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Neff Crushes the Competition in the Famous Dave’s BBQ Special

(09-01-2018, Dacono CO) Eddie Vecchiarelli Jr. and Mark Neff won the 40 and 80 lap CNS Super Late Model feature events during Famous Dave’s BBQ Special on a night that started with an emotional tribute to Darrel Smith a legend at the speedway who passed away during the week. After the tear-jerking opening ceremonies the crowd settled into a great night of racing that had just about everything including thrilling circle drag event and a fantastic fireworks display to celebrate Labor Day.

The friends and family of Darrell Smith salute the crowd during opening ceremonies (Starr photo)

CNS Super Late Models (Results unofficial)

It was a unique evening for the CNS Super Late Models as they were scheduled to run two feature events one being 40 laps and the finale being 80 laps. Clearly tire conservation would play a factor therefore in the first 40 lapper it did appear that many drivers were content to play it safe and save their tires for later.

Two drivers that didn’t get that memo were #48 Eddie Vecchiarelli and #42 Mark Neff. Starting side by side on the front row both drivers gave it their all and put on an excellent show for the fans. Late in the race Neff and Vecchiarelli made contact heading into turn one and Neff’s car went sideways. Incredibly Neff was able to keep the car from spinning as he drifted through turns one and two. Unfortunately for Neff he lost several positions in the incident.

With Neff out of the picture Vecchiarelli cruised to the win and sent notice that he would be a car to deal with in the 80 lap finale. Bruce Yackey, Chris Eggleston, Brett Yackey and Darren Robertson rounded out the top 5.

Eddie Vecchiearelli in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

In the 80 lap Super Late Model finale #84 Matt Zwingleberg and #43 Kody Vanderwal paced the field to the green flag. Zwingleberg led the first 3 laps giving way to rookie driver #24 Cody Dempster.

The Super Late Models prepare for an 80 lap finale (Starr photo)

A three car battle for the lead developed when Mark Neff poked his nose into the action for the top spot. After 10 laps Neff broke into the lead and set sail distancing himself from the pack. Early in the race both Chris Eggleston and Darren Robertson looked strong moving into 2nd and 3rd but both would begin to fade as the race wore on.

#08 Jace Hansen started near the back of the back and methodically worked his way to the front finding himself in 2nd place but well behind Neff. Hansen may have had a shot to catch the leader but used up his tires fighting to get through the field.

Points leader #82 Michael Scott had a rollercoaster of a race struggling early but later finding some speed in a higher than usual groove in turns 3 and 4. Ultimately Scott would fade again late and finish a disappointing 12th.

The father and son duo of Bruce and Brian Yackey paced themselves nicely and began to come on strong late in the race. Bruce would finish an impressive 4th behind Hansen in 3rd place but Brett would have his best finish in the Super Late Models taking home the runner-up spot in 2nd.

Yet the night belonged to Neff as all of his hard work throughout the season would finally pay off as he took home the HUGE win. At the end of the race Neff had built a 4 second lead on the rest of the field and lapped every car except those in the top six at the finish.

Once out front there was no stopping Mark Neff who won by a large margin (Starr photo)

With the wins Eddie Vecchiarelli and Mark Neff became the 6th and then 7th different drivers to win feature events in the Super Late Models in 2018.

The only points race remaining for the Super Late Models is Championship Night on Saturday September 22nd. The Super Lates will also run the final race of the season on Challenge Cup which is a non-points race.

80 LAP FEATURE: #42 Mark Neff 40 LAP FEATURE: #48 Eddie Vecchiarelli Jr. QUICK TIME: #48 Eddie Vecchiarelli Jr. 16.568

Lincoln Tech Pure Stocks

#03 Tyler Mander swept the night’s events in the Lincoln Tech Pure Stock division setting quick time with a 20.224, winning the fast dash and taking home the feature event. The win was by no means an easy one as Mander had to battle #31 Michael Mathiesen the entire way.

