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Champions crowned at CNS.

(09-28-2013 Dacono, CO) Lee Kemmit powered his GTI Camaro to the final Late Model feature win of the 2013 season but it was Gering Nebraska’s Paul Deines who brought home the season championship. Jeff Hunter swept the Grand American Modified events as well as the season championship and Chris Eggleston was crowned the Legend car track champion. The inaugural Pure Stock championship was won by Jeff Dempwolf, and the “Last Call” Train took home season honor’s in the Witthar Racing Trains division.

Pair A Dice Interior Finishes Late Models #98 Lee Kemmit has won the last two season championships in the Pair A Dice Interior Finishes Late Model division but this season has brought a new level of competition to the field. #8 Jeff Walbaum is always a threat to win and #17 Paul Deines from Gering Nebraska had come into the final race with a slim 8 point lead on Kemmit in the points chase.

In the final race of the season it would take 50 laps to determine this years champion. With Deines starting in the 2nd row and Kemmit starting way back in the 4th row Lee had his work cut out for him. When the green flag dropped #41 Dale Reeder found a smooth line and led the early portion of the race. Kemmit was moving his way up through the field while Deines was having a tough time getting into a rhythm and fell back to 6th spot. 12 laps into the race and #8 Jeff Walbaum made his presence felt passing Reeder for the lead. Another Nebraska driver #76 Chad Cowan was now in 2nd place and he and Walbaum were having a great battle for the lead.

Deines seemed comfortable staying just a car length or two behind Kemmit knowing that would be all he would need to secure the championship. Just after the halfway mark Cowan’s chances at another feature win ended when his car broke and he limped into the infield.

FEATURE WINNER: #98 Lee Kemmit FAST DASH: #17 Paul Deines DASH: #19 Scott Miller QUICK TIME: #76 Chad Cowan 17.765 2013 CHAMPION: #17 Paul Deines 2013 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: #24 Joe Martinez

SUNOCO Fuels Grand American Modifieds Grand American Modified #21 Jeff Hunter who was last season’s Rookie of the Year picked up where he left off and has now become the dominate force in the division. Coming into the final race Hunter led #77 Jeff Hansen by 37 points. And with Hansen not at the track for the final race not much was left to be decided except could Hunter win the final race in addition to the championship.

To make things a bit more interesting Hunter elected to start at the back of the feature which allowed impressive rookie (and 2013 Rookie of the Year) #0 Ron O’Neil to build a large lead early in the race. Yet only a couple laps into the feature and the yellow #21 of Hunter was on O’Neil’s nerf bar battling for the lead.

Hunter grabbed the lead with 16 laps remaining and never looked back dominating the night winning the championship, the feature, the FAST DASH, and setting quick time.

#8 Dan Alamaa was 2nd in the feature, O’Neil finished an impressive 3rd, #66 John Seely was 4th, and #55 Dean Olson was 5th.

FEATURE WINNER: #21 Jeff Hunter FAST DASH: #21 Jeff Hunter QUICK TIME: #21 Jeff Hunter 17.177 2013 CHAMPION: #21 Jeff Hunter 2013 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: #0 Ron O’Neal

Race Central Media Legend Cars #66 Kyle Clegg has won the last three season championships in the Legends division but entering the final points race of the season he would need a near miracle to attain his 4th straight title. Entering the evening Clegg trailed #22 Chris Eggleston by 11 points but to Clegg’s advantage he would get to start on the pole position while Eggleston would start way back in the 4th row.

#58 Kyle Ray worked his way into 2nd behind Eggleston and tried a similar daring move for the lead but made contact with the leader sending Eggleston spinning. Thankfully for Chris there was no damage to his car and would restart back up front while Ray was sent to the rear of the field.

For the final 5 laps Eggleston held off #15 Danny Medina as Eggleston not only won the feature but also secured the 2013 track championship. Medina finished 2nd, Clegg 3rd, #34 Chris Cooper 4th, and #3 Wayne Barlock Jr. was 5th.

#20 Kynzer Riddell from Westminster Colorado finished 9th which was enough to sneak by #1 Jereme Wall for the 2013 Rookie of the Year Award.

FEATURE WINNER: #22 Chris Eggleston FAST DASH: #58 Kyle Ray DASH: #46 Zach Witherwax QUICK TIME: #58 Kyle Ray 18.580 2013 CHAMPION: #22 Chris Eggleston 2013 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: #20 Kynzer Riddell

Lincoln Technology Pure Stocks In 2013 Colorado National Speedway introduced the Pure Stock Division. The new division is designed to be a beginner’s class allowing folks to have an easy way of getting some racing experience. The class was a huge success in it’s first year featuring tons of wild action that was clearly a crowd favorite.

On the final race of the season #07 Mike Steward battled #92 Ernie Jones for a dozen laps on route to victory. Mike was thrilled in winner’s circle but also shocked the crowd as he promptly announced his retirement. Jones finished a close 2nd, and #16 Tony Nadeau was 3rd.

The points battle was close all season long between #06 Jeff Dempwolf and #13 Jamie Ward. As a testament to how evenly matched these two drivers are in the final feature event Dempwolf finished 4th and Ward finished 5th. Therefore Jeff Dempwolf is crowned your 2013 Pure Stock Champion.

FEATURE WINNER: #07 Mike Steward FAST DASH: #14 Brandon McCormick DASH: #06 Jeff Dempwolf QUICK TIME: #91 Cole Whitford 20.797 2013 CHAMPION: #06 Jeff Dempwolf

Witthar Racing Trains The #86 “Last Call” Train went 5 for 5 winning every single main event throughout the entire 2013 season. Obviously that garnered the team the 2013 championship.

