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Deines thrills the crowd with a daring move to take the first night of Memorial Day Racing at CNS

Pair A Dice Interior Finishes Late Models The Late Model division lined up for a 50 lap feature event and with #8 Jeff Walbaum on the pole and #98 Lee Kemmit starting all the way back in 9th place the question on everyone’s mind was, can Kemmit catch Walbaum? At the start of the race Walbaum did what everyone expected and jumped out to a huge lead over 2nd place #46 Eric “Blackie” Backard. #17 Paul Deines caught Blackard and moved into 2nd place with the 2013 GTI Golf Cars Camaro of Kemmit in tow. Kemmit went to the low groove and passed Deines to take 2nd place and begin to track down Walbaum for the lead.

After Blackard brought out the caution for a spin in turn two Kemmit grabbed a narrow lead over Walbaum who seemed comfortable on the inside with Kemmit riding high on the outside. With Walbaum and Kemmit running side by side it was setting up to be a great race for the finish between Jeff and Lee.

Yet something happened that shocked the entire CNS crowd, Paul Deines who was still running strong in 3rd place dove low under Walbaum and Kemmit and the three of them ran 3 abreast for and entire lap until the #17 of Deines eventually moved past both leaders. As the crowd roared for what was one of the best moves for the lead in recent memory Deines set his sights on the finish and began to build a small lead.

Deines daring move paid off as he took his first win of the 2013 season. Walbaum took second and Kemmit came in 3rd. Kemmit, Walbaum, and Deines, are also at the top of the 2013 point standings only separated by a total of 7 points. #84 Bruce Borchadrt finished 4th and #3 Wade Grove finished strong in 5th place.

MAIN EVENT: #17 Paul Deines FAST DASH: #98 Lee Kemmit DASH: #00 Nick Brinlee QUICK TIME: #8 Jeff Walbaum 17.722

Snap-On Tools Pro Trucks The Pro Truck portion of the evening had an ominous start as #23 Skylar Rhoades slammed head on into the turn 3 wall in his DASH. Rhoades got loose going down the back straight and eventually made hard contact with the wall. The CNS crowd breathed a sigh of relief when it was announced Skylar was uninjured in the crash.

The Feature event had #27 Roger Avants on the pole with #15 Mike Bernard on the outside. Yet when Bernard fell back several spots #41 Mark Neff pulled up next to the “Ice Man” and the two of them swapped paint for several laps. After 10 laps Neff moved out front all alone and #34 Rudy Vanderwal slipped by Avants into 2nd place. Directly behind Avants in 3rd #5 Troy Whittar was running strong in 4th place pushing Roger for position. Neff was just too fast for the rest of the field and he cruised to the finish grabbing his first feature win of the season. Vanderwal settled for 2nd place, Avants crossed the line in 3rd, Whittar 4th, and the “Pebble” Matt Burton in the #36 Truck rounded out the top 5.

MAIN EVENT: #41 Mark Neff FAST DASH: #36 Matt Burton DASH: #31 Justin Simonson QUICK TIME: #41 Mark Neff 16.554

SUNOCO Grand American Modifieds #21 Jeff Hunter started on the pole in the SUNOCO Race Fuels Grand American Modifieds and quickly jumped out to a large lead over #8 Dan Alamaa and #95 of Dave Finley. Alamaa and Finley battled side by side for 2nd place lap after lap thrilling the crowd. #77 Jeff Hansen who started all the way back in the 4th row had moved up to 4th position and #66 John Seely was right behind at the halfway mark. Hansen powered his way into 2nd place and began to track down Hunter for the lead. Yet not even a late race caution flag could prevent Hunter from winning his first feature event of 2013 as he held off Hansen who was never able to make a serious challenge for the lead. Alamaa hung on to 3rd, Seely finished a strong 4th and after a late race spin Finley came back to finish 5th.

MAIN EVENT: #21 Jeff Hunter FAST DASH: #77 Jeff Hansen DASH: 57B Brady Balderston QUICK TIME: #95 Dave Finley 17.155

Whittar Racing TRAINS The #86 Last Call Train outlasted the field to take the win in a crash filled Train race that capped off a great night of racing at CNS.


Pair A Dice Interior Finishes Late Models Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info 1. 17 Paul Deines Frederick CO ’08 Impala 2. 8 Jeff Walbaum Brighton  CO 08 Impala 3. 98 Lee Kemmit Thornton  CO 13 Camaro 4. 84 Bruce Borchardt Lafayette  CO 03 Grand Prix 5. 3 Wade Grove Thornton  CO ’04 Impala 6. 41 Dale Reeder Westminster  CO 08 Charger 7. 24 Joe Martinez (R) Centennial  CO Monte Carlo 8. 7 Ethan Penrod (R) Thornton  CO ’03 Grand Prix 9. 46 Eric Blackard Lakewood  CO 03 Monte Carlo 10. 99 Nick Brinlee Broomfield  CO 13 Challenger 11. 67 Stephanie Brown Littleton  CO 07 Impala 12. 33 Christopher Burskirk (R) Bayard NE 91 Chevy Camaro 13. 29 Rayshawn Carter Commerce City  CO 10 Monte Carlo 14. 30 Jan Oxley Ft. Lupton  CO 03 Monte Carlo 15. 27 Wendi Lewis Johnstown  CO 02 Grand Prix 16. 28 Alan Carter Commerce City  CO ’10 Monte Carlo DNS 22 Joe Matlock (R) Aurora  CO ’03 Dodge Avenger

Snap-On Tools Pro Trucks Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info 1. 41 Mark Neff Eaton  CO 2. 34 Rudy Vanderwal LaSalle  CO 99 Ford F150 3. 27 Roger Avants Littleton  CO 4. 5 Troy Whittar Eastlake  CO 04 Chevy Silverado 5. 36 Matt Burton Englewood  CO 08 Silverado 6. 11 Steve Johnson Windsor  CO 7. 29 Matthew Brunker Lakewood  CO 2000 Truck 8. 2 Alan Warren (R) Centennial  CO 9. 10A Andy Bellomy (R) 10. 31 Justin Simonson Wheatridge  CO 11. 71 Jim Stivaletta(R) 12. 15 Mike Bernard Ft Collins  CO F150

SUNOCO Fuels Grand American Modifieds Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info 1. 21 Jeff Hunter Brighton  CO 2. 77 Jeff Hansen Berthoud  CO 3. 8 Dan Alamaa Colorado Springs  CO 95 Modified 4. 66 John Seely Parker  CO 12 Impala 5. 95 Dave Finley Brighton  CO 6. 0 Ron O’Neil (R) 7. 44 Bruce Yackey 8. 55 Dean Olson 9. 57B Brady Balderston Highlands Ranch CO 10. 57 Kelly Balderston Pueblo West  CO 11. 52 Jared Wall (R) 12. 24 Tim Holm (R) 13. 41 Alan Smith

Whitar Racing Trains Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info 1. 86 Last Call 2. 0 0 Train 3. 13 Crazy Train 4. 2 Harry & Billy 5. 69 Twisted Sister 6. 36 Bad Idea 7. 5 Lange/Johnson 8. 67 Scooby Machine

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