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Vanderwal Edges out Yackey to win in the Pro Trucks

(08-03-2019 Dacono CO) On a gorgeous Colorado Summer evening the Pro Trucks returned for the 1st time in 8 weeks to put on a thrilling feature event that had the entire crowd on the edge of their seats. It was the Elite Diesel Service Vintage Oval racing Night at CNS that also featured the Pure Stocks, Legend Cars, Figure 8s, Circle Drags and a fantastic display of vintage race cars courtesy of the Colorado Vintage Oval racers club.

Snap-On Tools Pro Trucks

The Snap-On Tools Pro Trucks have had a tough season due to suffering several rained out events therefore they really haven’t had that much track time. But on this night the weather was perfect and the drivers were chomping at the bit to get some action in on the track.

Starting off the night #22 Brian Yackey looked like the truck to beat setting quick time and winning the fast dash. #9 Curtis Heldenbrand was victorious in the other dash race setting up and great feature event lineup.

However it was #43 Kody Vanderwal who flexed his muscle early jumping out to a huge lead on the field. Yackey was trying to find his way to the front but was in a heated battle with 5w Troy Witthar and #7 Adam Deines.

After Yackey got by Witthar and Deines he began to reel in Vanderwal for the lead but had a lot of ground to make up. To his advantage a caution came out that allowed him to restart right next to the 43.

Vanderwal wisely chose the outside lane on the restart and was masterfully holding off Yackey for the lead as the two trucks ran side by side lap after lap.

With just 5 laps to go the 43 and the 22 were still side by side thrilling the CNS faithful. It was literally either drivers race and coming out of the final corner the two trucks drag raced to the finish with Vanderwal edging out Yackey by mere feet for the thrilling victory. It was Vanderwal’s 3rd win of the season who is locked in an intense battle for the points lead with Yackey.

Behind Vanderwal and Yackey it was Deines, Witthar, and Heldenbrand.

The Pro Trucks return to action Saturday August 24th.

FEATURE: #43 Kody Vanderwal FAST DASH: #22 Brian Yackey DASH: #9 Curtis Heldenbrand QUICK TIME: #22 Brian Yackey 16.946

Lincoln Tech Pure Stocks Justin Karrol in the blue #82 Lincoln Tech Pure Stock was not going to be denied as he swept the night’s events taking the feature, fast dash, and setting quicktime. Karrol started on the front row outside #7 David Robinson whom he would battle for the lead with during the first portion of the race. Robinson would eventually struggle with technical problems and finish well back in the field.

3 wide action in the Pure Stocks

Several other drivers took their shot at Karrol including #88 Jacob Poole, 41g Topher Galvin and finally 99JR Ryan Raley Jr who came from his 13th starting spot to challenge for the lead in the final laps. But no one had enough to sneak by Karrol who won his 3rd feature event of 2019.

Justin Karrol on route to victory

The Pure Stocks will not be back in action until the Labor Day race on August 31st.

FEATURE: #82 Justin Karrol FAST DASH: #82 Justin Karrol DASH: 99JR Ryan Raley Jr. QUICK TIME: #82 Justin Karrol 19.906

Elite V Twin Legend Cars 29 Legend Cars took the green flag for the Elite V Twin feature event as #30 Darrell J Stewart and #66 Kyle Clegg jumped out to an early lead. It was only a couple laps before the leaders were already navigating lapped traffic. After a short caution flag Clegg bobbled on the restart and lost 5 spots on the track while #15 Danny Medina used it to his advantage and stole the lead from Stewart.

A few laps later there was a red flag cleanup for #88 Paul Himler’s misfortune and the top 5 cars were Medina, Clegg, Ryan Jones, Stewart, and Scheidemantle.

After the restart it was clear that Medina had saved his best for last and was holding off Clegg with laps winding down. Yet on the final corner of the final lap Medina drifted up a bit high and Clegg stayed low cruising right by the 15 to take the shocking win.

Kyle Clegg slips by for the win.

The victory was Clegg’s 3rd feature win of the season, Medina settled for 2nd place, #21 Ryan Jones was 3rd, #98 Brent Scheidemantle took 4th and Darrell J Stewart grabbed the final spot in the top 5.

The Legend Cars return to action on Saturday August 17th.

FEATURE: #66 Kyle Clegg FAST DASH: #66 Kyle Clegg DASH: #3 Wayne Barlock Jr. DASH: #9 Terry McBride QUICK TIME: #16 Travis Roe 18.301

Elite Diesel Service Figure 8s #50 Justin McKeachie and #2 Jeremy Jackson paced the field for the start of the Elite Diesel Service Figure 8 feature event. When the green flag dropped these two drivers began to battle on the track for the lead with McKeachie maintaining the top spot. The Wall bothers were having their own battle for 3rd spot and slowly working their way to the front.

