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CNS Rocks Out With Rock ‘N’ Roll Brewery Race Cars And Guitars

June 15, 2024 ~ Dacono, CO

Colorado National Speedway was a hotbed of action on Saturday, July 15th, 2024. Incredible racing in the Pure Stocks/Super Stocks, Grand American Modifieds, and Late Models kept our fans on their feet throughout the night, and as the sun sank behind the grandstands, the action on track only got hotter. The Beer Garden was brimming with fans enjoying a full lineup of cocktails and beverages, and the grandstands were full of fans on the edge of their seats as they stayed glued to the battles going down on our time-tested asphalt oval.


GTI Services Late Models

Fast Dash – 10 Laps

From the front row, the No. 6 of Tommy Roe stepped out, allowing the No. 8 of Dan Alamaa to get away with the lead. Eric Meisner put his No. 51 past Roe for second in short order and lit out after Alamaa up front. In another lap, he’d caught Alamaa, pulling even for a few laps before he was finally able to get the advantage. Roe chipped at Alamaa’s hold on P2 as the laps ticked down, but he couldn’t make it stick; the field fell single file behind them as Meisner commanded the top spot. He was able to stretch his lead to three car-lengths by the time checkers waved to snag the Fast Dash win.

Dash – 10 Laps

With a light rain peppering their windshields, the field took the green for the LM Dash behind the No. 58 of Bryce Weinmaster and the No. 116 of Adam Kimler. Kimler tried to power into first place, but had to settle for running P2 as the pack strung out. The No. 32 of Joseph Andrande caught Kimler at the halfway mark, pressuring him for P2. Behind them, the No. 23 of Jordan Abeyta pressured the No. 17X of Mariah Boudrieau for fourth place as Weinmaster dominated the race. Abeyta got past Boudrieau and made short work of the No. 5 of Del Trantham Jr., slicing into third behind Kimler in P2 and Weinmaster in first when the checkers dropped.

Feature – 80 Laps

A long race – 80 laps to be exact – awaited the impressive field of 18 Late Models at the end of the night. Stephen Mills, driver of the No. 16, showed the way from the pole, unable to shake the No. 18 of Casey Wiggans, who galloped into the lead with just two laps in the books. Mills got stuck on the high side and lost speed, falling in beside the No. 99 of Tessa Marine. Marine and Mills worked on each other for a few laps until Marine got held up behind a lapped car, finally giving Mills a break as he maintained his spot. Behind them, the No. 8 of Alamaa nosed inside of Roe’s No. 6 for fifth place; the No. A51 of Kyle Clegg fell off the pace and promptly spun out when his left rear tire went flat. The yellow waved on Lap 9, and Wiggans got away with the lead again when the green flag fell. The No. 98 of Lee Kemmit took advantage of the restart to muscle into second place, although Roe fought back and gave him a hard run for second place. Kemmit finally got the advantage and settled into P2. Behind them, the No. 51 of Fast Dash winner Meisner had fought into fifth place after starting near the rear of the field. However, nobody held a candle to Wiggans, who expertly rounded the track and put almost 10 car-lengths between himself and the second-place car of Kemmit.

Alamaa began to make waves in the No. 8 machine. He picked off the frontrunners one by one until he took over P2 from Kemmit and set himself right in Wiggans’ tire tracks, intent on cutting his lead down. By Lap 30, he had cut into Wiggans’ lead, and three laps later, he had him in his clutches, wearing out the rear bumper of the No. 18 machine as he looked for his chance to get around. Meisner, meanwhile, cut past Kemmit for third, while Alamaa finally shot past Wiggans. It was now Alamaa’s turn to lay down some serious ground on the P2 car, settling into a comfortable lead just past the halfway mark.

As the field fell single file and filled just about every part of the racetrack. Meisner caught Wiggans for second. Wiggans got a little sideways and let Meisner past, but their battle held them up and let Alamaa get away with almost a straightaway-length lead. Meanwhile, Clegg fought Meisner, attempting to regain his lap lost when he had a tire go down, but his valiant effort was cut short when his No. A51 race car began leaking fluid. Marine spun out in Turn 3, causing a yellow flag as Clegg nursed his ailing race car to the frontstretch. The race was red flagged with less than 20 to go to allow for cleanup – and to help the drivers save fuel so they could make it to the end of the long Feature.

