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Simonson Scores on Make-A-Wish Night at CNS

Saturday July 14th, 2018. Colorado National Speedway was the stomping ground for fast racing as it held the Make-A-Wish Colorado Celebration. We saw the Super Modifieds, The Great Scotts Eatery Super Stocks, The Sunoco Race Fuels Grand American Modified and The Gillett Vet Super Late Models. The First half of the day was run under the scorching sun with a hot slick track. However that didn’t stop the drivers from putting on some great door to door Dash racing. As the sunset and the track cooled We saw Ricky Otts lead wire to wire to win the Super Modified A Main. In the Super Stocks we saw a wild and crazy finish as Jonathan Lindberg captured the double checkered’s. The Grand Americans Modifieds Saw Eddie Vecchierelli win after Ed Vecchierelli broke late in the race. We ended the night with a action packed Super Late Model and saw the number 9 of Justin Simonson take his first checkered flag and win the 40 lap main event.

Gillett Vet Clinic Super Late Models The Gillett Vet Clinic Super Late Models finished off a great night of racing with a amazing 40 lap a main event of their own. From the minute the green flag dropped to the second the checkered flag flew these drivers showed why they are the elite division at Colorado National Speed. The 42 and 9 battled for the lead for the whole race, even when the drivers were spread out a bit you could see them sizing each other up. The 9, 42, 11, 12, 32 and 24 battle with each other the whole race until late race caution allowed the drivers to catch their breath and let their tires cool for the final 10 laps. A crash between the 24 and 32 brought they nights to an early end. When we took the last green flag of the night the 9 and 42 raced side by side until the 11 decided it was his time he tried to take the lead. When the double checkered’s came out it was the 9 of Justin Simonson who proved that tonight was his night to take the checkered flags for the first time and capture is second career win.

FEATURE: 9 Justin Simonson FAST DASH: 11 Darren Robertson. DASH: 80 Ray Daniels QUICK TIME: Mark Neff 16.538

The Sunoco Race Fuels Gran American Modified The Grand Americans ran a crazy main event. The 18 of Ed Vecchierelli took the lead around lap 7 right about the time we saw the first yellow flag for GAM a main. The roof of the 84 came loose and flew off the car landing on the front shoot. We took the green flag for a lap or two before they had a big crash in turn one which brought out the red flag. When the track was clear and green flag flew it looked like the 18 had the race in the bag. However that was not the case, with around 5 laps to go the 18 blew his engine giving away the lead to Eddie. The 48 of Eddie Vecchierelli won the main event.

FEATURE: 48 Eddie Vecchierelli FAST DASH: 18 Ed Vecchierelli DASH: 84 Aaron Paulsen QUICK TIME: 48 Eddie Vecchierelli 17.444

Great Scotts Eatery Super Stocks. This division puts on great racing week in and week out, so this weekend was no exception. The Super Stocks started racing with hard racing and side by side action from the front of the field to the tail end of field. The 60 of Lindberg lead the race most of the way as the field spread out. As Lindberg came out of 4 to take the white flag a car slammed into the 4 turn wall right next to him bring out the yellow flag and setting up a green, white, checkered finish. When the green flew you couldn’t shine a light between the top ten cars, when the white flew drivers started banging on each other sending car flying all over the track, but it didn’t stop Lindberg from winning the main event for the Super Stocks.

FEATURE: 60 Jonathan Lindberg FAST DASH: 60 Jonathan Lindberg DASH: 7 David Roberson QUICK TIME: 19.966 43 Kody Vanderwal

Super Modifieds The Super Modifieds, the fastest car that runs at Colorado National Speed took the track on Saturday night with 7 extremely fast and powerful cars. The 95 of Chris Muhler, driving a sprint car, the crowd favorite to win but he didn’t have anything for the 13 of Ricky Otts. Otts started on the poll and never looked back.

FEATURE: 13 Ricky oats DASH: 95 Chris Muhler QUICK TIME: 14.520 95 Chris Muhler

Unofficial Race Results

Super Late Models 9 Justin Simonson 11 Darren Robertson 42 Mark Neff 82 Michael Scott 12 Bruce Yackey 21 Conner Snow 43 Kody Vanderwal 19 Matthen Martinez 80 Ray Daniels 91 Chris Atkinson 4 Bradley Tilton 27 Roger Avants 79 Brad Jenkins 29 Matt Brunker 14a Alejandro Ortiz 32 Brett Yackey 24 Cody Dempseter 25 Monty Skinner 22x Mark Jones

Grand American Modifieds 48 Eddie Vecchierelli 58 Kyle Ray 59 Charlie Wilson 44 Justin Case 13 Darin Clark 77 Danny Liebert 51 Jonathan Lindberg 85 Donald Cole 18 Ed Vecchierelli 89 Jay Fields 88 Brad Skufca 84 Aaron Paulsen 44s Clint Schubert

Super Stocks 60 Jonathan Lindberg 3.2 Robert Davey 43 Kody Vanderwal 99s Sam Messerli 7 David Robinson 3 Michael Cox 21r Robert Hoard 88 Nick Davis 19 Shelby Cortese 99w Troy Whitthar 24x Aaron Masters 32m Kyle Morse 02 Darrel Smith 32 Cody Milan 45 Rebecca Simpson 55 Damian Lackhart 21 Christopher Nelson 04 Bill Simmons ll 51x Joseph Dike 27 Christopher Hageman 18w Keanna Webber

Super Modifieds 13 Ricky Otts 95 Chris Muhler 02 Johnny Pickard 58 Kyle Ray 1j Luke Johnson 34 Randy Whitman 18 Cody Curry 40 Harry Stone


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