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AC Transmissions Shift Into High Gear Night Lives Up To Its Name

June 11th, 2022
Fans, drivers and crews at Colorado National Speedway on Saturday night face a night of heat both on and off the racetrack for the AC Transmissions Shift Into High Gear event. Stellar car counts across the board for the Legends, Super Late Models and Bandoleros made for great racing and tight competition, and the night finished out with a fan-favorite performance from the Crazy Trains.

Mountain States Fire Protection Super Late Models
Feature – 40 laps
The bright yellow and black No. 75 machine of Darren Robertson led the 21-car Super Late Model field to the green flag after winning the Fast Dash, with the No. 05 of Nickolas Cooper hot on his tail. The No. 87 of Timothy Trostel III entered the battle for the second position. By Lap 12, Robertson’s No. 75 had caught lap traffic, but he made clean passes to maintain his lead. Then, with 22 laps left on the board, the No. 98 of Shannon Flick ended up against the fence after contact with the Dash-winning No. 12 of Bruce Yackey, causing a caution. Flick had attempted to get his No. 98 machine onto Pit Road, but was run into by Yackey’s No. 12 before he could exit safely and hit the wall between Turn 1 and 2. Officials ruled that Yackey should be forced to restart at the tail end of the field. However, Yackey’s No. 12 remained in running position and did not heed the call to go to the rear, prompting NASCAR officials to show him the black flag. Yackey remained on the racetrack despite the black flag, and officials decided to disqualify him and discontinue scoring him. Yackey’s No. 12 was not scored for the remainder of the event, and he accrued no points.
The lengthy caution did little to stall Robertson in the No. 75, as he quickly took over the first position once again when the green flag dropped, while Cooper’s No. 05 attempted to track him down. Just a few laps into the green flag run, Yackey’s No. 12 made contact with the No. 61 of Matt Martinez, prompting another caution. On the restart, Robertson’s No. 75 shot ahead once again and continued to lead until there were 10 laps left. Robertson’s No. 75 suddenly slowed as he was forced to lift to avoid trouble, rapidly falling back and surrendering the lead to Cooper in the No. 05. Cooper showed the way for the rest of the race, securing the trophy in the SLM feature.
Nick Cooper Wins SLM @ CNS 6-11-22

Feature: No. 05, Nickolas Cooper

Dash: No. 12, Bruce Yackey
Fast Dash: No. 75, Darren Robertson
Quick Time: No. 75, Darren Robertson 15.956

AC Transmissions Legends
Feature 1 – 25 laps
The No. 38 of Garrett Wilson nailed the pole position for the first of two feature races, but it didn’t take long for the No. 2 of Brett Reid to make the pass and take over the top spot. The top contenders got strung out quickly, with the No. 2 of Reid showing the way for the rest of the field as they got strung out behind him. The No. 95 of Jessilyn Dike was black flagged when the door of her race car was flung open and stayed open, but the track stayed green while she guided it into the pits. With eight laps left, Wilson’s No. 38 began to cut into the lead held by the No. 2 of Reid, but it wasn’t enough to stick. Garrett Wilson’s bright blue No. 2 crossed the finish line in first.
Brett Reid Legend Victory Circle 6-11-22

Feature 2 – 30 laps
The second Legend feature was scheduled to be a 30-lap event, but a lengthy red flag and several cautions forced officials to cut 10 laps from the race to remain within the time limit. Travis Roe’s No. 16 led the pack to green, followed by the No. 03 of Darrell Stewart. Stewart’s No. 03 shot ahead of the pack with ease to lead the first lap, while Roe’s No. 16 fell back to third. Just two laps in, the No. 99 of Tessa Marine spun in Turn 1 after making contact with several other race cars, causing a caution. Stewart’s No. 03 assumed the lead on the restart, but the green flag didn’t last long. Just two laps after the green, the No. 45 of Cole Tuttle and the No. 44 of Alfred Matthews hit one another, causing Tuttle’s No. 45 to go sideways in Turn 3. The No. 45 machine flipped several times and came to rest at the apex of the turn, and the red flag was waved to clean up. Both Matthews and Tuttle exited their vehicles under their own power.
Under the red flag, the No. 66 of Kyle Clegg elected to head into the pits to make adjustments after being involved in the incident with the No. 44 and No. 45, surrendering his running position to restart at the rear of the field. After a lengthy cleanup, the race restarted with the No. 03 of Stewart out front, followed by Chris Eggleston’s No. 22 machine. However, the No. 04 of Natalie Foster and the No. 75 of Austin Hackenberg got together in Turn 1, causing both to spin out. The No. 04 was undriveable and had to be towed off. After this caution, the call was made to cut the race by 10 laps to keep the event within the time limit.
Stewart’s No. 03 and Eggleston’s No. 22 stayed out front on the restart, but with 10 laps to go, the No. 15 machine of Danny Medina made a three-wide pass and took control of the race. Medina’s No. 15 was fast and showed the way for the rest of the race, earning the second Legend feature victory.