Alamaa had to deflect a charge from Meisner when the green finally fell. While Alamaa got the advantage, Meisner clung onto his rear bumper; behind them, Kemmit stalked them both and waited for them to slip up and give him a shot at the top spot. Eventually, Alamaa got away from Meisner and settled into a groove. Meisner gave one last charge for the lead with two laps left, but faded, having apparently used up everything his race car had. Alamaa sailed across the finish line to win the grueling LM Feature.

Quick Time: No. 51, Eric Meisner, 17.334 seconds

Fast Dash: No. 51, Eric Meisner

Dash: No. 58, Bryce Weinmaster

Feature: No. 8, Dan Alamaa


Sunoco Race Fuel Grand American Modifieds

Fast Dash – 10 Laps

An early incident in Turn 1 caused the field to stack up and resulted in a spin before one lap could be completed. The field was reset for the restart as Kyle Clegg put his No. 51 ahead of the No. 58 of Kyle Ray, who started alongside him on the front row but struggled to maintain his pace. Scotty Scott’s No. 6 and Nathan Gasser’s No. 24 battled side-by-side for third; the No. 08 of Jace Hansen thought better of attempting to go three-wide and backed out of the fight. Then, something in Ray’s race car let go sending him into the outside wall, yawing to the left as his right-side wheels rode the wall before coming to a rest. With the carnage cleared out, Clegg resumed his lead. Scott kept his race car under him even after a bump from Gasser, but this allowed Hansen to take P2 away. Clegg led to the checkers with Hansen in tow.

Dash – 10 Laps

Jared Wall’s No. 52 claimed the lead when the No. 8 of Benjamin Stanley couldn’t get going, putting the No. 7 of David Robinson in second place. Wall set sail and ditched the field, who all fell in nose-to-tail until the No. 68 of Jason Hulvey went around and caused a caution that reined in the field. Wall powered back ahead and maintained his lead until the laps ran down and the checkered flag waved.

Feature – 30 Laps

With 19 race cars ready to take the green, the field got stacked up on the start. Cody Milan’s No. 32 jumped ahead, tailed by the No. 21 of Ryan Jones and the No. 22 of Travis Rudolph with Jones put the heat on Milan. The two race cars touched, but they managed to stay pointed in the right direction and Milan maintained the lead. Jones got fed up being second-best and nudged Milan out of the way on Lap 10. Milan’s race car wasn’t happy without the lead, and he fell back as Scott cruised by with the rest of the pack in tow. Jones, now in control, put some distance down on Scott, who fell into the clutches of Hansen. They pulled side-by-side, and after a brief fight, Hansen put Scott behind him and left him to fight with Jones, Clegg, and Gasser for P3. Milan’s day went downhill fast as he got loose and snapped around in Turn 4 on Lap 18, causing a caution flag.

Jones and Hansen took the green flag on the front row, but Milan struggled again and spun out, and the race went back to yellow. The restart saw Hansen swinging wide to power into the lead, leaving Jones to take P2 as Clegg caught Scott for P3. Jones wasn’t ready to throw in the towel, though, keeping pace with Hansen even as Gasser pressured him. The fight was cut short when the No. 69 of Forrest Smith and the No. 3 of Jeremiah Hill made contact, forcing the No. 68 of Hulvey and Milan to yank their race cars into tight spins to avoid making contact. Hansen was lined up with Jones up front once again. Hansen kept the lead and Clegg took control of P3, at least until Gasser got past him.

Again, Milan’s cursed day got worse when he spun out again with five laps to go, ultimately earning the black flag after so many incidents. Once again, Hansen and Jones were on the front row for the restart, when disaster nearly struck Hansen coming back to green as he rubbed the rear bumper of the pace car diving off the speedway. (Check out the great photo from Joe Starr above). After the very close encounter, Hansen dove out front and began to stretch his lead as Gasser leaned on Jones, trying once again to take P2 away. Hansen didn’t look back and flashed across the line in first, claiming his first GAM win in quite some time and proving that he’s still got it.

Quick Time: No. 21, Ryan Jones, 17.091

Fast Dash: No. 51 Kyle Clegg

Dash: No. 52, Jared Wall

Feature: No. 08, Jace Hansen


Pueblo Bank & Trust Super Stocks/Rock ‘N’ Roll Brewery Pure Stocks

Fast Dash – 15 Laps

Before a lap could be completed in the Fast Dash, the No. 11W of Scott Long spun from mid-pack all by himself prompting a yellow flag. The field was reset with the No. 18Y Justin Young and No. 32 of Rick Phillips leading the pack. Young jumped ahead of Phillips on the restart and began pulling away. Meanwhile, the No. 49 of Chris Cox began a pointed forward march using the outside line. The No. 97 of Kyle Stidham went three-wide with Phillips and Cox. Stidham and Phillips touched, slowing them up, as Cox shot in front of them both and took command of P2. Phillips lost serious ground as Cox tracked Young. Young washed up the track in Turn 2, opening the lower groove for Cox, Stidham, and the No. 9 of Brent Cave to charge past him. Cave worked on Stidham while Cox checked out, making one last attempt on him on the last lap but was unable to make it happen. Cox won in the SS division; Young was the highest-finishing driver from the PS division.

