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CNS Dishes Out Fireworks On, Off Track For Colorado State Patrol Sprint Car Finale

July 2nd, 2023 ~ Dacono, CO

The perfect finish to the July 4th weekend came at Colorado National Speedway on Sunday, July 2nd, 2023, for the second of two special nights of racing at Colorado’s best oval track. The CNS Sprint Cars took to the asphalt once again, laying down blistering laps for our second full house of fans in a row, capped by brilliant performances by the Legend, Figure 8 and Bandolero divisions. Always a fan favorite, the Circle Drags paced the track during intermission, pitting Bow Tie against Bow Tie in the final round, with a C8 Corvette emerging victorious against a sixth-gen Camaro at the end. Fireworks were also on deck that night, giving fans a night to remember and more reasons to keep coming back to CNS.

CNS Sprint Cars

Dash – 8 Laps

The CNS Sprints are so fast, their Dash races were over in the blink of an eye, but that didn’t mean they weren’t chalk full of thrills. The top spot was hotly contested between the No. 68 of Mike Anderson and the No. 12B of Monty Bergener right away, putting some real estate between them and the No. 22 of Daniel Lyons Jr. in third, until he retired due to a mechanical failure. The No. 68 of Anderson crossed the line in first.

Fast Dash – 8 Laps

The No. 14W of Aaron Willison and the No. 22A of Bobby Santos led to the green, with Willison eking the No. 14W ahead of the No. 22A shortly after the green flag. He pulled away from the field while a battle for fourth place occurred between the No. 14 of Davey Hamilton Jr. and the No. 91 of Bryan Warf, eventually settling with Hamilton on top. Meanwhile, Willison checked out in the No. 14W, becoming the second Dash winner of the night.

Feature – 40 Laps

Nineteen winged Sprint Cars set out to get the Feature win. The No. 10 of Austin Carter started on the front row, but got loose heading into Turn 2 and opened the door for the No. 02 of Anthony Quintana to lead the first lap. By Lap 7, he’d already caught the tail end of the field, while the No. 14W of Willison charged through traffic to challenge the No. 22A of Santos in third and the No. 14 of Hamilton in second. It didn’t take long for Santos to guide the No. 22A past the No. 14W of Willison and start putting pressure on the No. 02 of Quintana for the lead. He secured the lead and was able to put lapped traffic between himself and the No. 02 of Quintana, until a caution was thrown on Lap 23 for the No. 11 of Tom Paterson, who had stalled in Turn 3 and was unable to clear the racing surface.

The restart put the No. 22A of Santos back out front, while the No. 02 of Quintana fell to the clutches of the No. 6G of Bryan Gossel for third. Lapped traffic became an issue once again on Lap 32, forcing the No. 02 of Quintana and the No, 6G of Gossel to split the No. 68 of Mike Anderson while they still fought for third, but the No. 6G of Gossel earned the position. Up front, the No. 14W of Willison tried to reel in the No. 22A of Santos, closing the lead to just three car-lengths, and then dive-bombed through Turn 3 in an attempt to take the win away, but wasn’t able to make it stick, as Santos earned his second Feature victory of the weekend.

Quick Time: No. 22A, Bobby Santos, 13.385 seconds, 100.9 mph

Dash: No. 68, Mike Anderson

Fast Dash: No. 14W, Aaron Willison

Feature: No. 22A, Bobby Santos

AC Transmission Legends

Dash – 10 Laps

While the No. 64 of Zeke Hanger jumped out front to lead, the No. 1 of Ryan Land; the No. 9 of Terry McBride and the No. 48 of Preston Nakayama went three-wide for third, but the No. 9 of McBride backed out and left P3 to Nakayama’s No. 48. The No. 33 of Dillyn Kellogg tried to catch Hanger’s No. 64 for the lead while Nakayama’s No. 48 and Land’s No. 1 narrowed the gap on the leaders. It would be Hanger’s No. 64 at the line, however.

Fast Dash – 10 Laps

The No. 15 of Danny Medina took it three-wide for first with the No. 22 of Chris Eggleston and the No. 03 of Darrell Stewart. Meanwhile, the No. 66 of Kyle Clegg clawed into second place and set out after the leaders, while the top five got bunched up. The No. 66 of Clegg grabbed the lead from Medina’s No. 15 with three laps left and didn’t look back, winning the Fast Dash.

Feature – 30 Laps

The No. 03 of Stewart and the No. 16 of Travis Roe took the field to green, while the No. 66 of Clegg mounted a charge toward the front and claimed fourth in a hurry. The No. 16 of Roe plummeted from the front back to eighth. Just four laps in, the No. 34 of Patty Sylvester spun in front of the leaders, and a caution was called. The restart saw another incident involving the No. 29 of David Johnson and the No. 12 of Bryanna Bruce. Another restart ensued.

