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Fresh Faces Fill Winner’s Circle for the Mountain States Fire Protection Showdown

(08-25-2018 Dacono CO) Several fresh faces showed up in winner’s circle during the Mountain States Fire Protection Showdown at Colorado National Speedway. Taking home their first win of 2018 were: Brian Yackey from Greeley Colorado in the Snap-On Tools Pro Trucks, Jace Hansen in the Mountain States Fire Protection Mod Coupes, Robert Davey in the Great Scott’s Eatery Super Stocks, and Jared Wall in the Chick-Fil-A Figure 8s. The one exception was Brett Yackey who once again took home the win the Galitz Transportation Late Models.

Snap-On Tools Pro Trucks

Greeley Colorado’s Brian Yackey finally broke into winner’s circle in the Pro Trucks for the Mountain States Fire Protection Showdown. Yackey had recorded five top 3 finishes in 2018 but had yet to take home a win. That all changed on Saturday night after Yackey took the lead early after a couple of yellow and reg flags at the start of the race.

Once out Front Yackey settled into a groove and blazed a trail to the checkered flag.

Behind Yackey in second was #9 Curtis Heldenbrand and #33 Tyler Davis who had an impressive run from the back of the field to 3rd place. Adam Deines in the #7 snagged 4th place and points leader Michael Scott in the #82 was 5th.

The Pro Trucks will return to action on Saturday September 15th for their final race on 2018 and the championship will be settled. Michael Scott still maintains a large lead with Brian Yackey a distant 2nd.

Brian Yackey celebrates in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

FEATURE:#22 Brian Yackey DASH:#33 Tyler Davis QUICK TIME:#33 Tyler Davis 17.475

Galitz Transportation Late Models

Brett Yackey from Greeley Colorado won his 5th Galitz Transportation Late Model feature event of 2018 after making a pass on Nebraska’s Chad Cowen with 13 laps to go in the feature. Yackey has been tough to beat in 2018 but if anyone had a chance it was Cowen who owns two feature wins in 2018. However on this night Brett was just too fast and never allowed Cowen or anyone else to thwart his visit to victory circle.

Yackey took the win followed by Cowen and fellow Nebraska driver Derek Smith in the #31 car. 53G Nathan Gasser was 4th and Wade Grove in the #3 took the final spot in the top 5.

The Late Models have two more races in the 2018 season. The first being the Colorado State Patrol Move Over night on Saturday September 22nd and the Sunbelt Rentals Championship Night on Saturday September 29th when the season champion will be crowned.

Brett Yackey celebrates in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

FEATURE: 7Y Brett Yackey FAST DASH:7y Brett Yackey DASH: #85 Don Cole QUICK TIME:#76 Chad Cowan 17.784

Great Scott’s Eatery Super Stocks

Robert Davey has been leading the point standings in the Great Scott’s Eatery Super Stocks but hadn’t had a win to show for it. Until Saturday’s race that is. Davey in the blue #3.2 started on the pole position for the feature in a 17 car field. Davey found a steady line and picked his way through lapped traffic on his way to pas sunder the checkered flag first.

Davey would have to earn the win holding off the always fast #60 Jonathan Lindberg who would take 2nd place and #32 Cody Milan in 3rd. #45 Rebecca Simpson took home an impressive 4th place finish and 21R Robert Hoard was 5th.

Robert Davey takes the checkered flag (Starr photo)

The Super Stocks have only one more race which is Championship Night on Saturday September 22nd.

FEATURE: #3.2 Robert Davey FAST DASH:#60 Johnathan Lindberg DASH:#55 Damian Lockhart QUICK TIME:#3.2 Robert Davey 20.129

Mountain States Fire Protection Mod Coupes

Up to this point in the Mountain States Fire Protection Mod Coupes season 3d Adam Deines has had a perfect record winning all 5 feature events. That streak ended when Adam would struggle with serious mechanical problems handing the lead over to Jace Hansen in the #08 coupe. Hansen has only ran 3 times prior to this race finishing a strong second place on each occasion.

But with Deines out of the picture Hansen drove to his first ever Mod Coupe feature win. 90D Frank Denning III was 2nd and #98 Frank Denning II was 3rd place. Gary Land returned from an early season crash to finish 4th while Michael Cox in the #48 was the final car in the top 5.

