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Intense On-Track Action Delivers at GTI Services Elite Custom Vehicles Night

July 8th, 2023 ~ Dacono, CO

There’s no such thing as a tame night at Colorado National Speedway, and the fans that came out were treated to tight racing on track on Saturday, July 8th, 2023. Our drivers and teams put on an excellent showing, proving that CNS is always a safe bet for a unique Saturday night venture. Super Stocks, Late Models, Super Late Models, and Demo X made the track their battleground. The night was capped by the Demo X Lites and Demo X Heavies, who put on a whirlwind of a show – including a rollover that saw the affected truck drive away from the scene in the Lites – and two trucks getting hooked together in the Heavies for a few laps before separating and going on their ways.

Bella Flooring America Super Late Models

Dash – 10 Laps

The No. 8 of Jeff Walbaum had his hands full trying to fend off the No. 29 of Matt Brunker when the green fell on the SLM Dash. Brunker’s No. 29 got away with the position, while the No. 2S of Steven Thompson put pressure on Walbaum’s No. 8 for the second position. They held each other up while Brunker’s No. 29 opened up a huge lead, while Thompson’s No. 2S kept working on the No. 8 of Walbaum for second. Thompson’s No. 2S got a little sideways and had to back out, giving the second position to Walbaum. Meanwhile, Brunker’s No. 29 took the checkered flag.

Fast Dash – 10 Laps

The No. 24 of Cody Dempster took the lead away from Cassidy Hinds’ No. 3C on the first lap, while Michael Scott’s No. 82 looked to the inside of Hinds’ No. 3C for second. He made the pass, while the No. 11 of Darren Robertson went door-to-door with Hinds’ No. 3C for third. He cleared her, while Scott’s No. 82 got to the bumper of Dempster’s No. 24 for the lead. He tried to get to the inside of Dempster’s No. 24, but Dempster would not be denied and took home the win.

Feature – 40 Laps

The front row was made up of the No. 32 of Brett Yackey and the No. 82 of Michael Scott, and the top spot was contested for the first lap, but the credit for leading the circuit went to Yackey. Scott’s No. 82 didn’t let up, though, and passed Yackey’s No. 32 back just a lap later. The No. 3C of Hinds and the No. 12 of Bruce Yackey locked into a battle for third, allowing the No. 11 of Darren Robertson to close on them. Robertson’s No. 11 first moved past the No. 12 of Bruce Yackey before taking third from Hinds’ No. 3C after a hard-fought battle. Meanwhile, Scott’s No. 82 had put some ground between himself and Brett Yackey’s No. 32, who found himself in the sights of Robertson’s No. 11. He worked on him for a few laps before making the pass.

Traffic made things a little dicey for Scott’s No. 82, allowing Robertson’s No. 11 to reel him in, but the lapped cars made it difficult for the latter to make the pass. Third place was hotly contested between the No. 32 of Brett Yackey, the No. 12 of Bruce Yackey and the No. 3C of Hinds. Meanwhile, Robertson’s No. 11 finally caught Scott’s No. 82 for the lead, and the two raced side-by-side for several laps, but Scott was able to keep the No. 82 out front. Hinds’ No. 3C took third, while Brett Yackey’s No. 32 fell to fourth and Bruce Yackey’s No. 12 to fifth, ultimately falling to Cody Dempster’s No. 24 for the position. Scott’s No. 82 stayed out front to claim the win.

Quick Time: No. 11, Darren Robertson, 15.932

Dash: No. 29, Matt Brunker

Fast Dash: No. 24, Cody Dempster

Feature: No. 82, Michael Scott

GTI Services Late Models

Dash – 10 Laps

In a three-wide battle for the lead on the first lap, the No. 58 of Bryce Weinmaster took control to lead the first lap, leaving the No. 17 of Mariah Boudrieau and the No. 19 of Del Trantham to sort themselves out for second. The No. 94 of Kyle Morse got past the No. 19 of Trantham for third, taking the No. 60 of Rick Duckworth with him. Duckworth’s No. 60 eventually made the pass for second, putting pressure on the No. 17 of Boudrieau for second but was unable to complete the pass. The No. 58 of Weinmaster led to the checkered flag.

