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Deines Out Duels Yackey to Take Pro Truck Feature

#7 Adam Deines and #89 Zach Morris led the 15 truck field to the green for their 30 lap feature. #7 Adam Deines got out to an early lead as the first caution came out with 3 laps completed. #22 Brian Yackey was able to get around #89 Zach Morris on the restart as #7 Adam Deines continued to lead. With 24 laps to go, #22 Brian Yackey was able to get around #7 Adam Deines for the lead as #43 Kody Vanderwal begins to work his way up to third. With 9 laps to go, the second caution came out allowing the field to get bunched back up. On the restart, #7 Adam Deines is able to get around #22 Brian Yakey and #89 Zach Morris, #85 Jeff Walbaum and #9 Curtis Heldenbrand battle for fifth. In the remaining laps of the race, #7 Adam Deines and #22 Brian Yackey continue to battle side by side until the checkered flag and #7 Adam Deines was able to get a nose length ahead of #22 Brian Yackey to pick up his first feature win in 2021.

Quick Time: 3C Cassidy Hinds 17.013 Dash: #9 Curtis Heldenbrand Fast Dash: #22 Brian Yackey Feature: #7 Adam Deines

Regular Legend: #51 Casey Wiggans and #45 Cole Tuttle led the first legend feature to the green as #45 Cole Tuttle and #89 Zach Morris made it three wide for the lead to get around #51 Casey Wiggans. With 2 laps complete, the first caution came out for a spin allowing #45 Cole Tuttle to take over the lead from #89 Zach Morris on the restart. #45 Cole Tuttle and #89 Zach Morris continued to battle for several laps until #89 Zach Morris was able to get around #45 Cole Tuttle and began to pull away from the field. #51 Casey Wiggans continued to chase down #14 Jacob Nutall for third, but was unable to get around before the checkered flag. #89 Zach Morris went on to win the first legend feature of the night.

Fast Legends #21 Ryan Jones and #22 Chris Eggleston led the second feature to the green and #66 Kyle Clegg and #30 Darrell J Stewart quickly started to move towards the front after starting mid pack and began battling for third as #22 Chris Eggleston gets around #21 Ryan Jones for the lead. As #22 Chris Eggleston continues to pull away from the field, #6 Scotty Scott and #37 Tanner Scarberry battle for fifth. With 8 laps to go, #66 Kyle Clegg and #30 Darrell J Stewart are able to get around #21 Ryan Jones for second and third, but nobody was able to catch #22 Chris Eggleston as picked up his fourth legend win of 2021.

Quick Time: #21 Ryan Jones 18.403 Dash: #75 Austin Hackenberg Fast Dash: #66 Kyle Clegg Feature: #89 Zach Morris Fast Feature: #22 Chris Eggleston


#98 Sammy Haugen and #52 Nic Wall led the field to the green for their 12 lap feature and #23 Javon Barnard and #68 Wyatt Dent quickly began to battle for third as #98 Sammy Haugen got out in front of the field. As #23 Javon Barnard and #68 Wyatt Dent battled for position, #33 Dillyn Kellogg was able to get around both of them for third. With 5 laps to go, the first caution came out, but #98 Sammy Haugen was able to get back out front to get his second feature win in 2021.

Dash Outlaw: #52 Nic Wall Dash Bandit: #68 Wyatt Dent Feature Outlaw: #98 Sammy Haugen Bandit Feature: #33 Dillyn Kellogg


LITE DIVISION 12 DemoX lites took the green for their 12 lap race as #48 Joe Prante got out front on the first lap. The red flag came out after getting one lap completed for #45 Todd Salley who rolled on his side and #69 Ethan Dirkes who was stuck on top of #45 Todd Salley. On the restart, #63 Chris Hillison was able to take over the lead, but after getting big air and getting at least one flat tire, #48 Joe Prante was able to take over the lead and win the DemoX light feature.

Feature: #48 Joe Prante

HEAVY DIVISION 10 trucks started the 12 lap feature for the DemoX Heavy race. On the first lap, the trucks were 3 wide, but #40 Wyatt Fitzgerald was able to get out front and continued to lead for several laps. With 5 laps to go, #40 Wyatt Fitzgerald had truck problems allowing #31 Dave Johnson to take over the lead. On the final lap, #3 Carl Bolin was beating and banging on #31 Dave Jonson trying to take over the lead, but #31 Dave Johnson was able to win the feature for the DemoX Heavy.

Feature: #31 Dave Johnson

Circle Drags in action.


Pro Trucks Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 7 Adam Deines Longmont CO 2. 22 Brian Yackey Greeley 3. 43 Kody Vanderwal LaSalle CO 4. 9 Curtis Heldenbrand Westminster CO 5. 89 Zach Morris (R) Greenwood Village 6. 85 Jeffrey Walbaum Brighton CO 7. 16 Travis Roe Thornton 8. 3C Cassidy Hinds Arvada CO 9. 50 Tyler Wiggans Peyton CO 10. 46 Zachary Witherwax (R) Arvada 11. 71 Tim DuVall Denver 12. 29 Dalton Webb (R) Thornton CO 13. 28 Brian Weinmaster Brighton CO 14. 08 Krystal Faulkingham Westminster 15. 11 Steve Johnson Loveland CO

Legend (FAST) Feature Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 22 Chris Eggleston Thornton 2. 66 Kyle Clegg Westminster 3. 30 Darrell J Stewart Arvada 4. 21 Ryan Jones Arvada 5. 50 Tyler Wiggans Colorado Springs 6. 6 Scotty Scott Arvada 7. 37 Tanner Scarberry Denver 8. 03 Darrell L Stewart Arvada 9. 69 Haydon Moody Arvada 10. 44 Alfred Matthews Arvada 11. 90 Chasen Groff (R) Denver 12. 39 Zeke Hanger Brighton 13. 88 Paul Himler Erie 14. 28 Adam Powers Silverthorne

Legends Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 89 Zach Morris (R) Greenwood Village 2. 45 Cole Tuttle Blackhawk 3. 14 Jacob Nutall (R) Parker 4. 51 Casey Wiggans (R) Colorado Springs 5. 32 Cody Milan Fort Collins 6. 99 Tessa Marine (R) Littleton 7. 75 Austin Hackenberg Greeley 8. 9M Terry McBride Edgewater 9. 38 Garrett Wilson (R) Platteville 10. 61 Chris Archer Henderson 11. 12 Bryanna Bruce (R) Wheatland WY 12. 78 Ashlyn Himler Erie 13. 95 Jessilyn Dike Westminster DNS 04 Natalie Foster Westminster

Bandoleros Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 98 Sammy Haugen Centennial 2. 52 Nic Wall Commerce City 3. 33 Dillyn Kellogg Denver 4. 61 Lilly Tuttle Denver 5. 23 Javon Barnard Wheatridge 6. 68 Wyatt Dent Brighton 7. 21 Madilyn Lange Wheatland WY


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