The Mod Coupes return to action on Saturday September 8th.

Jace Hansen takes the win (Starr photo)

FEATURE:#08 Jace Hansen DASH: 3d Adam Deines QUICK TIME: 3d Adam Deines 16.871

Chick-Fil-A Figure 8s

The saying goes “hard work pays off” and that was the story of the night for Jared Wall in the Chick-Fil-A Figure 8 division. All season long Jared has been one of the cars that had a chance to win but he had yet to visit winner’s circle in the division. A long week of preparation paid dividends when Jared took the lead from Chris Voorhis in the #35 car after a restart.

#35 Chris Voorhis battles #52 Jared Wall for the lead (Starr photo)

Voorhis gave it his all to regain the lead but it was not to be as Wall took home the big win. Justin Mckeachie was 3rd behind Voorhis and wall while#17 Harry Livermore Jr. and #15 Jereme Wall were 4th and 5th.

Jared Wall celebrates in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

The Figure 8s return to the speedway Saturday September 8th and Saturday September 29th for their Championship Night.

FEATURE:#52 Jared Wall FAST DASH:#15 Jereme Wall DASH:#35 Chris Voorhis


Pro Trucks Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 22 Brian Yackey (R) Greeley 2. 9 Curtis Heldenbrand Arvada 3. 33 Tyler Davis Thornton 4. 7 Adam Deines Longmont 5. 82 Michael Scott Cheyenne 6. 8 Jeff Walbaum Brighton 7. 5W Troy Witthar Eastlake 8. 36 Matt Burton Englewood 9. 11 Steve Johnson Windsor 10. 71 Timothy DuVall Denver

Late Models Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 7Y Brett Yackey Greeley 2. 76 Chad Cowan Gering 3. 31 Derek Smith Mead 4. 53G Nathan Gasser Westminster 5. 3 Wade Grove Thronton 6. 9 Brent Cave Brighton 7. 24 Eric Bowers (R) Colorado Springs 8. 07 Dave Hondel (R) Cheyenne 9. 17 Paul Deines Frederick 10. 85 Don Cole (R) Dacono 11. 98P Natalie Phelps (R) Cheyenne 12. 94 Kyle Morse Peyton 13. 6K Johnathan Knee 14. 33B Christopher Buskirk Bayard 15. 50 Justin McKeachie (R) 16. 27 Wendi Lewis Johnstown 17. 29 Rayshawn Carter Denver DNS 72 Gary Cagle Ft Collins

Mod Coupes Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 08 Jace Hansen Greeley 2. 90D Frank Denning III Golden 3. 98 Frank Denning Jr Arvada 4. 55 Gary Land Littleton 5. 48 Michael Cox Englewood 6. 43 Matt Pierce* Platteville 7. 3d Adam Deines Longmont 8. 28 Scott Miller DNS 6K Jonathan Knee DNS 2 Don Hoselton

Super Stocks Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 3.2 Robert Davey Erie 2. 60 Jonathan Lindberg Brighton 3. 32 Cody Milan Ft. Collins 4. 45 Rebecca Simpson Colo Springs 5. 21R Robert Hoard Cheyenne 6. 88 Nick Davis (R) 7. 99w Troy Witthar Arvada 8. 55 Damian Lockhart Arvada 9. 19 Shelby Cortese Thornton 10. 11s Kyle Shoessow 11. 04 William Simmons II Pueblo 12. 02 Darrell Smith Littleton 13. 28S McCaslin Cain 14. 32 Chad Lang 15. 99s Sam Messerli Thornton 16. 22S Christopher Pinelli Dacono DNS 14 Bill Simmons III

Figure 8s Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 52 Jared Wall Commerce City 2. 35 Chris Voorhis Thornton 3. 50 Justin McKeachie Aurora 4. 17 Harry Livermore Jr. Denver 5. 15 Jereme Wall Commerce City 6. 27 Luke Zike Morrison 7. 3 Mike Wolfe Jr Westminster 8. 7 Daniel Wood (R) Greeley 9. 2 Jeremy Jackson Lakewood 10. 4 Sean Smith Greeley 11. 9 Brent Cave Commerce City 12. 18 Amanda Stepanich (R) Arvada 13. 8 Brian McCartney (R) Colorado Springs 14. 12 Harvey Webb Jr Thornton DNS 11 Joe Gastineau Centennial

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