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Ladies Udderly Dominant at Longmont Dairy Night

“Utter Madness” night sponsored by Longmont Dairy Farm. The track was dried and a rainbow appeared behind the backstretch grandstands, the perfect backdrop for a colorful night of racing. Tri-Town Meets Car Club came out on the track to show off their prized cars during intermission along with Drift Colorado, throwing rubber and smoke for fans who weathered the storm.

MATCO TOOLS PRO TRUCKS – FEATURE 1 The Pro Trucks were led to green by the #7 of Adam Deines, followed closely by the #16 of Travis Roe for the first of two feature races. The #16 Roe machine and Deine’s #7 were quickly shuffled back, however, as the #3C of Cassidy Hinds charged to the front.

Once she was up there, she never looked back. The last lap saw #7 Deines and #16 Roe battling hard for the second position on the leaderboard, but the #16 machine was ultimately bested in Turn 4 and fell to the third position at the finish. Nobody had anything for that #3C machine, and Cassidy Hinds earned the night’s first feature win.

MATCO TOOLS PRO TRUCKS – FEATURE 2 The second of two Pro Trucks features saw the #85, Jeffrey Walbaum, on the pole position, followed by the #16 of Travis Roe. Walbaum’s #85 managed to slice in front of the pack, while #16 Roe battled the #3C Cassidy Hinds for the second position. Hot off her first feature win, Hinds was hungry for another trophy, and it didn’t take her long to find her way around Roe’s #16 for the second position.

A series of cautions bunched the field back up as the #11 machine, Steve Johnson, left some debris in Turn 3. The restart saw #85, Walbaum, at the top of the board, but he missed a shift and narrowly escaped getting into trouble with the #16 of Roe. Not long after, the #29 of Dalton Webb spun by himself, suffering a flat tire in Turn 2. Once the trucks got rolling again, it was #85 Walbaum out front with #3C Hinds on his bumper.

Over the next ten laps, the #3C slowly whittled away at the #85’s lead. Just as she found her way around him, the yellow flag slowed the field with 10 laps left on the leaderboard. This caution set the stage for another quick succession of yellow flags—less than a lap after the green was waved, the #46, Zachary Witherwax, and #28, Brian Weinmaster, tangled in Turn 4. The #46 machine suffered heavy damage and spewed water all over the track, which was quickly cleaned up.

Cassidy Hinds, #3C, easily led the rest of the race. Brian Yackey in the #22 put up a valiant effort to track her down, but ultimately couldn’t make it stick. Hinds captured her second feature win of the night.

QUICK TIME: #3C Cassidy Hinds, 17.011 FEATURE 1: #3C Cassidy Hinds FEATURE 2: #3C Cassidy Hinds

GALITZ TRANSPORTATION LATE MODELS Steve Mills in the #16 was polesitter for the Late Model feature, but when the green flag waved, it was all about Dan Alamaa’s #8 machine. Alamaa #8 took the lead away with ease and showed the way for the rest of the pack as they got bunched up behind him, battling two- and three-wide for the third position. As the #8 showed the way, the #98, Lee Kemmit, came to life and began chipping away at the race lead. About halfway through the race, the #48, Mikey Blackard, spun alone down the front stretch, but was able to gather it back up and continue. However, the caution thrown for the #48 led to another caution for a multicar wreck on the backstretch, involving the #44 of Tommy Powers and #99, Sam Messerli.

Dan Alamaa’s #8 took the lead after the restart while the #98, Lee Kemmit, battled the #31, Rick Smith, for second place. Another caution was called for another single-car incident, the #58 of Bryce Weinmaster. The track went green soon after. Alamaa’s #8 led the rest of the race and took the victory.

QUICK TIME: #8 Dan Alamaa, 17.333 DASH: #33 Christopher Buskirk FAST DASH: #6R Tommy Roe FEATURE: #8 Dan Alamaa

ROCK N’ ROLL BREWERY PURE STOCKS Mahkyrsta Hilton and her #OH6 machine led the Pure Stocks field to green for their 25-lap feature, barely holding off a charge from the #21 of Jamie Ward to lead the first lap. Three laps in, just as the #OH6 was stretching out her lead, a caution was called for a multicar wreck that began in Turn 2 and continued all the way to the front stretch. Two cars, the #23G of Michael Gallo and the the #34 of Ronald Johnson, found themselves in a bumper lock after the Turn 2 incident. A red flag was called, and track safety workers forcibly separated the two racecars. Both cars were able to continue.

The #OH6 Hilton machine showed the way back to the green flag, barely fending off a charge from the #8, Isaac Almaswari. The #OH6 and #8 cars traded first place for a few laps before Hilton #OH6 settled into the position. The yellow flew soon after as the #41G, Christopher Galvin, slammed the front stretch wall, having lost steering. The incident had no effect on the #OH6 Hilton’s dominating performance, and she once again assumed her position at the top of the leaderboard when the green flag waved. The rest of the race stayed green despite the #46, Rich Barwinski, neatly spinning into the infield all by himself with 15 laps left.

