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Battle of the Fenders

Saturday November 25th, 2023

Pre-Registration Closes Friday November 24th at 6:00pm


Announcing the details for the 7th Battle of the Fenders 300 Lap Enduro!

Date and Time:

Friday, November 24th

CNS will open the pits on Friday from 2pm to 6pm for parking, tech, and tire mounting; as well as some practice time for those who want it. Track time will cost $25 per car and waivers must be signed, and just a $5 charge for crew. Pit stalls will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis and trailers may be parked overnight.


Saturday, November 25th

Gates will open at 8am, and the race will begin at 11:00am. Pits will be open to everyone for $10 per person (Drivers, Spectators, & Crew). No grandstand side seating will be open for this event and everyone buys a ticket at the pits. Concessions will be available on race day. Rain make-up dates will be December 1st (practice) and 2nd (race).


Registration will be $75 per car for early registrations submitted by 6:00pm on Friday, November 24. All registrations received at the gate Saturday morning will cost $100. Registration is available online (see link above) and paper copies can be dropped off in the Speedway’s mailbox at the main entrance by the pond, emailed to, faxed to 303-828-2403, or bring it by on Friday afternoon and give it to Speedway staff. If registering by email or fax, we will call you for a credit card.


Starting Lineup:

Each Driver will receive a raffle ticket when they buy their pit pass Saturday morning. At the Driver’s meeting, the lineup will be assigned by raffle ticket drawing. Drivers will receive additional lineup instruction at the Driver’s meeting.

The Race:

The idea is for all stock car style cars that drove off an assembly plant twenty-plus years ago, big or small, fast or slow, to roar once more. Three hundred laps will become the Equalizer regardless of how many pistons or horsepower you may or may not have.


The rules for the event will be as follows:

RULE #1 is safety, and all cars must comply with the safety regulations. Safety equipment must include Snell rated 2005 helmet, fire suit, gloves, neck brace or restraint. These are all mandatory.


The division or series your vehicle ran last is the set of rules you'll go by. NO Double Pumper Holly Carburetors permitted. All vehicles must safety wire oil drain plugs. If you are running a non-CNS division car, please send a copy of the Rules you run under to by Monday, November 20th. If you fail to provide the Rules, you will start at the back or may not be permitted to race altogether.


The only Tires permitted are: DOT tires not larger than 60 series, Dirt IMCA tires, and 8” Hoosier Comanche. NO 10” slicks will be permitted.  New and Used Hoosier Comanche 8” tires be available at the Speedway. Again, tire sales and mounting will be available at the track on Friday the 25th from 2-6pm and Saturday race day. No two-way radios or headsets will be allowed. 

Tech Officials will determine at the end of the race if or what should be inspected. If the rules for your division are not readily available and updated online, it will be your responsibility to bring a current set with you.


Each and every competitor will be required to run a Transponder. Each competitor will also be responsible to make sure the Transponder is attached properly and that the Transponder is working during the pre-race test (which will be explained at tech). If you do not have a transponder, please borrow one! The track will have a limited amount of charged rental transponders available for rent ($25) at the Pit Ticket Booth on race day. They must be returned after the race! Further instructions and details will be provided at the pre-race pit meeting. At the end of the race, the top 10 positions will be unofficial until all scoreboard/times are reviewed. More information about the purse will follow in another post.

There will be Sunoco Standard 110 Octane race fuel and 91 octane non-ethanol fuel available at the Speedway. At the halfway point of the race, there will be a 20min break which starts as soon as the final running car exits the track and pulls into its’ pit stall. A $500 prize will be awarded to the halfway point leader. During this time, you are permitted to check fluids, maintenance the car, and switch driver in a safe manor. You will NOT be allowed to make any type of tire adjustments. If a tire change or air pressure adjustment is required, that will only be permitted when the Green flag flies at the start of the second half of the race. This will be a Zero tolerance policy. The Speedway opens at 8 a.m. sharp on Saturday, and all vehicles must go through safety inspection prior to being allowed onto the Race Track. Please get there early, or take advantage of the early tech inspections on Friday the 25th from 2pm to 6pm.

If you don't know ask! Email for more information!

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