After the halfway point in the race both Jereme and Jared slipped by Jackson and set their sights on the 50 car.

All eyes were on the X as #88 Thomas Huffman was thrilling the crowd as he shot the gap several times missing other cars by mere inches. As the crowd groaned with excitement from the action in the X Jereme Wall was making his move for the lead and slipped by McKeachie to take the top spot. The 15 car then set sail to take yet another checkered flag adding to his massive collection of trophies.

McKeachie settled for 2nd, Jared Wall crossed the line 3rd, Jackson was 4th and #17 Harry Livermore Jr. was the final car in the top 5.

The Figure 8s return to action on Saturday August 24th.

FEATURE: #15 Jereme Wall FAST DASH: #15 Jereme Wall DASH: #23 Mike Wolfe Jr.


Pro Trucks Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 43 Kody Vanderwal LaSalle 2. 22 Brian Yackey Greeley 3. 7 Adam Deines 4. 5W Troy Witthar Arvada 5. 9 Curtis Heldenbrand 6. 33 Tyler Davis 7. 05 Nick Cooper (R) 8. 21 Chris Nelson (R) 9. 3c Cassidy Hinds Arvada 10. 08 Krystal Faulkingham (R) Westminster 11. 11 Steve Johnson Windsor 12. 05W Tyler Wiggans 13. 71 Timothy DuVall Denver

Legend Cars Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 66 Kyle Clegg Westminster 2. 15 Danny Medina Colorado Springs 3. 21 Ryan Jones Arvada 4. 98 Brent Scheidemantle Brighton 5. 30 Darrell J Stewart Arvada 6. 27 Ray Oakley Conifer 7. 46 Zachary Witherwax Arvada 8. 16 Travis Roe Thornton 9. 3 Wayne Barlock Jr Peyton 10. 03 Darrell Stewart Arvada 11. 96 Ryan Rudolph Denver 12. 00 Chris Saykally Denver 13. 44 Alfred Matthews Arvada 14. 37 Tanner Scarberry (R) Westminster 15. 04 Natalie Foster Westminster 16. 53 Ryan Scott Colorado Springs 17. 19 Larry Pachello Arvada 18. 26 Chris Brunker Lakewood 19. 28 Adam Powers Silverthorne 20. 9 Terry McBride Edgewater 21. 43 Robert Sears Firestone 22. 95 Jessilyn Dike Westminster 23. 72 Cynthia Robb Wheatridge 24. 97 Bill Blevins Arvada 25. 99 Trent Dedric 26. 78 Ashlyn Himler Erie 27. 31 Kurt Brookhart 28. 88 Paul Himler Erie DQ 75 Austin Hackenberg (R) Denver

Pure Stocks Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 82 Justin Karrol 2. 99JR Ryan Raley Jr Bennett 3. 60PS Matt Hill Brighton 4. 41G Topher Galvin Byers 5. 88 Jacob Poole Evans 6. 21W Jamie Ward Denver 7. 23 Jordan Abeyta Denver 8. 4 Brian Galvin Jr Byers 9. 02 Chan Raley Bennett 10. 18 Keanna Weber Denver 11. 13S Isaac Slinker Eaton 12. 86 Dylan Gault Colorado Springs 13. 7 David Robinson Johnstown 14. 52 Chad Sutherland Commerce City 15. 2 Neil Davis (R) Brighton 16. 38C Colton Green 17. 8A Austin Richards Arvada 18. 33 Alex Krivocheev (R) Wheatridge 19. 34 Ronald Johnson (R) Wheatridge 20. 22 James Hill Brighton 21. 23G Mike Gallo Loveland 22. 11 Chandron Denman Commerce City 23. 7X Dustin Camp 24. 1NE Alexis Charette (R) Aurora

Figure 8s Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 15 Jereme Wall Commerce City 2. 50 Justin Mckeachie 3. 52 Jared Wall Commerce City 4. 2 Jeremy Jackson Denver 5. 17 Harry Livermore Jr Denver 6. 7 Daniel Wood 7. 23 Michael Wolfe Thornton 8. 25 Phil Taylor 9. 8 Brian McCartney Colorado Springs 10. 88 Thomas Huffman Littleton 11. 9 Brent Cave Brighton 12. 12 Harvey Webb Jr Thornton 13. 18 Dennis Stepanich III (R) Thornton 14. 5 Curtis Chavez Loveland


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