Fast Dash – 10 Laps

The No. 98 of Lee Kemmit took the lead on Lap 1, while the No. 40 of Brandon Newey and the No. 31 of Rick Smith went at each other for second. The No. 15 of Michael Hannah got past Newey’s No. 40 for third, pulling the No. 21G of Mike Gallegos with him, while Dan Alamaa’s No. 8 was stalled behind the No. 40 of Newey on the high side. Smith’s No. 31 tried to charge into the lead, but couldn’t make it work, and Kemmit’s No. 98 took the win.

Feature – 30 Laps

Twenty-four cars were led by the No. 15 of Michael Hannah and the No. 31 of Rick Smith to the green flag, but the pack unfolded into chaos early, involving the No. 8 of Dan Alamaa and the No. 96 of Jeremy Jackson, forcing the former to pit to address a blown left rear tire when a caution was thrown for the stalled No. 99 of Tessa Marine. The No. 15 of Hannah took the lead on the restart, leaving the No. 21G of Mike Gallegos and the No. 98 of Lee Kemmit to fight for third. Gallegos and the No. 21G made the pass and set out after the leaders. A caution was waved for the No. 67 of Kylan Swenson, who was a lap down at the time, making contact with a lead lap car. Hannah’s No. 15 took the lead again when the green waved, while the No. 21G of Gallegos fought with the No. 31 of Smith for P2. Before that could be figured out, a caution was called for the No. 116 of Adam Kimler and the No. 99 of Marine who got together in Turn 3.

Hannah took the lead again on the restart. The No. 21G of Gallegos and the No. 31 of Smith were side-by-side for second for a few laps, but Gallegos and the No. 21G emerged with the position. He sent the No. 21G machine after Hannah’s No. 15. The two touched, causing smoke to billow from the left front tire of Hannah's No. 15 as he lost the lead, allowing Gallegos’ No. 21G to take the top spot. The No. 31 of Smith and the No. 51 of Eric Meisner found themselves far behind Gallegos’ No. 21G as he set sail and took the trophy.

Quick Time: No. 15, Michael Hannah, 17.484

Dash: No. 58, Bryce Weinmaster

Fast Dash: No. 98, Lee Kemmit

Feature: No. 21G, Mike Gallegos

Pueblo Bank & Trust Super Stocks

Dash – 10 Laps

The leaders, the No. 15 of Jereme Wall and the No. 11W of Scott Long, made slight contact heading into Turn 3, but got straightened out, putting the No. 15 of Wall out front. The No. 82 of Ian Clark got second after fighting with Long’s No. 11W, but Long didn’t let him go easy. Lap after lap, the No. 82 of Clark and the No. 11W of Long stayed right on each other, side-by-side, and Long’s No. 11W barely got it at the line behind Wall’s No. 15 in the lead.

Fast Dash – 10 Laps

Brent Cave’s No. 9 took the lead right away over the No. 23 of Jordan Abeyta. They stayed neck-and-neck, putting up a fight for the top spot, but Cave’s No. 9 eventually got the advantage and demoted Abeyta’s No. 23 to second. Meanwhile, the No. 97 of Kyle Stidham and No. 49 of Chris Cox fought for fourth until Cox was able to eke the No. 49 ahead. Up front, Cave’s No. 9 held off Abeyta’s No. 23 for the win.

