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Final 2023 Champions crowned this Saturday at CNS

Colorado National Speedway will crown its final two divisional champions this Saturday as we celebrate Halloween a little early with our trick or treat Halloween celebration presented by Coca-Cola. All drivers competing on Saturday will be handing out candy for the kids as we park all of the race cars (and a few friends) in the infield after qualifying! We will also have costume contests & more; this is a very special night to finish off a great 2023 racing season. Our final two divisions to settle their championships include the AC Transmission Legends & The Puzzle Effect Denver Bandoleros. You’re not going to want to miss this epic night of action featuring a whipping eight different divisions.

This weekend we kick things off earlier, please note the start times for this Saturday’s race.

Gates Open: 2:00pm

Trick or Treat: 3:00pm

Racing Begins: 4:30pm

Halloween Celebration October 7th, 2023

AC Transmission Legends

It’s been another fantastic year for the Legend Cars as we’ve seen some great racing action and even some fresh faces emerge in the winner’s circle this season. Typically, most race nights see a split in the field to give those with less experience a chance to race a feature and hone their skills to move up into the fast legend feature. No.57 Jarret Scarberry was red hot early picking up 3 legend feature wins in a row before moving up into the fast legend features. This impressive performance to start the year off has led to an incredible rookie of the year battle in the division.

Meanwhile, in the Fast Legends, a familiar face has led the way all season long. No.22 Chris Eggleston has picked up 6 wins including a sweep of the 4th of July features. Chris had a large points margin heading into the legend invasion when trouble struck and he took a hard tumble down the backstretch. This allowed the points gap to narrow heading into this Saturday’s race. Other winners in the fast legends include No.78C Colton Crocker (who picked up his first ever Fast Legend Car win on July 15th), No.66 Kyle Clegg (2), and our most recent winner during the Legend Invasion: No.78X Darrell Stewart Jr. Winners in the Legends include No.57 Jarrett Scarberry (3), No.73 Mike Markison, No.33 Dillyn Kellogg, No.32 Cody Milan, No.1 Ryan Land. Join us Saturday to find out if Chris Eggleston will become a 6-time champion and pick up his 3rd straight championship.

Current Top 5 in Points:

1. 22 Chris Eggleston – 352 points (6 Wins, 8 Top 5, 8 Top 10)

2. 78C Colton Crocker – 313 points (1 Win, 7 Top 5, 8 Top 10)

3. 21 Ryan Jones – 305 points (0 Win, 8 Top 5, 8 Top 10)

4. 66 Kyle Clegg – 278 points (2 Win, 5 Top 5, 7 Top 10)

5. 03 Darrell L Stewart – 265 points (0 Win, 5 Top 5, 8 Top 10)

Rookie of the Year Battle:

The 2023 rookie battle has been intense all season and three of the top rookies are sitting inside the Top 10 in points. Currently, No.74 Trayc Walker-Scott holds a 22-point lead over bandolero graduate No.88F Cade Fox, while No.57 Jarret Scarberry sits in 3rd in the rookie battle 36 points behind Walker-Scott. Keep your eye on this battle throughout the night to find out who will be the Rookie of the Year!

Reflects Fast Feature Stats:

1. 74 Trayc Walker-Scott – 212 points (0 Wins, 1 Top 5, 6 Top 10)

2. 88F Cade Fox – 180 points (0 Wins, 0 Top 5, 4 Top 10)

3. 57 Jarrett Scarberry – 176 points (0 Wins, 0 Top 5, 6 Top 10)



This class is a step up from the bandits and features drivers who have a couple of years’ experience racing in bandoleros and are 12 and older. 2022 Bandit champion No.68 Wyatt Dent has dominated the 2023 Outlaws season picking up 8 out of 10 wins heading into Saturday’s finale. Other winning drivers include No.88 Cohen Henze who traveled in from WI over Memorial Day weekend & No.38 Javon Barnard who picked up first ever Bandolero win during our last race on September 3rd.

Current Top 5 in Points:

1. 68 Wyatt Dent – 456 points (8 Win, 10 Top 5, 10 Top 10)

2. 38 Javon Barnard – 418 points (1 Win, 10 Top 5, 10 Top 10)

3. 21 Madison Lange – 401 points (0 Win, 10 Top 5, 10 Top 10)

4. 61 Lilly Tuttle – 351 points (0 Win, 8 Top 5, 10 Top 10)

5. 08 Tanner McKim – 314 points (0 Win, 4 Top 5, 9 Top 10)


These are our youngest competitors who compete at the speedway their ages range from 7-11 years old and are developing their skills to continue to move up to the faster Outlaws class and eventually into Legend car or another division that competes at CNS. No.12 Aspyn Lange has dominated this season with 7 wins and looks to secure the Bandit championship this Saturday. Other winners include No.5 Reagan Fruge (2) & No.23 Peyton Opperman.

Current Top 5 in Points:

1. 12 Apsyn Lange – 210 points (7 Win, 10 Top 5, 10 Top 10)

2. 5 Reagan Fruge – 167 points (2 Win, 8 Top 5, 9 Top 10)

3. 23 Peyton Opperman – 166 points (1 Win, 9 Top 5, 10 Top 10)

4. 95J Jaxson Muhler – 105 points (0 Win, 6 Top 5, 10 Top 10)

5. 07 Madison Stanley – 90 points (0 Win, 5 Top 5, 10 Top 10)

Make plans to join us for our Halloween Trick or Treat night this Saturday at CNS as we finish out the season with an incredible night of racing feature the Super Stocks/Pure Stocks, Legends, Bandoleros, Figure 8s, Trains, Demo X & Drifters. Click Here to grab your tickets online! We always have plenty of tickets at the CNS Box Office on Raceday.

Gates Open: 2:00pm

Trick or Treat: 3:00pm

Racing Begins: 4:30pm

Last weekend, No.32 Brett Yackey became a two-time winner of the prestigious Challenge Cup, and brought home the Super Late Model championship to boot! No.9 Brent Cave & No.15 Jereme Wall also claimed championships in their respective divisions. Click here to read the recap from September 30th.


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