Mahkyrsta Hilton’s #OH6 easily defended the lead against a charge mounted by #34, Ronald Johnson, ultimately winning the race.

DASH: #OH7 Aubrei Hilton FAST DASH: #OH6 Mahkyrsta Hilton FEATURE: #OH6 Mahkyrsta Hilton

WITTHAR RACING TRAINS Saturday’s three-car Trains race was a wild one. The #86 Last Call train almost failed to start as the engine car stalled at the starting line, but the drivers got it rolling without much time to spare. The #151 Crazy Train held the lead for a while, catching air through “The X” as it slammed through the track’s gutters. The #26 Slam Track caught up to #151 Crazy Train and took over the first position, leading the rest through “The X” and narrowly avoiding a collision. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the bright orange #86 Last Call swept into the lead while the #311 Bipolar Express spun near the start finish line. After a wild ride through the infield dirt hills, the #86 Last Call crossed the finish line first with a smoking engine.

FEATURE: #86 Last Call


Pro Truck Feature 1 Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 3C Cassidy Hinds Arvada CO 2. 7 Adam Deines Longmont CO 3. 16 Travis Roe Thornton 4. 85 Jeffrey Walbaum Brighton CO 5. 11 Steve Johnson Loveland CO 6. 50 Tyler Wiggans Peyton CO 7. 43 Kody Vanderwal LaSalle CO 8. 22 Brian Yackey Greeley 9. 34 Rudy Vanderwal LaSalle CO 10. 9 Curtis Heldenbrand Westminster CO 11. 89 Zach Morris (R) Greenwood Village 12. 71 Tim DuVall Denver 13. 46 Zachary Witherwax (R) Arvada 14. 29 Dalton Webb (R) Thornton CO 15. 28 Brian Weinmaster Brighton CO

Pro Trucks Feature 2 Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 3C Cassidy Hinds Arvada CO 2. 22 Brian Yackey Greeley 3. 7 Adam Deines Longmont CO 4. 85 Jeffrey Walbaum Brighton CO 5. 34 Rudy Vanderwal LaSalle CO 6. 43 Kody Vanderwal LaSalle CO 7. 16 Travis Roe Thornton 8. 11 Steve Johnson Loveland CO 9. 9 Curtis Heldenbrand Westminster CO 10. 71 Tim DuVall Denver 11. 29 Dalton Webb (R) Thornton CO 12. 89 Zach Morris (R) Greenwood Village 13. 28 Brian Weinmaster Brighton CO 14. 50 Tyler Wiggans Peyton CO 15. 46 Zachary Witherwax (R) Arvada

Late Models Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 8 Dan Alamaa Colorado Springs 2. 31 Rick Smith Gering NE 3. 16 Steve Mills Colorado Springs 4. 98 Lee Kemmit Brighton 5. 6R Tommy Roe Thornton 6. 76 Chad Cowan Gering NE 7. 48 Mikey Blackard (R) Lakewood 8. 33 Christopher Buskirk Bayard NE 9. 94 Kyle Morse Peyton CO 10. 44 Tommy Powers Pine 11. 99 Sam Messerli Thornton 12. 88 Brad Skufca (R) Greeley CO 13. 58 Bryce Weinmaster (R) Brighton Co

Pure Stocks Pos No. Name Hometown 1. OH6 Mahkrysta Hilton Brighton 2. 34 Ronald Johnson Westminster 3. 4 Brian Galvin Jr Byers 4. 13J Jason Hulvey Thornton 5. 14g Brian Galvin Byers 6. 8 Isaac Almaswari (R) Brighton 7. 5C Kyle Carrasco (R) Hudson 8. 23G Michael Gallo Loveland 9. 8A Austin Richards Arvada 10. OH7 Aubrei Hilton Brighton 11. 02 Chan Raley Bennett 12. 66 Matt Sowash Englewood 13. 15 Brendon Knowles Highlands Ranch 14. 2W Brandon Williams Westminster 15. 22 AJ Hill Brighton 16. 9 Cole Baker (R) Fort Collins 17. 42 Brandon McCormick Henderson 18. 46 Rich Barwinski Casa Grande AZ 19. 27 Michael Enders Denver 20. 12 Ethan Sluder Hudson 21. 23A Alyssa Salazar Arvada 22. 41G Christopher Galvin Byers 23. 13S Isaac Slinker Eaton 24. A17 Alan Seward Englewood 25. 68 Elic Perez Denver 26. 21 Jamie Ward Denver 27. M60 Morris Christner (R) Elizabeth

Trains Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 86 Last Call 2. 26 Slam Track 3. 151 Crazy Train 4. 77 Willie B Foundation Train 5. 45 Trump Train 6. 01 Dukes Of Hazard 7. 311 Bipolar Express


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