While the race was marred by several cautions and one long red flag due to an oil spill Mander and Mathiesen did thrill the crowd at the finish as they drag raced out of turn 4 and crossed the line just a few feet apart.

Behind Mander and Mathiesen in 1st and 2nd were Ryan Raley Jr. in the 99R car, Tim Coate in the #86 and Jordan Abeyta in the #23 car.

Tyler Mander in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

The Pure Stocks wind up their season on Championship Night Saturday September 29th.

FEATURE: #03 Tyler Mander FAST DASH: #03 Tyler Mander DASH: 99R Ryan Raley QUICK TIME: #03 Tyler Mander 20.224

Elite V Twin Legend Cars

Kyle Clegg would start in the 6th row of the Elite V Twin Legend Car feature but it would only take him a couple laps to get to the front and battle for the lead with #22 Chris Eggleston. Chris had taken the lead from #30 Darrell Stewart who happens to be the only car running the new 3 cylinder engine sanctioned by INEX.

Eggleston would do his best to hold off Clegg but coming out of turn 4 the 66 car found a way to hug the low groove and get up under Eggleston to take the lead. Chris tried to pull the crossover move coming out of turn 2 and almost made it work. Clegg went on to take the win with Eggleston close behind. #48 Cody Dempster was 3rd, #3 Wayne Barlock Jr was 4th and #20 Darrel Stewart finished an impressive 5th with the new engine.

Kyle Clegg in winner’s circle (Starr photo)

The only race left for the Legend Cars at CNS is Saturday September 15th for Championship Night.

FEATURE: #66 Kyle Clegg FAST DASH: #66 Kyle Clegg DASH: 08k Krystal Faulkingham QUICK TIME: #22 Chris Eggleston 18.803

Witthar Racing Trains FEATURE: #86 LAST CALL Train

Jared Wall and Terri Pugilse in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

Bandoleros FAST FEATURE: #18 Chello Milligan FEATURE: #51 Hutson Milligan Group A DASH: #07 Aubrei HiltonGroup B DASH: #2 Cale Smith Group A FAST DASH: #16 Cullen Lewis Group B FAST DASH: #06 Mahkrysta Hilton

Chello Milligan in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)

Hutsen Milligen in winner’s circle at CNS (Starr photo)


80 Lap Super Late Model Feature Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 42 Mark Neff Berthoud 2. 32 Brett Yackey Greeley 3. 08 Jace Hansen Greeley 4. 12 Bruce Yackey Greeley 5. 22 Chris Eggleston Thornton 6. 11 Darren Robertson Westminster 7. 24 Cody Dempster (R) Parker 8. 21 Conner Snow Morrison 9. 4 Bradley Tilton* Cheyenne 10. 9 Justin Simonson Wheatridge 11. 22X Mark Jones Denver 12. 82 Michael Scott Cheyenne 13. 91 Chris Atkinson Cheyenne 14. 84 Matt Zwingleberg Parker 15. 59 Charlie Wilson Penrose 16. 80 Ray Daniels Monument 17. 6k Johnathan Knee Arvada 18. 43 Kody Vanderwal LaSalle 19. 48 Eddie Vecchiarelli Jr Brighton 20. 19 Matthew Martinez Parker 21. 27 Roger Avants Littleton 22. 2 Royal Scott Platteville

40 Lap Super Late Model feature Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 48 Eddie Vecchiarelli Jr Brighton 2. 12 Bruce Yackey Greeley 3. 22 Chris Eggleston Thornton 4. 32 Brett Yackey Greeley 5. 11 Darren Robertson Westminster 6. 82 Michael Scott Cheyenne 7. 42 Mark Neff Berthoud 8. 24 Cody Dempster (R) Parker 9. 43 Kody Vanderwal LaSalle 10. 84 Matt Zwingleberg Parker 11. 22X Mark Jones Denver 12. 6k Johnathan Knee Arvada 13. 91 Chris Atkinson Cheyenne 14. 80 Ray Daniels Monument 15. 4 Bradley Tilton* Cheyenne 16. 19 Matthew Martinez Parker 17. 9 Justin Simonson Wheatridge 18. 08 Jace Hansen Greeley 19. 59 Charlie Wilson Penrose 20. 21 Conner Snow Morrison 21. 27 Roger Avants Littleton 22. 2 Royal Scott Platteville

