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Fireworks on and off the track during night one of the Independence Day Race at CNS

Snap-On Tools Pro Trucks A 50 lap Snap-On Tools Pro Truck Feature event wrapped up a great night of racing at CNS and #11 Steve Johnson and #34 Rudy Vanderwal were on the front row. When the green flag dropped Johnson quickly asserted his strength and grabbed the early lead over Vanderwal. The drivers began to settle in to the extended feature event and behind the two leaders #36 Matt “the Pebble” Burton was running 3rd with #06 Adam Hilton running 4th and closing in. While Hilton moved up to take 3rd from Burton it appeared that Vanderwal was quicker than Johnson and was beginning the pressure for the lead. Hilton’s night ended with mechanical failure as he slowed on the track and became stuck in the pit exit bringing out the caution flag. This gave Vanderwal his shot to gain the lead on the restart but that lead was short-lived when #29 Matt Brunker spun in turn 2 and was t-boned by #71 Jim Stivaletta who had nowhere to go, thankfully neither driver was injured in the crash.

Another re-start was in order and this time Johnson flexed his muscle taking the lead from Vanderwal. Rudy began to fade just a bit making way for #41 Mark Neff to take his turn at tracking down the fast #11 Truck of Johnson. Yet on this night Steve Johnson had the perfect setup and was running the perfect line as no one was able to overtake him for the lead. Johnson went on the win his 2nd feature event in his career and Neff settled for 2nd place. Vanderwal hung on for 3rd, #27 Roger “the Ice-Man” Avants finished 4th and #5 “Aquaman” Troy Whittar took the final top 5 spot. Amazingly in the 6 races that the Pro Trucks have run this season there have been 5 different feature event winners highlighting how competitive the Snap-On Tools Pro Truck division is.

MAIN EVENT: #11 Steve Johnson FAST DASH: #36 Matt Burton DASH: #2 Alan Warren QUICK TIME: #06 Adam Hilton 16.750

SUNOCO Race Fuel Grand American Modifieds #21 Jeff Hunter and 11r Darren Robertson paced the field for a 50 lap SUNOCO Race Fuels Grand American Modified feature event. When the green flag dropped Hunter jumped out in front and began to put distance on the other cars. #77 Jeff Hansen moved into 2nd place and started to challenge Hunter for the lead leaving Robertson to battle with 22u Dominic Ursetta for 3rd spot. As the laps ticked away Hunter began to build his lead over Hansen and the race appeared as if it would finish rather uneventful. That was until #95 Dave Finley and #55 Dean Olson made contact on the back straight. In the crash Finley’s car wedged up and under Olson’s and came to a stop along the wall. It was at that point that Finley had to be restrained by safety workers as he appeared to be swinging fists wildly at Olson.

After tempers cooled a restart was in order but Hansen who was still running in 2nd place had to leave the track to fix a tire that was going flat, Hansen returned to the track but was at the tail end of the field. This gave Ursetta and Robertson a chance at Hunter but it was #44 Justin Case who asserted himself into the battle creating a 4 car race for the lead. Yet no one was able to mount a serious challenge for Hunter as he cruised to the win followed by Ursetta, Case, Robertson, and #66 John Seely.

MAIN EVENT: #21 Jeff Hunter FAST DASH: #77 Jeff Hansen DASH: #95 Dave Finley QUICK TIME: #77 Jeff Hansen 16.965

Race Central Media Legend Cars Albuquerque’s own Jason Irwin in the white 9i Legend car had made the trek to CNS hot off his win Thursday night at the Las Vegas Bull Ring. Irwin bested the huge field of 30 Race Central Media Legend cars in the feature event. Irwin started 4th in the feature but quickly powered past #6 Scotty Scott, #15 Danny Medina, and #22 Chris Eggleston.

Briefly it appeared that the #58 of Kyle Ray might have something for Irwin as Ray was cutting better lap times and pulled up on Irwin’s bumper to battle for the lead but couldn’t find his way past Irwin and eventual began to fade off Irwin’s tail. Irwin navigated very thick lapped traffic to go on to win the race. Medina got back by Ray late to take 2nd place and Ray hung on for 3rd. #66 Kyle Clegg finished 4th and young Chris Cooper in the blue #34 Legend car took the final spot in the top 5.

MAIN EVENT: 9i Jason Irwin FAST DASH: 9i Jason Irwin DASH: #13 Nick Jenson QUICK TIME: #58 Kyle Ray 18.677

Art’s Septic Figure 8s #26 Nick Martinez ran away with the Figure 8 main event with only #50 Justin McKeachie within a straightaway. #23 Big Al Duran returned to the speedway to finish a strong 3rd place and #52 Jared Wall grabbed the 4th spot. The best action on the track came from rookie driver #33 Bobby Hutchings who was fearlessly weaving through the X thrilling the large crowd at CNS. Unfortunately for Bobby his car broke down and he was forced to retire from the event.

