fo Ursetta drove away and left the rest of the pack in the dust.

QUICK TIME: #22 Chris Eggleston 00:15.599 DASH WINNER: 88 Jonathan Knee FAST DASH WINNER: # 6 Dominic Ursetta MAIN EVENT WINNER: # 6 Dominic Ursetta

SUNOCO Race Fuels Grand American Modifieds

The SUNOCO Race Fuels Grand American Modifieds started off the night with a blistering fast 16.63 quicktime set by Charles Wilson in the #59. The 18 of Ed Vecchirelli and the #59 of Wilson were one and two all night long. Vecchirelli won the Fast Dash and the #81 Jeff Larsen jr took the Dash win.

Jeff Larsen Jr. takes the dash win (Starr photo)

When the sun went down and the lights came on these guys really flew around the freshly paved surface. Wilson and Vecchirelli would share the second to last row in the starting line up. The 59 found his speed early in the main and flew to the front of field. The 18 struggles a little bit as he was involved in two crashes and was sent to the back of the field for one of them. But at the end of the night the 18 didn’t stand a chance of catching the 59 of Charles Wilson.

QUICK TIME: #59 Charles Wilson 16.623 DASH WINNER: #81 Jeff Larsen Jr FAST DASH WINNER: #18 Ed Vecchirelli MAIN EVENT WINNER: $59 Charles Wilson

The TBK Super Stocks

The TBK Super Stocks are always a blast to watch, they fight for every inch of racing surface and most of the time take a few racing lines in the dirt. Chris Cox in the #49 was the class of the field as he grabbed the quicktime with a 19.069. The Dash race saw the 02 of Sean Smith take the double checker’s and the #32 of Cody Milan took the win in the Fast Dash.

Sean Smith takes the dash win (Starr photo)

When the TBK Super Stock took to the track for the main event, the 25 car field rocked and rolled. There was great racing for almost every position. The leaders fought, rubbed and beat on each other the entire race. The 49 of Chris Cox found himself in victory lane after starting inside the 6th row.

Quick Time: #49 Chris Cox 19.069 DASH WINNER: #02 Sean Smith FAST DASH WINNER #32 Cody Milan MAIN EVENT WINNER: #49 Chris Cox

Witthar Racing Trains The Witthar Racing Trains rounded out the night with a crazy figure 8 train race. Trains were flying everywhere getting stuck on concrete barriers, replacing doors with dumpers and causing mayhem. When the smoke settle and the sparks stopped the Slam Train found victory lane.


Witthar Racing Trains

26 Slam Train

86 Last Call

01 Dukes of Hazard

151Crazy Train

45 Trump Train

311 Bipolar Express

17 Salute to serve

77 Slimers Revenge

SUNOCO Race Fuels Grand American Modifieds

59 Charles Wilson

18 Ed Vecchirelli

44s Clint Schubert

9 CJ Wilson

51 Joe Mared Jr

37 Landon Nirney

51m Eric Meisner

4 Marcus Kelly

77 Brian McKeever

81 Jeff Larsen Jr

13 Darin Clark

The TBK Super Stocks

49 Chris Cox

60 Jonathan Lindberg

3% Will Alvarado

03 Tyler Mander

02 Sean Smith

21r Robert Hoard

31 Ronnie Duran Jr

60ps Matt Hill

99s Sam Messerli

45e Rebecca Simpson

28s McCaslin Csin

90 Alexander Rodriguez

29g Justin Griffin

19 Shelby Cortese

3,2 Robert Davey

55 Damian Lockhart

86 Tim Coate

98 Natalie Phelps

51x Joseph Dike

1ne Alexis Charette

32 Cody Milan

21 Chris Nelson

44s Issac Slinker

30 Jared Keener

Mountain States Fire Protection Super Late Models

6 Dominic Ursetta

22 Chris Eggleston

12 Bruce Yackey

11 Darren Robertson

32 Brett Yacket

24 Cody Dempster

58 Kyle Ray

29 Matt Brunker

8 Jeff Walbaum

21 Conner Snow

88 Jonathan Knee


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