Pure Stocks Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 03 Tyler Mander Evans 2. 31 Michael Mathiesen Dacono 3. 99R Ryan Raley Jr Thornton 4. 86 Tim Coate Highlands Ranch 5. 23 Jordan Abeyta Denver 6. 7 David Robinson Johnstown 7. 52 Chad Southerland Commerce City 8. 37 Scott Dent Brighton 9. 51 Joseph Dike Westminster 10. 23G Michael Gallo Loveland 11. 43X Terri Pugliese Northglenn 12. 18W Keanna Weber Henderson 13. 82 Justin Karrol LaSalle 14. 3T Christopher Galvin 15. 23A Alyssa Salazar Arvada 16. 33X Chadron Denman Commerce City 17. 21 Jay Hill Denver 18. 02 Chan Raley Thornton 19. 68J Matt Sowash Lakewood 20. 33S Mike Steward Byers DNS 17 Shannon Dyne DNS 38C Colton Green Arvada

Legends Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 66 Kyle Clegg Westminster 2. 22 Chris Eggleston Thornton 3. 48 Cody Dempster Parker 4. 3 Wayne Barlock Jr Peyton 5. 30 Darrell J Stewart Arvada 6. 05 Nick Cooper Loveland 7. 32 Blair Cooper Arvada 8. 6 Scotty Scott Arvada 9. 03 Darrell L Stewart Arvada 10. 16 Travis Roe Thornton 11. 46 Zachary Witherwax Arvada 12. 23 Austyn Radosta Pueblo 13. 96 Ryan Rudolph (R) Denver 14. 44 Alfred Matthews Arvada 15. 20 Kynzer Riddell Westminster 16. 13 Jason Hulvey Thornton 17. 88 Paul Himler Erie 18. 08 Krystal Faulkingham Westminster 19. 33 Dean Kallas Golden 20. 1 Dana Smith (R) Laramie 21. 28 Adam Powers(R) Silverthorne 22. 43 Rob Sears Firestone 23. 95 Jessilyn Dike(R) Westminster 24. 72 Cynthia Robb (R) Wheatridge 25. 78 Ashlyn Himler(R) Erie 26. 00 Christopher Saykally(R) Denver DNS 27 Ray Oakley Denver

Trains Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 86 Last Call Jared and Terri 2. 13 Crazy Train Taylor and Stephanie 3. 26 Slam Trak Fri and RyRy 4. 8 Anger Management Kelly and Nic 5. 311 Bipolar Express Cassie and Glenna 6. 5 Hearse Train Alex and Alegra

Bandolero FAST Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 18 Chello Milligan 2. 03 isaac Almaswari Lochbuie 3. 3 Nandini Breggin 4. 22 Andy Jones Littleton 5. 16 Cullen Lewis Aurora 6. 10 Lilli McAfee Thornton 7. 06 Mahkrysta Hilton Brighton 8. 78 Brody Moore Dillon 9. 7X Kate Morse 10. 55 Greg Rayl Watkins

Bandolero Pos No. Name Hometown 1. 51 Hutson Milligan 2. 07 Aubrel Hilton Brighton 3. 17 Cooper Lewis Aurora 4. 2 Cale Smith 5. 63 James Starcher Lyman 6. 8 Danielle Walbaum Brighton 7. 29 Ashlee Richard Henderson 8. 11 Corey Sefcovic Brighton 9. 05 Salamon DeBauche Denver 10. 52 Nic Wall Commerce City 11. 99 Isaiah Scott Cheyenne


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