Feature – 25 Laps

The No. 21 of Chris Nelson started beside the No. 32 of Cody Milan. The field got stacked up when the green flag waved, allowing the No. 9 of Brent Cave to slip by and take the top spot. By the third lap, the top five had gone single file behind Cave’s No. 9. The No. 86 of Tim Coate and the No. 21 of Chris Nelson made slight contact fighting for third, but kept their cars aimed in the correct direction, while the No. 49 of Chris Cox surged into fifth place, while the No. 97 of Kyle Stidham captured sixth after a heated battle for position. A caution was waved for the No. 15 of Jereme Wall, who was unable to exit the racing surface after slowing. The No. 9 of Cave claimed the lead once again when the green flag waved, keeping the No. 23 of Abeyta behind him, while Cox’s No. 49 began to pressure him from third place. P2 was a battleground until the checkered flag, as the No. 49 of Cox and the No. 23 of Abeyta raced side-by-side, allowing the No. 9 of Cave to get away with the race lead, and ultimately the win, even as the No. 88 of Jacob Poole spun to the infield. Cox’s No. 49 finished second, while Abeyta took a third-place result in the No. 23.

Quick Time: No. 7, David Robinson, 19.703

Dash: No. 15, Jereme Wall

Fast Dash: No. 9, Brent Cave

Feature: No. 9, Brent Cave



Super Late Models - 40 Laps

  1. 82 Michael Scott - Hillsdale, WY

  2. 11 Darren Robertson - Westminster

  3. 3C Cassidy Hinds - Arvada

  4. 32 Brett Yackey - Greeley

  5. 24 Cody Dempster - Parker

  6. 89 Zach Morris - Greenwood Village

  7. 12 Bruce Yackey - Greeley

  8. 29 Matt Brunker - Lakewood

  9. 2S Steven Thompson - Scottsbluff, NE

  10. 8 Jeff Walbaum - Brighton

  11. 07 Daniel Mares - Aurora

  12. 46 Eric Blackard (R) - Lakewood

  13. 16 Steve Mills - CO Springs

  14. 25 Monty Skinner - Conifer

Late Models - 30 Laps

  1. 21 Mike Gallegos - Aurora

  2. 31 Rick Smith - Gering, NE

  3. 51 Eric Meisner - Brighton

  4. 98 Lee Kemmit - Brighton

  5. 6 Tommy Roe - Thornton

  6. 15 Michael Hannah - Centennial

  7. 32 Joseph Andrade - CO Springs

  8. 40 Brandon Newey - Broomfield

  9. A51 Matthew Hill - Brighton

  10. 94 Kyle Morse - Peyton

  11. 19 Del Trantham

  12. 58 Bryce Weinmaster - Brighton

  13. 18 Casey Wiggans (R) - CO Springs

  14. 17x Mariah Boudrieau - CO Springs

  15. 196 Robert Davey - Roggen

  16. 23x Rick McComb - Pueblo

  17. 99 Tessa Marine (R) - Littleton

  18. 116 Adam Kimler (R) - CO Springs

  19. 67 Kylan Swenson (R) - Strasburg

  20. 63 James Starcher (R) - Scottsbluff, NE

  21. 8 Dan Alamaa - CO Springs

  22. 21H Robert Hoard (R) - Cheyenne, WY

  23. 96 Jeremy Jackson (R) - Denver

  24. 60 Rick Duckworth - Arvada

Super Stocks - 25 Laps

  1. 9 Brent Cave - Brighton

  2. 49 Chris Cox - Brighton

  3. 23 Jordan Abeyta - Denver

  4. 97 Kyle Stidham - Brighton

  5. 86 Tim Coate - Highlands Ranch

  6. 90 Alex Rodriguez - Phoenix, AZ

  7. 11W Scott Long - Lymon, NE

  8. 7 David Robinson - Johnstown

  9. 21 Chris Nelson - Arvada

  10. 82 Ian Clark (R) - Wheat Ridge

  11. 32 Cody Milan - Fort Collins

  12. 99JR Ryan Raley Jr - Bennett

  13. M60 Morris Christner - Elizabeth

  14. 88 Jacob Poole - Evans

  15. 5c Kyle Carrasco - Hudson

  16. 53 David Noah - Lakewood

  17. 32M Randy Milan - Fort Collins

  18. 15 Jereme Wall - Commerce City

  19. 13 Brandon Claiborn - Lafayette


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