MAIN EVENT: #26 Nick Martinez FAST DASH: #50 Justin McKeachie


Pro Trucks Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info 1. 11 Steve Johnson Windsor  CO 2. 41 Mark Neff Westminster CO 3. 34 Rudy Vanderwal LaSalle  CO 13 F150 4. 27 Roger Avants Littleton  CO 5. 5 Troy Whittar Eastlake  CO 04 Chevy Silverado 6. 10T Taylor Bellomy (R) 7. 36 Matt Burton Englewood  CO 8. 2 Alan Warren (R) Longmont  CO 9. 33 Beau Kellogg Denver  CO 13 Port City Chevy 10. 23 Skylar Rhoades (R) 11. 10A Andy Bellomy (R) Fort Lupton CO 12. 29 Matthew Brunker Lakewood  CO 13. 06 Adam Hilton Brighton  CO 14. 71 Jim Stivaletta(R) Pine  CO Chevy

Grand American Modifieds Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info 1. 21 Jeff Hunter Brighton  CO 13 Dave Garmin Corvette 2. 22u Dominic Ursetta 3. 44 Justin Case Brighton CO 4. 11R Darren Robertson 5. 66 John Seely Parker  CO 12 Impala 6. 8 Dan Alamaa Colorado Springs  CO 95 Modified 7. 0 Ron O’Neil (R) Colorado Springs  CO 13 Moon Stealth 8. 77 Jeff Hansen Berthoud  CO 08  FSR/5 9. 88 Jeff Walbaum (R) 10. 1 Pat Petrie 11. 52 Jared Wall (R) Commerce City  CO 86 Chevy 12. 95 Dave Finley Brighton  CO 12 Dodge 13. 55 Dean-O Olson Canon City  CO 57 Bel Air 14. 01 Terry Tjarks Berthoud  CO

Legend Cars Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info 1. 9i Jason Irwin 2. 15 Danny Medina Colorado Springs  CO 3. 58 Kyle Ray Littleton  CO 34 Ford 4. 66 Kyle Clegg Westminster  CO 5. 34 Chris Cooper Frederick  CO 34 Coupe 6. 22 Chris Eggleston Erie  CO 7. 06 Mike Gallegos Wheatridge  CO Chevy 8. 6 Scotty Scott Arvada CO 34 Ford Coupe 9. 3 Wayne Barlock JR Evans  CO 37 Ford 10. 21 Ryan Jones Arvada CO 34 Ford Coupe 11. 13 Peter Dellarco Highlands Ranch  CO 34 Sedan 12. 03 Darrell Stewart Arvada  CO 37 Chevy Sedan 13. 25 Adam Pechman Morrison  CO 37 Sedan 14. 85 Cole MacEwen Fort Collins  CO 37 Chevy Sedan 15. 37 Josh Richard Peyton  CO 16. 07 Bill Seip Parker  CO 17. 13J Nick Jensson 18. 20 Kynzer Riddell (R) Westminster  CO 37 Ford 19. 84 Mike Webber Erie  CO 37 Chevy 20. 26 Christopher Brunker Lakewood CO 37 Chevy Coupe 21. 1G Robert Gayton 22. 19 Larry Pachello Wheatridge  CO 23. 61 Sidney Ross (R) 24. 97 Billy Blevins Arvada CO 37 Sedan 25. 14 Chappy Adkins Kersey  CO 37 Ford Sedan 26. 04 Dillon Foster (R) 27. 09 Terry McBride (R) Edgewater  CO 37 Ford Sedan 28. 11 Jessica Savage Aurora  CO 37 Sedan 29. 17 BreAnn Adkison  (R) Cheyenne  WY 37 Chevy 30. 31 Tim Mein (R) Frederick  CO 34 Sedan DNS 03s Isaac Sherman

Figure 8s Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info 1. 26 Nick Martinez Denver  CO 03 Howe Monte Carlo 2. 50 Justin McKeachie Aurora CO 3. 23 Al Duran Lakewood CO 03 Monte Carlo 4. 52 Jared Wall Commerce City  CO 77 Camaro 5. 15 Jereme Wall Commerce City  CO 72 Chevy 6. 2 Lance Proctor Arvada CO 03 Monte Carlo 7. 40 Michael Mercer Thornton  CO 75 Nova 8. 10 Frank Gastineau Denver  CO 64 Chevy 9. 17 Harry  Livermore Jr Englewood  CO 77 Nova 10. 00 James Naranjo(R) Denver  CO 75 Chevy Nora 11. 69 Tammy Totos Commerce City  CO 74 Camaro 12. 03 Luke Zike Morrison  CO 13. 33 Bobby Hutchings (R) Denver  CO 78 Camaro 14. 76 Brent Cave 15. 81 Dave Smith Englewood  CO DNS 44 Buddy Hohn Jr. Denver  CO 78 Camero (03 Monte body)

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