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Walbaum, Rothrock, and Eggleston victorious at CNS

(05-03-2014 Dacono, CO) A gorgeous spring evening at Colorado National Speedway saw Jeff Walbaum take the win in the Late Model feature, David Rothrock in the Super Stocks, and a dramatic Legend car event was won by Chris Eggleston.


South Philly Cheese Steak Late Models.  #31 Derek Smith and #3 Wade Grove paced a great field of 17 Late Models to the green flag for a 40 lap feature event. Yet after just 5 laps the #8 of Jeff Walbaum had worked his way to the front from the second row. Walbaum and Grove battled side by side for several laps until Walbaum eventually secured the lead for good.

Tough luck struck Derek Smith when he hit the turn one wall in a shower of sparks, Derek was uninjured but his night was done. On the restart it was #76 Chad Cowen who was taking his shot at Walbaum for the lead.


With just 5 laps to go it looked as if Cowen might have the car to get by for the lead but Walbaum settled into the perfect groove and went on to take the win. Cowen settled for 2nd place with 17d Dave Deines finishing 3rd. Rookie driver #88 David Rothrock took the 4th spot and #99 Nick Brinlee rounded out the top 5.


FEATURE WINNER: #8 Jeff Walbaum FAST DASH: #8 Jeff Walbaum DASH: #7 Ethan Penrod QUICK TIME: #76 Chad Cowen 17.687

NTC Logistics Super Stocks Only 9 Super Stocks lined up for the feature event and #1 John Clark and #77 Kevin Keller were on the front row. Yet it only took a couple laps for #88 David Rothrock to work his way from the back to the front of the field. #3 Michael Cox and 88x Troy Witthar had followed Rothrock to the front and were doing their best to catch the leader but on this night Rothrock was dialed in and built a large lead on the field. When the checkered flag flew Rothrock had a 4 second lead on 2nd place Cox and Witthar in 3rd. Rookie driver #18 Brent Miller took the 4th spot and #8 David Gee was 5th.


FEATURE WINNER: #88 David Rothrock FAST DASH: #88 David Rothrock QUICK TIME: #88 David Rothrock 19.505

Legends Clearly the most dramatic race of the night was the RMLRA Legends who brought an amazing 27 car field to their first race of the 2014 season. The intrigue started in the fast dash when #66 Kyle Clegg got into the back of #22 Chris Eggleston who was leading the race sending Eggleston spinning into turn 2. The poor finish in the dash would place Eggleston way back in 14th in the feature lineup.


Contact in the Legend FAST DASH between #22 Chris Eggleston and #66 Kyle Clegg.

When the feature event began #3 Wayne Barlock took the early lead while #06 Mike Gallegos and #66 Kyle Clegg pushed for the lead. The entire crowd could sense Eggleston’s determination witnessing his furious scramble from the back of the pack. With the fans on the edge of their seat Chris had passed all cars in front of him and had taken the lead after just 9 laps.


Clegg wasn’t going to allow the 22 to run away with the race and dove low to take the lead just before the halfway mark. Clegg appeared to be the faster car at that point in the race but Eggleston wasn’t done just yet as he went high on Clegg and then darted low to take the position in dramatic fashion.

In the final laps Clegg and Eggleston battled ferociously for the lead but the 22 crossed the line first and took the win. Clegg settled for 2nd with #34 Chris Cooper taking 3rd position. #06 Mike Gallegos and #13 Peter Dellarco finished 4th and 5th. With the win, Chris Eggleston has won every feature event he has participated in 2014, the season opener in the legends division and both Super Late Model events.


FEATURE WINNER: #22 Chris Eggleston FAST DASH: #06 Mike Gallegos DASH: 25w Jereme Wall QUICK TIME: #22 Chris Eggleston 18.633

Witthar Racing TRAINS FEATURE WINNER: #86 Last Call


Late Models Pos No. Name Laps Hometown 1. 8 Jeff Walbaum 40 Brighton CO 2. 76 Chad Cowan 40 Gering NE 3. 17d Dave Deines 40 Gering NE 4. 88 David Rothrock (R) 40 5. 99 Nick Brinlee 40 Broomfield CO 6. 3 Wade Grove 40 Thornton CO 7. 7 Ethan Penrod 40 Thornton CO 8. 75 Emilio Abeyta (R) 40 9. 67 Stephanie Brown 40 Littleton CO 10. 33 Christopher Burskirk 40 Bayard NE 11. 58 Jeff Webb 40 Arvada CO 12. 23 Loren Jessen(R) 40 13. 27 Wendi Lewis 39 Johnstown CO 14. 29 Rayshawn Carter 39 Commerce City CO 15. 28 Alan Carter 34 Commerce City CO 16. 30 Jan Oxley 26 Ft. Lupton CO 17. 31 Derek Smith 17 Longmont CO

Super Stocks Pos No. Name Laps Hometown 1. 88 David Rothrock 25 2. 3 Michael Cox 25 Englewood CO 3. 88x Troy Witthar 25 4. 8 Dave Gee 25 Loveland CO 5. 02 Darrell Smith 25 Littleton CO 6. 1 John Clark (R) 24 Commerce City CO 7. 32 Brett Yackey 24 Greeley CO 8. 77 Kevin Keller 12 Englewood CO 9. 19 Brent Miller(R) 25 Brighton CO

Legends Pos No. Name Laps Hometown 1. 22 Chris Eggleston 30 Thornton CO 2. 66 Kyle Clegg 30 Westminster CO 3. 34 Chris Cooper 30 Frederick CO 4. 06 Mike Gallegos 30 Wheatridge CO 5. 13 Peter Dellarco 30 Highlands Ranch CO 6. 3 Wayne Barlock JR 30 Evans CO 7. 21 Ryan Jones 30 Arvada CO 8. 03 Darrell Stewart 30 Arvada CO 9. 25 Adam Pechman 30 Morrison CO 10. 46 Zach Witherwax 30 Arvada CO 11. 30 Darrell Stewart Jr (R) 30 Arvada 12. 07 Bill Seip 30 Parker CO 13. 25w Jereme Wall 30 14. 26 Christopher Brunker 30 Lakewood CO 15. 14 Chappy Adkins 30 Kersey CO 16. 20 Kynzer Riddell 30 Westminster CO 17. 04 Dillon Foster 30 Arvada CO 18. 11 Jessica Savage 29 Aurora CO 19. 09 Terry McBride 29 Edgewater CO 20. 99 Brady Van Matre 29 Lafayette CO 21. 17 BreAnn Adkison 25 Cheyenne WY 22. 28 Don Brunker (R) 24 Lakewood CO 23. 83 Don Bedore 23 Denver CO 24. 97 Billy Blevins 22 Arvada CO 25. 64 Randy Rooker 20 Peyton CO 26. 31 Tim Mein 13 Frederick CO 27. 12 Cody Castor Bennett Co

Trains Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 86 Last Call 2. 13 Crazy Train 3. 69 Twisted Sister 4. 36 Bad Idea


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