Dash – 15 Laps

The top four couldn’t shake one another when the green flag dropped – the No. 88 of Jacob Poole and the No. 53 of Joshua Hopkins battled for first, while the No. 5C of Kyle Carrasco and the No. 02 of Chan Raley took up arms for P3. Hopkins fell behind Poole, but stayed right on his bumper, unwilling to let him get away with the lead. A yellow waved to address a car stuck in the Turn 2 chute. Poole attempted to maintain the lead on the restart, but appeared to have an issue and stacked up the field behind him, surrendering the lead. Hopkins took off from the pack as Shane Johnson’s No. 45 powered past Raley for second. Hopkins maintained the lead and stayed well ahead to capture the Dash win for the PS, while Carrasco’s fifth-place finish earned him the SS win.

Fast Feature – 25 Laps

The mixed field of 20 cars followed the No. 12S of Shawn Sulley and the No. 34 Ronnie Johnson to the green. On the initial start, the No. 8 of Isaac Almaswari dove to the bottom of the track, giving up precious track position. Ian Clark’s No. 82 bounced off the No. 32 of Phillips, letting Clark gain the advantage as Phillips appeared to struggle with his race car. Unfazed, Clark took the lead from Sulley in short order and put the pedal down, taking off with the top spot while Cave charged through the field and began to reel him in. Stidham tried and failed to keep Cox behind him for third. Long’s race car presented with another issue just like the Fast Dash, causing a caution as he stalled out. Clark defended the lead on the restart. Stidham grappled with Cave for P3, while Almaswari had marched up to sixth after his earlier incident.  

Suddenly, Cox emerged as a contender for second, shooting past Stidham, whose race car nearly went around as he got extremely loose and almost went around. Cave was able to pace him when he gathered his race car back up, getting past him for third place; Cox began to cut down on Clark’s lead as the top 10 finally settled out single file. With Cox steadily filling his rearview, Clark fended him off with everything he had, throwing his race car with such gusto that it sent him sideways. He pointed it straight and sliced down in front of Cox to claim his first-ever SS win. Meanwhile, Sulley managed to pull off a fifth-place finish to grab the PS win. Almaswari and the No. 33 of Dillyn Kellogg ran neck-and-neck for sixth down to the line; it would be Almaswari ahead by a nose at the finish.

Feature – 25 Laps

Dustin Camp’s No. 7X led from the outside while the No. 51 of Jessilyn Dike clung to the inside lane, making Camp work for his lead as they rounded the track to take the second lap. However, she finally fell back and was passed by Carrasco and Raley as she continued to slide the wrong direction. On Lap 6, the No. 78 of Mark Bremkamp spun and got stuck in the gutter on the racing surface, causing an early caution. Camp went back to the point when the green flag waved as Carrasco pushed high up the track. Raley entered the conversation for P2 along with Hopkins who battled side-by-side. Suddenly, Camp got loose and let Carrasco by. Fighting a race car that had suddenly turned evil, Camp began to fall through the field. The No. 45 of Shane Johnson and the No. 41G of Galvin fought hard for P3, while Hopkins emerged as the second-place car and tried to wear out Carrasco for the lead. Raley executed an excellent move to get inside Galvin for fourth, and Johnson’s race car began to smoke. He drifted high and gave up several spots, pulling off the track as the race stayed green with just seven laps left.

Raley finally put Galvin in his rearview for third place, while Hopkins shouldered past Carrasco and took over the lead. Galvin had to chase the back end of his race car, letting the No. 24 of Kolby Humphrey and Poole’s No. 88 past. Attempting to navigate lapped traffic, Carrasco and Hopkins tried to clear the No. 62 of Amber Giles to continue their battle, but disaster struck. Hopkins got into Giles, causing the latter to pile into the wall and stall out and setting the stage for a late-race caution. Carrasco and Hopkins started from the front row, but Carrasco couldn’t quite get his race car going and fell to third place, letting Hopkins get away with a healthy lead up front. Carrasco and Poole battled right down to the line to decide the SS win, with Carrasco barely getting the advantage. Hopkins, meanwhile, swept the overall win, and, therefore, the PS division.

