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University Auto Parts Family Night Full Of Excitement For All

June 4th, 2022
As the night got cooler, the action at Colorado National Speedway stayed hot with a stellar lineup of Pro Trucks, Super Stocks, Late Models, Figure 8s, and the fan-favorite Circle Drags. There was plenty of great racing all around.

Galitz Transportation Late Models
Feature 1 – 20 laps
Chad Cowan’s No. 76 started on the outside of the first row after setting the night’s Quick Time in the Late Model division. The No. 40 of Brandon Newey nabbed the pole position, but once the green flag dropped, he fell behind Cowan’s No. 76 machine while the pack battled side-by-side behind them. Then, just five laps in to the 20-lap feature, the No. 1NE of Troy Witthar and the No. 48 of Mikey Blackard were involved in a multicar incident that slowed the field under caution. On the restart, Cowan’s No. 76 had the opportunity to jump out front all over again, which he did with ease. The No. 98 of Lee Kemmit and No. 40 of Newey fought for the second position behind him, allowing the No. 76 machine to steal away with the race lead. Cowan’s No. 76 put on a clinic and took the win in the first feature race.
Field of Late Models at Colorado National Speedway

Feature 2 – 30 laps

The No. 6 of Tommy Roe and the No. 8 of Dan Alamaa led the field to green for the second of two feature Late Model races. Just three laps in, there was a big incident in Turn 2 involving the No. A51 of Matthew Hill and the No. 60 of Rick Duckworth were spun around and faced the wrong direction. After cleaning up the wrecked race cars, the green flag fell once again, and Alamaa’s No. 8 machine jumped ahead of the rest in a hurry. The battle for the second position was hot between the No. 76 of Cowan and the No. 6 of Roe fought door-to-door for several laps. Once Cowan cleared Roe, he set his sights on Alamaa, and began reeling in the No. 8 machine. While Cowan’s first feature-winning car was fast, it wasn’t fast enough to clear Alamaa’s No. 8, though he did get close.
With 13 laps left, the No. 58 of Bryce Weinmaster and the No. 17 of Mariah Boudrieau made contact, and the field was tightened up for a restart. Up front, Alamaa’s No. 8 car quickly shot back to point, while Roe’s No. 6r looked to the inside of Cowan’s No. 76 for second place. A multicar incident forced another caution with 10 laps left, but it did little to slow Alamaa’s charge to the checkered flag. All said and done, Alamaa’s No. 8 dominated the second feature race and took home the trophy.
Dan Alamaa wins second Late Model Feature

Feature 1: No. 76, Chad Cowan

Feature 2: No. 8, Dan Alamaa
Quick Time: No. 76, Chad Cowen 17.274

Pueblo Bank & Trust Super Stocks
Scott Long in the No. 11w and Kyle Stidham in the No. 97 fought hard for the first position when the green flag fell on the Super Stocks feature race. It didn’t take long for trouble to strike, though, as just one lap in, the No. 4G Brian Galvin Jr went for a spin and lost a wheel. Long’s No. 11w quickly found the lead once again while the field battled two- and three-wide behind him. With 20 laps left on the board, the No. 32 of Brett Yackey entered the picture, sweeping past the No. 99 of Sam Messerli while the No. 86 of Tim Coate looked to steal the lead from Long. Yackey’s No. 32 got around both of them and went after Long’s No. 11w machine.
Long and Yackey fought neck-and-neck lap after lap as the race wore on. With six laps left, a multicar incident involving the No. 24 of Scott Miller was turned around, causing a caution. Under the yellow flag, Yackey’s No. 32 began to spark, but he was cleared by the NASCAR officials and allowed to continue. When the green flag fell, sparks continued to fly from the undercarriage of Yackey’s No. 32, until a piece of his race car’s exhaust came loose in Turn 3 and caused another caution. Yackey easily found the lead once again when the green flag fell, while Troy Witthar’s No. 1NE and Long’s No. 11w fought for second place behind him. Yackey crossed the finish line in first, securing the Super Stocks feature win.
Brett Yackey Victory Lane Photo

Feature: No. 32, Brett Yackey

Dash: No. 7, David Robinson
Fast Dash: No. 1NE, Troy Witthar
Quick Time: No. 32Y, Brett Yackey 19.132

Matco Tools Pro Trucks
The 30-lap Pro Truck feature began with the No. 71 of Timothy Duvall and the No. 7 of Adam Deines on the front row. However, before a lap could be completed, the No. 33 of Tyler Davis went around by himself as he got into moisture between Turns 1 and 2. The No. 22 of Brian Yackey shot into second place when the green flag waved while the No. 7 of Adam Deines took over the first position, but the No. 71 ended up wrecked between Turns 3 and 4, prompting a lengthy cleanup as fluid cascaded down the banking.
Once the red flag was lifted, Deines chose to start the No. 7 truck on the high side with Yackey’s No. 22 beneath him. Behind them, the No. 34 of Rudy Vanderwal and the No. 9 of Curtis Heldenbrand fought hard for the third position. Up front, Deines’ No. 7 took off with the No. 22 of Yackey hot on his tail. Yackey waited for his opportunity to strike, advancing on Deines in the corners but losing ground in the straightaways. He couldn’t make it stick, and Deines guided the bright yellow No. 7 truck to victory.
Adam Deines & Brian Yackey Battle for Pro Truck Win

Feature: No. 7, Adam Deines

Dash: No. 11, Steve Johnson
Fast Dash: No. 7, Adam Deines
Quick Time: No. 7, Adam Deines 16.869

