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Yackey Checks Out on New Pavement

(05-18-2019 Dacono CO) On a very chilly night CNS fans got their first look at the new pavement during the Howe Mortuary Night. Brian Yackey quickly found the fast groove to dominate the Snap-On Tools Pro Truck feature while David Robinson, Justin Karrol and Ryan Raley Jr. thrilled in a 3 way battle for the finish in the TBK Super Stocks. Last but not least Mitch Bolton cruised to an easy win in the first ever race in the Hornet division.

Snap-On Tools Pro Trucks

If there was any question that the new pavement at CNS would increase speeds that was answered in qualifying when the top 3 fastest Snap-On Tools Pro Trucks timed in quicker than the current track record. Greeley’s Brian Yackey was the quickest with a blistering 16.515. Yackey parlayed that speed into a fast dash win with a nifty move on the final turn when #33 Tyler Davis and #43 Kody Vanderwal tangled in turn four. Yackey dove down low to take the win as the crowd moved to the edge of their seat.

The feature event was an entirely different story. Yackey needed no last lap heroics to complete the sweep of the night’s events as he bolted out to a large lead and never looked back easily winning the feature event. At the end of the race Yackey wasn’t even in the same zip code of the rest of the field. Clearly the 22 truck was hooked up on the new surface.

Behind Yackey there was some good action as #33 Tyler Davis, #7 Adam Deines, Kody and Rudy Vanderwal battled for position. #9 Curtis Heldenbrand had also been in the fight until his right rear tire went down with 3 laps to go.

The Pro Trucks will return to action Saturday June 1st.

FEATURE: #22 Brian Yackey FAST DASH: #22 Brian Yackey DASH: #9 Curtis Heldenbrand QUICK TIME: #22 Brian Yackey 16.515

Lincoln Tech Pure Stocks

UPDATE: The #7 Pure Stock failed a post race tech inspection and therefore #82 Justin Karrol was the actual winner.

The best finish of the night was in the Lincoln Tech Pure Stock feature event as #7 David Robinson, #82 Justin Karrol, and 99JR Ryan Raley Jr all crossed the finish line within feet of one another thrilling the CNS fans.

Robinson’s win was impressive in more ways than one due to the fact he came from a 12th place starting spot to take the checkered. He also had to contend with Karrol for the majority of the race as the two drivers traded paint lap after lap. Ryan Raley Jr. who eventually grabbed 3rd place wasn’t a factor in the battle up-front until the very end of the race when he almost pulled off a miracle finish.

The Pure Stocks return to action Saturday June 1st.

FEATURE: #82 Justin Karrol FAST DASH: #82 Justin Karrol DASH: #11 Chandron Denman QUICK TIME: #7 David Robinson 19.605

Howe Mortuary Hornets

Saturday’s race marked the first ever appearance from the Howe Mortuary Hornet division at CNS. These small 4 cylinder compact mini stocks are an affordable and fun way to get involved in racing that’s sure to grow quickly over the next couple years.

Grand Junction’s Mitch Bolton in the #5 car showed the way as he easily swept the night’s events setting quick time with a 20.842, winning the fast dash and destroying the field in the feature event. Coming in a distant 2nd place was #24 Lanny Bolton from Aurora. #15 Sean Frank from Colorado Springs was 3rd, #03 Dave Tibbetts was 4th and #58 Christopher Davis from Longmont completed the top 5.

FEATURE: #5 Mitch Bolton FAST DASH: #5 Mitch Bolton DASH: #03 Dave Tibbetts QUICK TIME: #5 Mitch Bolton 20.842


Lite Division: #45 Todd Sally Heavy Division: #31 Dave Johnson


Pro Trucks Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 22 Brian Yackey Greeley 2. 33 Tyler Davis 3. 7 Adam Deines 4. 43 Kody Vanderwal LaSalle 5. 34 Rudy Vanderwal LaSalle 6. 08 Krystal Faulkingham (R) Westminster 7. 05 Nick Cooper (R) 8. 71 Timothy DuVall Denver 9. 9 Curtis Heldenbrand 10. 11 Steve Johnson Windsor 11. 5W Troy Witthar Arvada 12. 16 Travis Roe

Pure Stocks (Still unofficial) Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 82 Justin Karrol 2. 99JR Ryan Raley Jr Bennett 3. 2 Neil Davis (R) Brighton 4. 34 Ronald Johnson (R) Wheatridge 5. 11 Chandron Denman Commerce City 6. 60PS Matt Hill Brighton 7. 21W Jamie Ward Denver 8. 22 James Hill Brighton 9. 41G Topher Galvin Byers 10. 4 Brian Galvin Jr 11. 52 Chad Sutherland Commerce City 12. 13S Isaac Slinker Eaton 13. 33 Alex Krivocheev (R) Wheatridge 14. 23A Alyssa Salazar (R) Arvada 15. 23 Jordan Abeyta Denver 16. 1NE Alexis Charette (R) Aurora 17. 02 Chan Raley Bennett 18. 20 Tanner Faatz (R) Windsor 19. 88 Jacob Poole Evans 20. 66 Matthew Sowash Lakewood 21. 7 David Robinson Johnstown DNS 27 Michel Enders Jr Denver DNS 7X Dustin Camp DNS 8A Austin Richards Arvada

Hornets Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 5 Mitch Bolten (R) Grand Junction 2. 24 Lanny Bolton (R) Aurora 3. 15 Sean Frank (R) Colorado Springs 4. 03 Dave Tibbetts 5. 58 Christopher Davis Longmont 6. 12C Craig Furstenau (R) Strasburg 7. 3 Daniel Thompson (R) Cheyenne 8. 11x Eric Johnson 9. 57 James Embree


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