Feature 1: No. 2, Brett Reid

Feature 2: No. 15, Danny Medina
Dash: No. 18, JJ Sanders
Fast Dash: No. 21, Ryan Jones
Quick Time: No. 21, Ryan Jones 18.473

Puzzle Effect Bandoleros

Bandit Division

A three-wide start in the Bandoleros Bandit division saw the No. 5 of Regan Fruge out front, while the No. 61 of Lillian Tuttle followed close behind. The No. 68 of Wyatt Dent passed Tuttle’s No. 61 for second and set sights on Fruge’s No. 5 in the lead. A red flag was flown for an incident involving the No. 44E of Emersyn Weitzel, the No. 08 of Tanner McKim, and the No. 23o of Peyton Opperman, but it was quickly cleaned up. Fruge’s No. 5 got out front again, but the No. 68 of Dent made a bump and a pass for the lead with four laps left. Dent’s No. 68 ultimately claimed the victory.

Outlaw Division

Dillyn Kellogg’s No. 33 led flag-to-flag, but he found himself under fire from the No. 00 of Jacob Johnson. Johnson certainly didn’t make Kellogg’s win an easy one, but it was a clean race right up to the checkered flag, and Kellogg was crowned victor.

Bandit feature: No. 68, Wyatt Dent

Outlaw feature: No. 33, Dillyn Kellogg

Witthar Racing Trains
The Trains are always a fan favorite at CNS. The Failure 2 Yield showed the way flag-to-flag, dodging incident through the figure-8 crossroads at the center of the track to claim the 2022 season’s first Train victory.
Train Action Colorado National Speedway
Winner: Failure 2 Yield


Super Late Model - 40 Laps

  1. 05 Nicholas Cooper - Loveland

  2. 87 Timothy Trostel III (R) - Thornton

  3. 24 Cody Dempster - Parker

  4. 75 Darren Robertson - Westminster

  5. 22 Chris Eggleston - Thornton

  6. 78 Colton Crocker - Brighton

  7. 27 Roger Avants - Littleton

  8. 43 Kody Vanderwal - LaSalle

  9. 32 Brett Yackey - Greeley

  10. 3C Cassidy Hinds (R) - Arvada

  11. 89 Zach Morris (R) - Greenwood Village

  12. 23 Austyn Radosta (R) - Pueblo

  13. 61 Matt Martinez - Parker

  14. 07 Daniel Mares (R) - Aurora

  15. 3 John Negri III (R) - Byers

  16. 55 Damian Lockhart (R) - Brighton

  17. 25 Monty Skinner - Conifer

  18. 46 Eric Blackard (R) - Lakewood

  19. 98 Shannon Flick - CO Springs

  20. 80 Raymond Daniels - Monument DQ 12 Bruce Yackey - Greeley


Feature 1 - 25 Laps

  1. 2 Brett Reid

  2. 38 Garrett Wilson - Platteville

  3. 01 Gary Land - Littleton

  4. 33 Dillyn Kellogg (R) - Denver

  5. 9 Terry McBride - Edgewater

  6. 56 Nicholas Gunther (R) - CO Springs

  7. 27 Brian Harlow (R) - CO Springs

  8. 1 Ryan Land - Littleton

  9. 26 David Anadon (R) - CO Springs

  10. 48 Preston Nakayama (R) - Loveland

  11. 78 Ashlyn Himler - Erie

  12. 95 Jessilyn Dike - Westminster

  13. 34 Zach Mullins (R) - Greeley

  14. 41 Greg Lee - Broomfield

Feature 2 - 30 Laps

  1. 15 Danny Medina - CO Springs

  2. 22 Chris Eggleston - Thornton

  3. 21 Ryan Jones - Arvada

  4. 50 Tyler Wiggans - CO Springs

  5. 03 Darrell L Stewart - Arvada

  6. 16 Travis Roe - Thornton

  7. 6 Scotty Scott - Arvada

  8. 66 Kyle Clegg - Westminster

  9. 51 Casey Wiggans - CO Springs

  10. 32 Cody Milan - Fort Collins

  11. 4 Dillon Foster - Arvada

  12. 99 Tessa Marine - Littleton

  13. 37 Tanner Scarberry - Denver

  14. 44 Alfred Matthews - Arvada

  15. 45 Cole Tuttle - Denver

  16. 04 Natalie Foster - Westminster

  17. 75 Austin Hackenberg - Thornton

  18. 14 Jake Nutall - Parker DNS - 18 JJ Sanders - Aurora



  1. 68 Wyatt Dent

  2. 5 Reagan Fruge

  3. 61 Lillian Tuttle

  4. 89 Justin Barnard

  5. 12 Aspyn Lange

  6. 23O Peyton Opperman

  7. 8 Tanner McKim

  8. 44E Emersyn Weitzel


  1. 33 Dillyn Kellogg

  2. 00 Jacob Johnson

  3. 21 Madilyn Lange


  1. 2 Failure 2 Yield

  2. 86 Last Call

  3. 311 Bipolar Express

  4. 3 Anger Management

  5. 5 Ninja Turtles Cowabunga Train DNS 151 Crazy Train


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