Elite Diesel Service Figure 8s
The fan-favorite Figure 8s started with the No. 64 of Michael Kephart on the front row with the No. 11 of Joe Gastineau beside him. Kephart ditched Gastineau, who fell victim to the No. 52 of Jared Wall. Six laps in, things started getting busy in The X in the center of the Figure 8 course. Then, the No. 11 of Gastineau went around, while the No. 67 of Kaleigh Swenson spun in a separate incident. The ensuing caution bunched up the field, giving Wall’s No. 52 a shot at the lead. However, when the green flag dropped, the No. 67 of Swenson spun from the lead diving out of The X, opening the door for the No. 18 of Dennis Stepanich III and the No. 52 of Wall. Wall ultimately had to retire to the pits, as his race car suffered a failure that prevented him from continuing at speed.
Stepanich’s No. 18 broke out for the lead, followed by the No. 08 of Travis Sanders. He continued to send his race car through The X, narrowly dodging slower cars heading through the track’s crossroads. The No. 17 of Harry Livermore Jr. entered the battle up front, making the pass for the second position and beginning his quest to reel in Stepanich. When the checkered flag loomed, Stepanich avoided incident in The X and fended off a charge from the No. 17 of Livermore, earning the feature win in the Figure 8 class for the night.
Dennis Stepanich III in Victory Lane

Feature: No. 18, Dennis Stepanich III

Dash: No. 67D, Keith Swenson
Fast Dash: No. 17, Harry Livermore Jr

Circle Drags:


Galitz Transportation Late Model

Feature 1:

  1. 76 Chad Cowen - Gering, NE

  2. 98 Lee Kemmit - Brighton

  3. 8 Dan Alamaa - Colorado Springs

  4. 40 Brandon Newey - Broomfield

  5. 15 Michael Hannah - Centennial

  6. 6 Tommy Roe - Thornton

  7. 31 Rick Smith - Gering, NE

  8. A51 Matthew Hill (R)

  9. 88 Brad Skufca - Greeley

  10. 60 Rick Duckworth -

  11. 1NE Troy Witthar - Arvada

  12. 17x Mariah Boudrieau - Colorado Springs

  13. 72 Gary Cagle - Fort Collins

  14. 58 Bryce Weinmaster - Brighton

  15. 116 Mark Willy - Colorado Springs

  16. 48 Mikey Blackard - Hays, KS

  17. 30 Jeremiah Hill - Walsenburg DNS 94 Kyle Morse - Peyton

Feature 2:

  1. 8 Dan Alamaa - Colorado Springs

  2. 76 Chad Cowen - Gering, NE

  3. 15 Michael Hannah - Centennial

  4. 98 Lee Kemmit - Brighton

  5. 31 Rick Smith - Gering, NE

  6. 94 Kyle Morse - Peyton

  7. 6 Tommy Roe - Thornton

  8. 40 Brandon Newey - Broomfield

  9. 88 Brad Skufca - Greeley

  10. 17x Mariah Boudrieau - Colorado Springs

  11. 1NE Troy Witthar - Arvada

  12. 116 Mark Willy - Colorado Springs

  13. 60 Rick Duckworth

  14. 30 Jeremiah Hill - Walsenburg

  15. 58 Bryce Weinmaster - Brighton

  16. A51 Matthew Hill

  17. 72 Gary Cagle - Fort Collins DNS 48 Mikey Blackard - Hays, KS

Matco Tools Pro Truck

  1. 7 Adam Deines - Longmont

  2. 22 Brian Yackey - Greeley

  3. 9 Curtis Heldenbrand - Westminster

  4. 34 Rudy Vanderwal - LaSalle

  5. 85 Jeff Walbaum - Brighton

  6. 50 Tyler Wiggans - Peyton

  7. 28 Brian Weinmaster - Brighton

  8. 33 Tyler Davis - Thornton

  9. 5W Troy Witthar - Arvada

  10. 11 Steve Johnson - Loveland

  11. 90 Chasen Groff (R) - Denver

  12. 65 George Green - Firestone

  13. 08 Krystal Faulkingham - Westminster

  14. 71 Timothy Duvall - Denver

Pueblo Bank & Trust Super Stock

  1. 32Y Brett Yackey - Greeley

  2. 11W Scott Long - Lymon, NE

  3. 1NE Troy Witthar - Arvada

  4. 86 Tim Coate - Highlands Ranch

  5. 55 Damian Lockhart - Hudson

  6. 99 Sam Messerli - Thornton

  7. 23 Jordan Abeyta - Denver

  8. 97 Kyle Stidham (R) - Brighton

  9. 90 Alex Rodriguez - Phoenix, AZ

  10. 32 Cody Milan - Fort Collins

  11. 7 David Robinson - Johnstown

  12. M60 Morris Christner - Eilzabeth

  13. 53 David Noah - Lakewood

  14. 13B Brandon Claiborn

  15. 66 Richard Pratt - Pueblo

  16. 21 Chris Nelson - Arvada

  17. 24M Scott Miller - Hudson

  18. 4 Chris Jordan - Mead

  19. 4G Brian Galvin Jr (R) - Byers

Elite Diesel Service Figure 8's

  1. 18 Dennis Stepanich III - Thornton

  2. 17 Harry Livermore Jr - Denver

  3. 08 Travis Sanders - Aurora

  4. 13M Isaac Martinez - Denver

  5. 97 Adam Gastineau - Aurora

  6. 52 Jared Wall - Commerce City

  7. 38 Cassidy Creekmore - Littleton

  8. 64 Michael Kephart - Commerce City

  9. D67 Keith Swenson - Strasburg

  10. 20 Isaiah Proctor (R)

  11. 67 Kaleigh Swenson - Strasburg

  12. 78 Kayla Martinez (R) - Denver

  13. 51 Chad Sutherland (R) - Commerce City

  14. 74 Sam Faus (R) - Lakewood


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