The No. 78C of Colton Crocker, having snagged the lead while the track was still green, restarted on the front row by the No. 03 of Stewart, easily claiming the lead – until the No. 12 of Bruce and the No. 98H of Samuel Haugen spun together, causing another caution. Crocker’s No. 78C claimed the lead once more on the restart, with the No. 21 of Ryan Jones in second. Just five laps later, the No. 03 of Stewart had fallen back to sixth, and the leaders had already caught lapped traffic. Then, the No. 32M of Randy Milan and the No. 26 of David Anadon made contact, causing yet another caution. When the green waved, the No. 15 of Medina took the lead away from the No. 78C of Crocker and the No. 21 of Jones, while the No. 16 of Roe gave a slight bumper tap to the back of Crocker’s No. 78C and sent him dropping like a rock through the field. Then, the No. 99 of Tessa Marine spun, blocking the field and drawing another caution.

The No. 22 of Eggleston got the lead on the green flag, leading the No. 66 of Clegg and passing the No. 15 of Medina, who was also passed by the No. 78C of Crocker. Then, the No. 99 of Marine was turned after contact with the No. 18 of JJ Sanders, prompting another yellow flag and ultimately resulting in a black flag for the No. 18 of Sanders. The restart pitted the No. 22 of Eggleston and the No. 66 of Clegg against one another on the front row. Eggleston’s No. 22 settled the score for the lead, while Clegg’s No. 66 fell behind the No. 78C of Crocker. Ultimately, he got the spot back and tried to get to the No. 22 of Eggleston out front, sending it as hard as he could. Eggleston would not be denied and guided the No. 22 to Victory Lane.

Quick Time: No. 66, Kyle Clegg, 18.412

Dash: No. 64, Zeke Hanger

Fast Dash: No. 66, Kyle Clegg

Feature: No. 22, Chris Eggleston

Take 5 Oil Change Figure 8s

Dash – 8 Laps

Right off the bat, the No. 03 of Isaiah Martinez and the No. 13 of Frank Gastineau made contact, sending the former backing up into the infield dirt and the latter spinning into Turn 1. The No. 08 of Travis Sanders suffered a driveline failure and spewed fluid on the track, causing a red flag. When it was all cleaned up, the race restarted on Lap 2 with the No. 15 of Jereme Wall out front, who led to the checkered flag.

Fast Dash – 8 Laps

The No. 52 of Jared Wall took control from the No. 18 of Dennis Stepanich III on the first lap. The field strung out behind him, and the track’s crossroads became a factor as the No. 52 of Wall caught the No. 8 of Cassidy Creekmore and the No. 64 of Michael Kephart. They stayed out of trouble and the No. 52 of Wall won the race.

Feature – 20 Laps

While the No. 15 of Jereme Wall led right away, the pack went three-wide behind him, and the No. 18 of Stepanich had clawed up to fifth after starting near the rear of the field just two laps in. On Lap 3, the No. 52 of Jared Wall and the No. 67 of Kaleigh Swenson made contact, causing the No. 52 to spin and collect the No. 8 of Cassidy Creekmore, who lost a wheel. Jereme Wall’s No. 15 continued to lead, while the No. 52 of Jared Wall fought back up to fifth. Then, the No. 71 of Isaac Martinez stalled in the dirt, causing a caution. The No. 50 of Justin McKeachie tried to get around the No. 15 of Wall, but to no avail, ultimately falling to the No. 18 of Stepanich in third place. Things started to heat up in The X as Jereme Wall checked out with the lead in the No. 15. The No. 52 of Jared Wall cleared the No. 3 of Michael Wolfe Jr. for third. Jared Wall’s No. 15 found the familiar embrace of Victory Lane once again.

Dash: No. 15, Jereme Wall

Fast Dash: No. 52, Jared Wall

Feature: No. 15, Jereme Wall

Puzzle Effect Bandoleros


Dash – 10 laps

Reagan Fruge took command in the No. 5 right away, demoting the No. 23 of Peyton Opperman to second place. Fruge’s lead in the No. 5 stretched to three car-length over the No. 23 of Opperman in short order, while the No. 95J of Jaxson Muhler held down third. Fruge took the No. 5 to the Dash win.

Feature – 12 Laps

For the feature, a dramatic crash occurred in Turn 1 involving the No. 44 of Emersyn Weitzel and the No. 89 of Justin Barnard, causing a red flag. Both drivers were able to exit their vehicles under their own power. The restart put the No. 98 of Kyleigh Novak and the No. 29 of Nora Smith up front, but Opperman took over the top spot in the No. 23 once again. The No. 12 of Aspyn Lange charged through the field to put pressure on Opperman’s No. 23, and would have sealed the deal if there were more laps, but time ran out, and the checkers fell on the No. 23 of Opperman.


Dash – 10 Laps

The No. 33 of Dillyn Kellogg shot out front for the Outlaw Dash, but the No. 68 of Wyatt Dent reeled him in and put up a fight for the lead. He made the pass on Lap 3 and led all the way to the finish as the pack strung out behind him.

Feature – 12 Laps

The No. 21 of Madilyn Lange and the No. 08 of Tanner McKim took the green on the front row. The No. 08 of McKim and the No. 61 of Lillian Tuttle spun, while the No. 68 of Dent found the lead in a hurry. The No. 33 of Kellogg passed Lange’s No. 21 for second place. Ultimately, Lange’s No. 21 spun from fourth place, while Dent’s No. 68 still led, defeating the No. 33 of Kellogg across the line.