SS Quick Time: No. 49, Chris Cox, 19.414

PS Quick Time: No. 32, Rick Phillips, 19.782

SS Fast Dash: No. 49, Chris Cox

PS Fast Dash: No. 18Y, Justin Young

SS Dash: No. 5C, Kyle Carasco

PS Dash: No. 53, Josh Hopkins

SS Fast Feature: No. 82, Ian Clark

PS Fast Feature: No. 12S, Shawn Sulley

SS Feature: No. 5C, Kyle Carrasco

PS Feature: No. 53, Josh Hopkins


To all our fans, drivers, teams, employees, and sponsors, thanks for making Father’s Day Weekend a great one at CNS! We look forward to the rest of the season with every one of you. As usual, if you missed out on this weekend’s action, come on out next week for a Saturday night you won’t forget.

If you missed any of the action from our jam packed weekend of events. Click Here to watch the replay on Low Budget TV by clicking here.


Late Models - 80 Laps

  1. Dan Alamaa

  2. 51 Eric Meisner

  3. 98 Lee Kemmit

  4. 16 Steve Mills

  5. 18 Casey Wiggans

  6. 7X Kyle Morse

  7. 6 Tommy Roe

  8. 17X Mariah Boudrieau

  9. 99 Tessa Marine

  10. 58 Bryce Weinmaster

  11. 32 Joseph Andrade (R)

  12. A51 Kyle Clegg

  13. 23 Jordan Abeyta (R)

  14. 14 Larry Mullins (R)

  15. 5 Del Trantham Jr

  16. 116 Adam Kimler

  17. 21 Robert Hoard (R)

Grand American Modifieds - 30 Laps

  1. 08 Jace Hansen

  2. 21 Ryan Jones (R)

  3. 24 Nathan Gasser

  4. 51 Kyle Clegg

  5. 6 Scotty Scott

  6. 9 CJ Wilson

  7. 89 Jacob Smith

  8. 22 Travis Rudolph

  9. 69 Forest Smith

  10. 8 Benjamin Stanley

  11. 98 Todd Glace (R)

  12. 7 David Robinson

  13. 88 Paul Himler

  14. 3 Jeremiah Hill

  15. 55 Damian Lockhart

  16. 34 Luke Davis (R)

  17. 68 Jason Hulvey

  18. 32 Cody Milan (R)

  19. 52 Jared Wall DNS 58 Kyle Ray DNS 13S Jordan Smith

Super Stocks - 25 Laps

  1. 82 Ian Clark *

  2. 49 Chris Cox

  3. 9 Brent Cave

  4. 97 Kyle Stidham

  5. 8 Isaac Almaswari (R)

  6. 33 Dillyn Kellogg (R)

  7. 61 John Humphrey

  8. 50 Don Lawing (R)

  9. 4 Chris Jordan

  10. 22 AJ Hill (R)

  11. 11W Scott Long

  12. 99JR Ryan Raley Jr

  13. 5W Troy Witthar

  14. 5C Kyle Carrasco **

  15. 88 Jacob Poole

  16. 24 Kolby Humphrey (R)

  17. 51 Jessilyn Dike (R)

  18. 62 Amber Giles

  19. 34B Bryson Brooks (R) DNS 40 Ryan Newey (R)

*Denotes Combined SS/PS Fast Feature Winner

**Denotes Combined SS/PS Regular Feature Winner

Pure Stocks - 25 Laps

  1. 12S Shawn Sulley *

  2. 34 Ronnie Johnson

  3. 32 Rick Phillips

  4. 5 David Wilson

  5. 6 Ben Hendricks

  6. 99 Dillon Meigs

  7. 18Y Justin Young

  8. 53 Joshua Hopkins **

  9. 02 Chan Raley

  10. 41G Christopher Galvin

  11. 1 Derek Spaulding

  12. 7X Dustin Camp

  13. 10W Gauge Witthar (R)

  14. 78 Mark Bremkamp

  15. 63 Kenneth Bowlus (R)

  16. 42 Brandon McCormick

  17. 77 Brian Bunn (R)

  18. 45 Shane Johnson (R)

*Denotes Combined SS/PS Fast Feature Winner

**Denotes Combined SS/PS Regular Feature Winner


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