FEATURE WINNER: #86 Last Call Train 2013 CHAMPION: #86 Last Call Train


Late Models Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info Best Tm 1. 98 Lee Kemmit Thornton  CO 08 Charger 18.174 2. 8 Jeff Walbaum Brighton  CO 08 Impala 18.008 3. 17 Paul Deines Gering  NE ’08 Impala 18.237 4. 84 Bruce Borchardt Lafayette  CO 03 Grand Prix 18.215 5. 99 Nick Brinlee Broomfield  CO 78 Cutlass 18.138 6. 24 Joe Martinez (R) Centennial  CO Monte Carlo 18.193 7. 19 Scott Miller (R) Brighton  CO 11 Camaro 18.284 8. 3 Wade Grove Thornton  CO ’04 Impala 18.302 9. 41 Dale Reeder Westminster  CO 08 Charger 18.038 10. 67 Stephanie Brown Littleton  CO 07 Impala 18.305 11. 46 Eric Blackard Lakewood  CO 03 Monte Carlo 18.237 12. 31 Derek Smith (R) Longmont  CO ’08 Impala 18.300 13. 27 Wendi Lewis Johnstown  CO 02 Grand Prix 19.054 14. 28 Alan Carter Commerce City  CO ’10 Monte Carlo 18.856 15. 75 Emilio Abeyta (R)   18.520 16. 29 Rayshawn Carter Commerce City  CO 10 Monte Carlo 18.803 17. 76 Chad Cowan Gering  NE 08 Monte Carlo 17.994 18. 30 Jan Oxley Ft. Lupton  CO 03 Monte Carlo 19.732 DNS 49 Dennis Pobanz Colorado Springs  CO 01 Monte Carlo

Grand American Modifieds Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info Best Tm 1. 21 Jeff Hunter Brighton  CO 13 Dave Garmin Corvette 17.057 2. 8 Dan Alamaa Colorado Springs  CO 95 Modified 17.357 3. 0 Ron O’Neil (R) Colorado Springs  CO 13 Moon Stealth 17.234 4. 66 John Seely Parker  CO 12 Impala 17.654 5. 55 Dean-O Olson Canon City  CO 57 Bel Air 17.752 6. 11H Gary Higgs Lakewood  CO  17.459 7. 57B Brady Balderston Highlands Ranch CO  17.600 8. 44 Justin Case Brighton CO  23.356

Pure Stocks Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info Best Tm 1. 07 Mike Steward Commerce City  CO Chevy Caprice 20.846 2. 92 Ernie Jones   20.699 3. 16 Tony Nadeau Westminister  CO Cutlass 20.926 4. 06 Jeff Dempwolf Brighton  CO 78 Chevy Malibu Wagon 20.899 5. 13 Jamie Ward Denver  CO 78 Caprice 20.789 6. 14 Brandon McCormick Englewood  CO 79 Monte Carlo 20.731 7. 84 Daniel Mares Aurora  CO 81 Chevy Caprice 20.737 8. 91 Cole Whitford   20.614 9. 4 Brian Galvin   21.113 10. 48 Mike Alvarodo   21.179 11. 10m Mike Bellomy Hudson  CO 79 Impala 21.166 12. 3 Brian  Lengvenas Denver  CO 77 Chevy Malibu 22.619 13. 99 Chan Raley Thornton  CO 77 Chevy Monte Carlo 23.680 14. 79 Greg Dreiling Thornton  CO 83 Chevy Caprice 21.707

Legends Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info Best Tm 1. 22 Chris Eggleston Erie  CO  18.478 2. 15 Danny Medina Colorado Springs  CO 37 Sedan 18.487 3. 66 Kyle Clegg Westminster  CO  18.629 4. 34 Chris Cooper Frederick  CO 34 Coupe 18.612 5. 3 Wayne Barlock JR Evans  CO 37 Ford 18.658 6. 06 Mike Gallegos Wheatridge  CO Chevy 18.730 7. 6 Scotty Scott Arvada CO 34 Ford Coupe 18.880 8. 25 Adam Pechman Morrison  CO 37 Sedan 19.032 9. 20 Kynzer Riddell (R) Westminster  CO 37 Ford 19.360 10. 21 Ryan Jones Arvada CO 34 Ford Coupe 18.824 11. 19 Larry Pachello Wheatridge  CO  19.194 12. 03 Darrell Stewart Arvada  CO 37 Chevy Sedan 18.847 13. 37 Josh Richard Peyton  CO  18.917 14. 26 Christopher Brunker Lakewood CO 37 Chevy Coupe 19.364 15. 46 Zach Witherwax Lakewood CO 34 Ford 19.257 16. 07 Bill Seip Parker  CO  19.202 17. 7J Jace Pennetta (R) Arvada  CO  19.939 18. 17 BreAnn Adkison  (R) Cheyenne  WY 37 Chevy 20.538 19. 11 Jessica Savage Aurora  CO 37 Sedan 19.788 20. 31 Tim Mein (R) Frederick  CO 34 Sedan 20.622 21. 58 Kyle Ray Littleton  CO 34 Ford 18.575 22. 12 Cody Castor Bennett  Co ’37 Dodge Sedan 20.138

Trains Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info Best Tm 1. 86 Last Call 2. 13 Crazy Train 3. 2 Harry & Billy 4. 69 Twisted Sister 5. 36 Bad Idea

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