Bandit Dash: No. 5, Reagan Fruge

Bandit Feature: No. 23, Peyton Opperman

Outlaw Dash: No. 68, Wyatt Dent

Outlaw Feature: No. 68, Wyatt Dent

If you missed any of the action from Saturday or Sunday, you can re-watch both races from our friends at Speedmax TV. They were on hand to live stream both nights of racing action.


Sprint Cars - 40 Laps

  1. 22A Bobby Santos - Fishers, IN

  2. 14W Aaron Willison - Duncan, B.C.

  3. 6G Bryan Gossel - Fort Collins, CO

  4. 02 Anthony Quintana - Riverton, UT

  5. 14 Davey Hamilton Jr - Lutz, FL

  6. 15 Eric Humphries - Chowchilla, CA

  7. 91 Bryan Warf - Meridian, ID

  8. 16 Rob Grice - Nampa, ID

  9. 36 Ryan Burdett - West Valley City, UT

  10. 12B Monty Bergener - Grantsville, UT

  11. 1 Natalie Waters - Grantsville, UT

  12. 27 Michael Hathaway - Falcon

  13. 2 Shad Petersen - Riverton, UT

  14. 7 Joe Salmons - Greenwood Village, CO

  15. 0 Trevor Anderson - Nampa, ID

  16. 10 Austin Carter - Clovis, CA

  17. 11 Tom Paterson - Argos, IN

  18. 68 Mike Anderson - Nampa, ID

  19. 22 DJ Lyons - Nampa, ID

Legend Cars - 30 Laps

  1. 22 Chris Eggleston - Erie

  2. 66 Kyle Clegg - Westminster

  3. 78C Colton Crocker - Brighton

  4. 15 Danny Medina - CO Springs

  5. 21 Ryan Jones - Arvada

  6. 16 Travis Roe - Thornton

  7. 03 Darrell L Stewart - Arvada

  8. 74 Trayc Walker-Scott (R) - Parker

  9. 57 Jarret Scarberry (R) - Denver

  10. 99 Tessa Marine - Littleton

  11. 12 Bryanna Bruce - Wheatland, WY

  12. 88F Cade Fox (R) - Wellington

  13. 64 Zeke Hanger

  14. 1 Ryan Land - Littleton

  15. 48 Preston Nakayama - Loveland

  16. 98H Samuel Haugen (R) - Centennial

  17. 33 Dillyn Kellogg (R) - Denver

  18. 28P Adam Powers

  19. 17 Jeremy Krueger (R) - Arvada

  20. 97 Billy Blevins - Arvada

  21. 38 Garrett Wilson - Platteville

  22. 19 Dominic Moss (R) - Arvada

  23. 95 Jessilyn Dike - Westminster

  24. 32M Randy Milan - Fort Collins

  25. 78 Ashlyn Himler - Erie

  26. 34 Patty Sylvester (R) - Greeley

  27. 75 Austin Hackenberg - Greeley

  28. 18 JJ Sanders - Aurora

  29. 29 David Johnson - Denver

  30. 9 Terry McBride - Edgewater

  31. 28A Elijah Anadon (R) - CO Springs

  32. 8 Jason Schmerse

  33. 26 David Anadon - CO Springs DNS 73 Mike Markison (R) - Fort Collins

Figure 8's - 20 Laps

  1. 15 Jereme Wall - Commerce City

  2. 50 Justin McKeachie

  3. 18 Dennis Stepanich III - Brighton

  4. 52 Jared Wall - Commerce City

  5. 3 Michael Wolfe Jr - Thornton

  6. 57Q Kyle Quintrall (R)

  7. 11 Joe Gastineau - Aurora

  8. 64 Michael Kephart - Commerce City

  9. 67 Kaleigh Swenson - Strasburg

  10. 13 Frank Gastineau - Denver

  11. 71 Isaac Martinez - Denver

  12. 8 Cassidy Creekmore - CO Springs

  13. 03 Isaiah Martinez (R) - Northglenn DNS 08 Travis Sanders - Aurora

Bandolero Outlaws - 12 Laps

  1. 68 Wyatt Dent - Brighton

  2. 33 Dillyn Kellogg - Denver

  3. 38 Javon Barnard - Northglenn

  4. 21 Madilyn Lange - Wheatland, WY

  5. 61 Lilly Tuttle - Denver

  6. 08 Tanner McKim - Berthoud

Bandolero Bandit - 12 Laps

  1. 23 Peyton Opperman - Littleton

  2. 12 Aspyn Lange - Wheatland, WY

  3. 5 Reagan Fruge

  4. 44K

  5. 98 Kyleigh Novak - Brighton

  6. 29 Nora Smith. - Littleton

  7. 89 Justin Barnard - Northglenn

  8. 44 Emersyn Weitzel DNS 95J Jaxson Muhler - Brighton DNS 07 Madison Stanley - Thornton

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